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    General Questions
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What is this ARPG about?
Gaia's World is a fun and friendly world-building ARPG, where you can establish your place in the world and help shape how things work out. We are focused on art creation and establishing relationships with others in the group to form a nice community full of friends who all share common interests.
Do I have to be a member of the site to participate?
Yes, you do have to be a member of the site. If you do not make an account on this site it will make it incredibly difficult to submit art for rewards, and you will be unable to access a bank or inventory or own any characters. However, you are not required to be a member on our Discord, though it is highly recommended.
Can I still join the group even though I don't speak English (Well)?
Of course you can! We cannot promise we will be able to translate ourselves, and all of our journals and guides will be up to you to translate on your own. However, please keep in mind that as far as the Discord goes, we may ask you to translate it if we don't understand.
Are we allowed to RP Together?
Of course! You can RP through art, literature, through PMs, or even on our forum!
Am I allowed to use a Kiji/Tally in another ARPG?
It depends on the ARPG in question; Kijikaiaku and Subtalleons cannot cross dimensions, at least not without the help of an inter-dimensional being. For general art it is alright to draw them together whenever. However for any event or activity art, if the Kijikaiaku lore works with the other group's lore, then it is fine, but if there is no logical way the two creatures would meet, it would not be accepted. We cannot speak for the rules of other groups, however.
How do I submit my art to the site for rewards?
There are two ways to submit art for rewards. The preferred method is uploading directly on site via a gallery, and then use the URL that's generated for that art to submit to prompts. This method links the art to the characters and vice versa and makes things easier for the site and admins.

Additionally, if you submit to the prompts first and to the gallery after, you will not be able to link up the image to any submission. Be sure to upload to galleries first!
How long does it take to get a response to an issue/question?

If the question is asked anywhere other than our Discord server it might take a day or two, or even might be missed entirely. We highly recommend joining our Discord if you have any questions, we generally respond within moments!

If it is a bug or a report submitted, however, we are pretty fast about those and will respond within a day.

How long does it take to get approval for a design?

New design approvals are usually approved, rejected, or cancelled in a day or two, depending on the complexity of the design and which admins are available. It is very rare to take more than 3 days on a design approval.

Design updates are generally quicker, and are done in a day, unless it is a full on redesign in which it might take longer like the above.

How do I contact an admin to attach items/familiars or use certain things?

If you need something done, like applying equipment or a familiar to your spirit, or anything without its own prompt or page, this can be done through Admin Requests. There are two ways to reach Admin Requests:
     - In the nav bar on the left, click Activities>Admin Requests then select the 'New Request' button on the right.
     - In the nav bar on the right, click Submit>Submit Request

Once you're there, simply fill out what you need in the comments, and make sure any characters you need are linked or attached and any items are attached from your inventory/bank you need. Please only attach consumable items such as scrolls, tomes, or potions in the inventory dropdown when using them on a character. If attaching Familiars or Equipment, please specify in the comment exactly which item(s) to attach, and we will transfer them directly from your inventory to the character.

Can I transfer Adoption Center or Wildlands Kijis/Tallies into the other species?
We ask that you try and love your characters as they are, especially coming from the Adoption Center or Wildlands. If you later decide to transfer it to the other species that is fine, we just ask you don't do it right away. However there isn't a rule against this and will allow it, we will just be sad to see it happen.
What happens if I get banned?
If you are banned from Gaia's World, your Discord account will be blocked from our Discord and your account on this site will be banned. This will mean that you will not be able to participate in the group outside of other members submitting things for you, and will not be able to do anything but browse the site as a guest. To lift a ban, you only need to reach out to an admin and see what you can do.
What is the difference between a suspension and a ban?

A suspension is brief, and is only meant to temporarily suspend you from activities because of your behavior. Suspensions don't oftentimes last too long and you are allowed back after that time as normal. A ban is much longer, sometimes permanent, and will usually require you to reach out to us to have it lifted. Even when a ban is lifted, admins will keep an eye on the person.

Suspensions will usually only be on the site or the discord depending on the reason for suspension, however bans will either be game-wide (Banning you on the discord, site, and forum) or only on the platform where your reason of ban became an issue. For example if you were banned from the discord, you might not be banned from the site.

What would get me banned?
You will be banned from the group if you disobey any of our rules or threaten, harass, or are overly rude to any of our members. This also includes spamming the admins/site/discord/forums, blackmail, impersonation, white-knighting, hate art or speech, or anything else against our rules. Also keep in mind that while you might be banned from the discord or forums, you might not be banned on the site, or vice versa.
I got banned from the group but was sent no warning, what do I do?
If you got no warning or notification it is because we had no way to contact you about a serious issue and thus we took the next step and automatically banned you. If there has been a mistake please try and message an admin to get it fixed.
If I get banned, will I get a second chance?
People who were banned we keep an eye on, however if you are suspended or banned you can usually get another chance, as long as you show us your ways have changed and you will follow the rules. Only in unique circumstances will we not give a second chance.
What do I do if I am the victim of something in the group?
Send a message with proof to one of the admins! If someone has only blocked you or there is no public proof there isn't much we can do, but if they are harassing or threatening you they will be sent a message as a warning if possible, but that's all we can really do unless it persists. If we cannot get in contact with them, we will decide our next steps quickly to try to help, however there's not much we can do outside of the group and Discord. If they have already blocked us and we cannot message them or contact them because of that, they will be banned from the site and Discord, and they will have to message us somehow in order to take off the ban.
How do I submit my art/literature to multiple events/prompts?
We ask that you only submit the entry once, and that the prompt you choose is the main prompt for the piece. If you are submitting for multiple prompts or activities, please list other secondary ones in the information and we will make sure to reward you accordingly.
I transferred something to someone else in return for art, but they never did the art?

If you sold something to someone and they never finished their end of the deal or went back on it, please let us know. You will need to provide proof of this transaction, public links or a trade link on site are best. We will generally ask you if you've contacted the person or let them know. If they are knowingly not giving you their part we can try to contact them as well, and if that doesn't work, we will take the next step.

We will try to return items or currency if we can, if we cannot we will do what we can to rectify it.

    Ownership Questions
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How do I get more characters?

You can get your first Kijikaiaku and Subtalleon for free through the Adoption Center. Members can also claim one character a month from the Donation Center for free.

Otherwise the only three ways to get more spirits is through summons, trading/buying from other players, or gotten through events or activities on the site. You can also buy character transfers, semi-customs, or full customs!

As for Centaurians, you are allowed a new one once every two weeks (Twice a month) from the adoption center, or can breed them at any time. However, breeding cooldowns last a week.

How many characters can I own?
There are no limit to the number of characters you can own, however if you have too many undesigned genos (depending on admin interpretation) and are not participating in the group, we may deny you adopting further from the donation center until you design some genos or participate.
Am I allowed to change the name of a character I purchased/traded for?

Of course! Upon trading or selling a character, you are allowed to edit the name, nickname, age (As long as it's no higher than their parents), height, and mass. editing the name and profile is free to do any time, but to change the age, height, and mass you will need to submit an admin request.

If a trade stipulation between players requests that the name or information is not changed and a player changes it, feel free to reach out to us with the agreement as proof and we can fix it.

If I already own a character in the group from someone gifting one to me, can I still adopt one from the adoption center?
​You cannot. Adoption Center Kiji/Tally are for people who do not own Kiji/Tally, or haven't for more than a year. If you have owned a spirit character within the past year, you are ineligible for a free one from the Center.
I have a geno from you guys, do I have to create an account on here?

If you are an off-site person who has gained a geno through a trade or being a beta/alpha member, we ask you do join the site simply so we can link the geno to you and so you have access to your bank and inventory. Not joining the site means you will be unable to participate!

Though joining the Discord makes it easier to keep up to date with activities and events, you do not have to join the Discord.

How do I deactivate my account?

In order to deactivate your account on this site you head to your settings under your user in the top right, then click deactivate on the left. We ask you please give a reason, and are sad to see you go, but you can reactivate at any time.

In the message we also ask that you let us know what you want us to do with your characters/genos/items.

What happens to characters with deactivated/poofed owners?
If the owner of a Kiji/Tally is deactivated on this site we will wait for a week after noting it to see if the owner returns. If the person does not reactivate their account, we will pronounce it dead. If the owner ever returns after that point, they will have to buy a revival item for their Kiji/Tally.
What happens to the items of deactivated/poofed owners?
Items are left alone in people's banks, whether they are deactivated or not. This is why we ask you to message us if you're planning to leave so we can auction off your stuff for you if you desire.
How do I trade items or characters with another player?

Up in the header menu you can find under the Communities menu the User Exchange. You can create a new trade with another player there. Trades can include both characters and items. If you are trading for something like art or something off site, make sure to mention that in the comments in the trade for proof.

If you are just gifting a character or item, you can go to the item in your inventory or the character's gage, and click the 'transfer' option.

Why don't you accept just screenshots as proof?
Though we do accept screenshots and find them incredibly helpful, screenshots can be altered. That's why we ask that you conduct all trades and purchases in public comments or leave some kind of publicly accessible note so we can access them ourselves. Do not trade or purchase something through direct or private messages, as we cannot honor that immediately, and we have to ask the other party to double check!
How do I buy a custom character?
You can buy full customs from the credit shop for credits, which you can buy from the owner. Semis need to be purchased through a prompt, and transfers need to be talked about with the owner to create the geno slot.
Why can we not trade custom slots and character transfers to other people?
When someone buys a custom or design transfer from the credits shop it's under the assumption they are buying it for their own use, thus they are non transferrable. If someone wishes to buy one for another player they will need to contact the owner about it and the owner can transfer it for them. If the owner is busy or you don't wish to bother her, another way would be to create the geno and transfer that to the other player after its design approval.
Why can we not trade credits to other people?
Credits are mainly given to players and admins who help the site with their time, and thus are given to them with the expectation that they are using it for themself. The owner does not mind if one uses credits to pay for items or art, she just needs to be informed about it, however she does not allow the gifting of credits unless they are a gift being bought at the time by someone.
What are Character Transfers?

Character Transfers are cheap alternatives to customs to turn a character design of yours into a Kiji or Tally, or even a Centaurian! You can also use it to make canon characters from shows or even concepts transfer their designs! The owner will look at the design, personality, and skills of the already established character and will decide on the geno that best fits its appearance and qualities.

Do keep in mind this is NOT transferring the character themself, but more the overall look of the character. You are, essentially, just creating a Kiji/Tally/Centaurian that visually and thematically appears the same as the original. The character created from this geno must not only follow the rules of the traits, but also resemble the original character or concept. Some character transfers may be denied as the character you're transferring might be too new. Traits, markings, and the like are up to the owner's discretion, and they have the final say in what traits they get.

Oh no! I'm from off site and someone sold me an unofficial Kiji/Tally/Centaurian! What do I do?
If someone sold you an unregistered or fake geno or design off-site, PLEASE contact us so we can take the proper measures. We will do what we can to refund your items, but when it comes to art or IRL currency there's not much we can do. PLEASE always conduct character transfers on site to avoid this happening.
Someone stole my character off site and is claiming it as theirs, what do I do?
Contact the group immediately! If someone is using your Kijikaiaku or Subtalleon as their own, we need to know about it so we can attempt to resolve the issue!
What should I do if I notice someone ripping off this site's species?
Again, please PLEASE contact us. We will thoroughly look into it to see if they are copying our species, and if so will take the appropriate measures. If not, no harm, no foul, we appreciate the report regardless.
If I get banned will you take my characters from me?
We will not! Being banned means you will no longer be able to participate in events or get items, however, and we will pronounce all your characters as dead.
What can I do with my characters if I no longer want them?
​There are several things you can do with your characters if you no longer want them. First, you can simply leave it be without doing anything. Secondly, you can reach out to the group to pronounce it dead, or even donate it to the adoption center. Third, you can try to sell/trade it or gift it away.
    Questions about EXP/Currencies
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What is EXP?
EXP is experience, and it goes to Kiji/Tallies and Dens to help them level up. Leveling up increases stats. Centaurians do not get exp.
What is PT?
PT, also known as player tokens, is the in game currency and is used to buy, sell, and trade in game. You get it from participating in the group and doing art/literature.
What is SC?
SC, or Silver Coins, is a currency solely used for purchasing items in Vault's Haven. You first need to go into Vault's Haven and buy the Vault's Contract item to start crafting SC. You can only get it via crafting.
What are Leaflets?
Leaflets are a holiday currency that is mostly used around summertime. Other events may offer or use them as well. You can get them during specific events in return for art.
What are Balls of Snow?
Balls of Snow are a holiday currency that is mostly used around wintertime. Other events may offer or use them as well. You can get them during Winter Wonderland in return for art.
What are Candies?
Candies are a holiday currency that is mostly used around fall. Other events may offer or use them as well. You can get them during the Festival of Death in return for art.
What are Painted Eggs?
Painted Eggs are a holiday currency that is mostly used around spring. Other events may offer or use them as well. You can get them during Springtime Splendor in return for art.
What are Credits?
Credits are a premium currency that act as a stand in for real-life money. It is given by the group to pay for work related to the site or gotten from group activities in rare occurrences, or given to people who donate real money to support the group.
How do I get EXP?
EXP is gotten from doing art or literature with your spirits in it or can be purchased in Silicone's Hideaway.
How do I get PT?
PT is gotten from art done for characters, trading, selling, or even from crafting or some events!
How do I get SC?
To get SC you need to buy Vault's Contract from the Vault's Haven shop, which allows you to craft certain recipes by turning items into SC.
How do I get holiday currencies?
Holiday Currencies drop alongside PT in art and literature during specific times of the year. You don't need to do anything extra on top of normal activity.
How do I get Credits?
You can get credits by purchasing them or doing admin work, or even a rare chance in bags of coins or the credits gatcha!
What are the levels in the Discord for?
When you reach certain levels in the Discord, you receive certain items for your activity, so please chat with us!
If I draw gift art for someone, who gets the exp/pt/items?

The Spirit always get the exp, and unless otherwise stated the owners of the spirit get the items/PT.

If the art is a gift art, the artist will need to state in the art piece itself that they are getting the rewards, else it will go to the owner of the character.

How are collaborations calculated/divided?
Unless otherwise stated, PT is split evenly between all submissions, whereas the items go to spirit owners and EXP goes to spirits. In the case of only one spirit in the art, we'll also split currency between all parties, as long as it's stated. Otherwise, only the owner of the spirit in question will get rolled for.
What kind of artwork does the 'docked points' refer to?
Docked points refers to prompt submissions. If the art is sketchy general art or is purposefully changed for lore, docked points are not applied.
Can you get 'docked points' in literature submissions?
You can, though it is rare. You can get docked points in literature if you describe the character inaccurately to the point it makes it hard to know who the character is.
Where can I spend my currencies?
Any of the shops or between other players!
    Item Questions
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How do I get equipment for my characters?
Equipment can be gotten from activities or events, or by crafting. Equipment can also be gotten from Discovery Cove or found in chests, loot bags, or packs.
How do I attach equipment/familiars to my characters?
You can attach items to characters by requesting an admin to do it! Under the Activities menu is the 'Admin Requests' page where you can state items from your bank and an admin will review and attach items accordingly. Make sure only consumables are attached from the inventory, and non-consumeables are specified in the comment.
Do I have to draw equipment?

Only if it is drawn on the import, or if the equipment states it in its item description. Otherwise points are docked. The only thing this doesn't apply to is if the spirit has set the item down, taking it off, or the like.

If the equipment states it has to be drawn, we recommend you update the import image with it, as you will receive docked points for not having it, even if the import doesn't show it.

How do I enchant equipment?
You can enchant equipment by submitting an Enchanting prompt. To reveal slots on equipment, please make a normal Admin Request and attach the equipment from your inventory.
What are apparel fragments for?
Apparel fragments are used in crafting equipment.
How do I remove an item from my character's inventory?
You must reach out to an admin via Admin Requests, and we can remove it and add it into your inventory for you.
Can Hex Seals be removed from a character?
No, Hex Seals cannot be removed from a Kiji/Tally, so think carefully before attaching it.
I received a character with equipment on it, am I allowed to remove it?
Of course you can! Let us know if you want to so we can take the measures to remove it from their inventory. If the equipment is not shown on the import, it can be removed at any time. However if it is showing on the import, you need to update the import design before equipment can be removed.
What are Familiars?
Familiars are companions which the spirits follow around or hang out with, which help sustain the spirit and give them benefits and boosts, in turn the spirit helping to protect their companion, much like a symbiotic relationship.
What's the difference between an active and a passive familiar?

The difference between active and passive familiars are simple...

     - Active familiars must be included in the submission to gain their effect. Even with an Ares' Favor, the effect is not able to get onto the geno.
     - Passive familiars, on the other hand, apply their effects whether or not they're included. These effects are also able to get onto the geno, sometimes.

I transferred an item to __ and they have yet to transfer their part to me, what do I do?
If you're trading items, please use the User Exchange located in the Activities above. This is to protect your things and make it easier on admins. If you transfer an item to someone outside this system admins may not be able to help you without proof of the trade.
Are there any items that allow lineart edits to any degree for the import base? Or that allow for custom lines?

Small edits to the lineart are allowed, such as fixing a joint or adding some wrinkles, moving traits slightly so they look better or fit so they don't clip, and some traits, like those from elemental packs, charms, wisps, even some mutations like shiny or scaled, can be redone by your own hand as long as they fit the description of the trait.

Otherwise you will need a Glam Kit for any line edits, as well as the approval of Samateus and Wolvenhyde.

To do a full custom import, you will need the item called Legacy from the credits shop, and you will need Wolven's approval on the entire design.

My character brought back something from Cove, can I apply it to a different character?
Of course! Items gotten in events and activities are added to your bank, in which you can do as you please with them.
Is there anything I can apply to Centaurians?
No, Centaurians are not a part of the ARPG and do not benifit from any items on site. We only have them on here for hosting purposes. You can however get currency from doing art of them!
What does it mean when an item of mine says Corrupted in the notes?
Corrupted items appear either from packs or chests, or when one fails enchanting. They decrease the health by 25% in return for raising other stats by 20%. These raised stats can go above the 200 cap from the corruption. Corruption cannot be removed by disenchanting and must be crafted with Angel's Tears to be purified. Corruption does not hinder selling to the shop.
What does it mean when an item of mine says Purified in the notes?

Purified items have been removed of corruption or gotten from chests or packs. The only bonus this gives to items is it removes the chance for it to get corrupted again in enchanting, however after you enchant a purified item the purification gets removed. Purification ​does not hinder selling to the shop.

You can also apply purified items to your spirit for a special title!

I have a hex seal on my Kiji, and yet when I rebirthed a trait added itself. Why did this happen?
Hex seals only prevent visual changes. This means you don't ever have to worry about redesigning a Kiji after rebirthing it if you have a Hex Seal applied, unless you want to. However, it still allows boosts to upgrade or add related boosts, and for added traits and markings to get applied to the geno or even apply related traits or markings. These related traits can sometimes be annoying, but are always added onto the geno as occult, so you don't have to worry about redesigning it. Traits that cannot be added as occult will not appear unless you have it as an added trait already.
    Stats and Levelling Questions
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How do I level my character?
Kijikaiaku and Subtalleons are leveled by gaining EXP, or through training. You can get EXP through art and literature, whereas Training requires specific art or literature pieces and doesn't give anything besides stats.
What is the max level for a character?
​The current max level for a spirit is likely around level 40 or 50, but it is based on its stats and training. However, besides the level, regular spirits cannot go above 100 for each stat, or 200 if rebirthed.
Am I required to have any kind of tracker?
Trackers are not required for Gaia's World, everything is tracked on site!
Are activity checks a thing here?
We do not do activity checks, only checks on whether the account is deactivated or names have changed. We understand some people are slower than others, or that IRL gets in the way, or one thing or another.
What is the profile link section on the character bio for?
That is a section for people to add an offsite link to a profile of their character, such as Toyhouse, a ref sheet, or a larger image that cannot be posted on site due to the file size.
How many Kiji can be in a training image?
There is no limit to the number of Kiji in a training image, however they must not be obscuring each other much if at all.
Can I bring a character back from deceased status?
Yes! If your character was pronounced dead you can bring it back to life with Revival Essence!
My character has +0 next to a stat, what does this mean?
+0 simply means you either have two effects that are cancelling each other out, for example an item that adds +5 to your spirit's Luck, and a Familiar that adds -5 to the Luck, or don't have anything impacting the stat.
    Appearence/Traits Questions
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Can others design my character for me?
Of course! Just make sure to list them in the designer section when getting approval or the submission will be cancelled!
Can my characters die?
If you wish to pronounce your character as dead you can. They will not be labeled as dead, however, unless you ask an admin to change their status, or if you have disappeared for a long time and deactivated your accounts.
Can I make my character disabled?
It depends on the disability. Centaurians are exempt from this rule, but for Kijis and Tallies, physical disabilities like a crooked leg or a weak back are perfectly fine, as well as mental disabilities and issues with energy (As long as it's not too serious, as in preventing it to do its job at all). You may also make your spirit blind or mute, even deaf, however missing an eye, ear, or limb is not allowed without the zombify mutation.
Can a Kiji's eyes be any color except red? Or a Tally's any other except blue?
Unless they have the mutation Energy Soul, they cannot. A Kiji's eyes reflect the burning of the Core, and a Tally's the cold of the abyss, and cannot be changed unless the character has a trait allowing it to be. However you are allowed to slightly shift the eye color to be slightly more orange/grey or slightly darker or lighter, as long as it is still a red or reddish orange/blue.
Is the Albino Base Coat the same as the Albino mutation?

No, they are completely different. Kijis/Tallies do not have an albino mutation, and instead the albino base coat simply means the character must be white or a very light grey.

Centaurians do have an albino mutation and it does appear as proper albinism.

I just adopted/bought a predesigned character, but the person who designed it before didn't do that good of a job, can I redo it?

There are three ways to redesign characters which have already been approved. If you're getting the character from the adoption center, per se, you can make small edits to them as long as it doesn't change the design too much.

For Kijis and Tallies, another way is through Rebirthing. When you rebirth your Kiji/Tally, genes can change. Whether the genes change or not, you can redesign your Kiji for free. Please let us know if you will be redesigning your character (If not required). The last way is to use Ares' Mirror, which will let you redesign the character how you want based on its geno. You can get Ares' Mirrors in Ares' Shop.

For Centaurians, you can redesign for free if you are a new owner, or by contacting the owner who will ask for your reasoning, but is generally ok with it.

What happens if I draw my character wearing apparel, will I have to buy it?
If it is a random spur of the moment, only one image, it's fine, however if you are caught continuing to draw the spirit with a cosmetic that is not applied, you will be asked to provide an equipment piece for it and will be given a warning, and if you continue drawing it without providing it you will get a Big Dock every submission with this character.
Do I have to draw the wisps/charms?
You are not forced to draw the wisps or charms, however if you neglect to draw them, or any other trait or marking, points will be docked in event and activity art.
Is there a guide for what counts as percentage covering regarding Kiji energy?
Currently there is not, it is mostly done by eye. Keep in mind Keratin Energy, because it increases the allowed area for energy, means you have to add more energy on those spirits for it to pass.
How does my spirit gain stat boosts?
Stat Boosts can appear in a spirit's geno in summoning or rebirthing, or through enchanted gear or familiars being put on the spirit.
What are temporary/limited traits/markings?
Temporary traits and markings are simply limited time based on seasons or events. This means that after their time is up, they will disappear for a while from the available pool of traits for random summons, though they can still appear if passed on to summons.
What does the D. before my character's traits mean?
D. stands for Dominant. This is for summoning purposes only, and means the trait can pass. The passing rate depends on the rarity of the trait.
What does the R. before my character's traits mean?
R. stands for Recessive. This is for summoning purposes only, and means the trait cannot pass, unless a boost changes that.
What does the O. before my character's traits mean?
O. stands for Occult. This means the trait DOES NOT show physically on the Kiji, and it has a 50% lower chance to pass than dominants.
What does it mean when it says a trait/boost is Added?
That means the trait/boost isn't actually on the geno, and does not pass in summoning or with certain boosts that pass things on the geno. Usually these traits/boosts come from items, familiars, or equipment.
How do you tell whether traits in Centaurian genos are dominant or recessive?

At the bottom on the genostring is a series of letters that generally come in sets of 2 or sometimes 4. If they are both capital (AA or AaAa) the gene is dominant. If one is capital and the other is lowercase (Aa or Aaaa) the trait is recessive. In the case of gender the XX, XY, or YY is always capital and doesn't matter much, in the case of the mutt mutation, if it shows both lowercase (mn) that means the gene is not active.

If a marking shows all lowercase (aa) that means it was a randomly occuring marking in a breeding and will not pass in breeding.

You can also tell this by looking at the traits in the traits section.

What does the Dominant/Recessive after the gender on Centaurians mean?
Because there is no way to put a note for subtypes, the Dominant/Recessive after the gender on Centaurians refers to the breed.
Why are Centaurians on this site? What do they do?
Centaurians are only on this site for tracking purposes and provide nothing for the ARPG aspect besides currency when drawn.
How do Base coat modifiers work?

The rare base mods (Silver, Neon, Bloodstained, and Skinned) essentially dictate the saturation and lightness of a base coat.

Secondary base coats are legendary and can be shown by making the base one color while having the markings be another, or making all but one marking the other color, or even making half one color and half the other! This DOES NOT allow you to make the base itself or markings multiple or blended colors.

What is the difference between hard and soft edge regarding markings?
​A hard edge has absolutely no blur to it. The edge is very sharp and easy to distinguish between other colors because there is no blurring. A soft edge, on the other hand, has blurring so that it "blends" into what it sits on top of, but isn't blended so much it looks like a gradient.
When an admin says a soft edge marking needs to be softer or harder, what does that mean?
Soft edges can be closer to hard edges or closer to gradients. If an admin requests the edge to be softer, then it needs to be closer to a gradient, whereas if they ask for it to be harder, it needs to be closer to a hard edge, however it still needs to be a soft edge both ways.
Can I make a marking look like a different marking?
No. Markings should not mimic/replicate another marking, or it might be sent to corrections. There are a few exceptions to this, such as making Overlay look like Race or Dipped look like Boots, however in the end it's up to the admin.
Can I hide markings under other markings?
Certain markings you are allowed to. Make sure to pay attention to the Marking Tier guide to double check what goes over/under others!
Can markings be the same color?
Markings can be the same or similar color, but be aware that if it is hard or impossible to tell markings apart from each other, design admins may cancel or reject your submission. Likewise, the base coat of your spirit should be easily identifiable at a glance.
Can the base coat have a gradient or nuances?

In the case of spirits, no. The base coat must be the same the whole way unless it has a marking changing it.

Centaurians, however, are allowed to have nuances.

Can the import have shading?
Shading is not allowed for our imports to make color picking easier for players and admins. Lighting is allowed, however, for mutations such as Shiny.
What does it mean in the trait info if it says it's an 'addon' trait?
Addon refers to the fact that trait is independent from the rules of 'only one of this kind of trait'. These traits are usually Unique traits. For example, you're only allowed to have one kind of legs trait, however even if you have leg fur, you're also allowed to have Gryphon Talons or Webbed feet.
​However, if the addon trait interferes with another addon trait, you will be forced to choose one or the other.
I saw a Kiji/tally with black bones even though it doesn't have the black bones trait, what gives?
Spirits who don't have the black bones trait can only have dark colored bones if they have black bones added, or if the spirit is already a naturally dark color (ie nighted or a really dark shade).
Painted Nails can make the nails look dark if a dark color is desired, but not black.
I saw a spirit with their lines edited/mane stylized. Is this allowed?

Editing lines or customizing traits is only allowed under few circumstances:

     - One, if the trait is a unique trait or from an elemental/universe pack.
     - Two, if it has spliced and you are merging the two genos onto the same base. In the case of spliced, you cannot customize them as much as simply just erase parts or merge parts together. In the case of merging, you need to make sure the result does not resemble a trait that already exists. These merging or erasing of parts can sometimes look like different traits or something unique, but it is simply an effect of spliced.
     - Three, using a Glam Kit.

Tiny edits to the lines is also ok in the case of two traits not really working well together and needing some extra lines added or removed just to make them fit better. These are usually only small edits and are not that noticeable and are only to help the design fit together.
​The only other way to add lines is with equipment. Equipment does not need to show on the spirit, but in the case of a wig or extensions if you make them show you can edit the fur on the spirit to show it wearing them, thus customizing or stylizing the spirit in a unique way. Just make sure it doesn't resemble traits that already exist.

What is the difference between when spliced is added or on the geno?

There are several differences in the way Spliced acts when it's on the geno compared to when it's an added trait.

First off, Summoning. If the spliced is an added trait on the spirit, the spliced half will not impact the summons from that spirit. It'll only impact summons if it's on the geno as dominant or recessive with Cloning Technique.

Secondly, Charity and Envy. If the spliced is on the geno and dominant or recessive, charity will pass from both sides and Envy will take from both sides. However, if it's an added trait, it'll only pass/take boosts from the original side.

Thirdly, removing the splice. If it's an added trait, the spliced side will be the one removed, however if spliced is on the geno as dom or recessive you are allowed to choose which side of the geno is removed. If not stated, the spliced side will be removed by default.

​Finally, if spliced is an added trait and gets onto the geno via rebirthing as Occult, it is still treated as an added trait. Just because it's on the geno as Occult does not give it the same permissions as if it were dominant or recessive.

What does a marking mean when it says the color must be 'natural to the base'?

That means the color must be next to the color on the hue/value slider. For example, if you have a crimson base, the marking that is "natural to the base" can be any shade of red, or a same value purple or orange. For White and Black, it would have to remain on the greyscale slider, or can have the hue changed as long as the value is not.

The only exception to this is Starry, in which albino and nighted bases can share any colors as being natural.

    Summoning and Rebirth Questions
Toggle Questions
What is rebirthing?
Rebirthing is basically evolving your character. When it is rebirthed, it doubles your current stats (If possible) and has a small chance of evolving boosts or adding/changing current physical traits and markings your character has. It costs 5,000 PT for your first rebirth and 10,000 PT after. If the character gets their genes changed, you will be required to add those markings/traits to it before the character will be allowed to participate in activities, unless you use items to remove them/change them back.
What is Summoning?
Summoning is where you summon a new Kijikaiaku or Subtalleon using the energy from two to five others. The energy from the ones summoning might impact the traits of the summon. This can only be done if you have a Core Soul or Unhatched Egg. You can also summon a new Kijikaiaku or Subtalleon if you have an item or Kiji/Tally with the Gaia's Summoning or Yile's Summoning Stat Boosts as a replacement for the Core Soul, however that route adds a chance of the summon failing. Using characters to summon a new geno will give them a summoning cooldown for a week, or shorter if their stamina is high enough or they have a familiar or boost that will lower the time.
How do I summon with/rebirth my characters?
Under the Activities tab is a page called 'Admin Requests'. You can request a rebirth or summon there. Admins will review the request and respond accordingly.
Can Kiji/Tallies breed?
Kiji and Tallies cannot breed, nor have the organs capable of it. Instead, Kiji and Tallies summon other Kiji/Tallies. This also means inbreeding isn't a thing, as they are not genetically tied to their summons.
Can Kiji/Tally crossbreed?
They can! In order to cross-summon, a Core Soul or Unhatched Egg will be required though. No, you can't do both.
Can Subtalleons and Centaurians crossbreed?
They cannot. Centaurians can only breed with other Centaurians.
What is the difference between summoning and breeding?
The easiest way to explain the difference between summoning and breeding is that breeding is a baby based on the genes of the parents, where summoning is a new life form appearing that is adjusted by the genes of the ones summoning. Unlike breeding, in which the baby looks like the parents, in summoning, the summon has no biological ties to the summoners and might look different than them.
How many spirits can perform a summoning at once?
Lore-wise there is no limit. Game-wise, if you have a Kiji with Gaia's Summoning III or a Tally with Yile's Summoning III you can preform a summon with just that character, otherwise a summon must be done with at least 2 characters, and at max 5.
Is there a way to increase luck for summoning/rebirthing?
Yes! There are some items and boosts that can increase the luck while summoning, as well as items such as Kokoro's Scroll, which will increase luck by 50. For rebirthing, you can add a max of 9 Rebirthing Essence to a character to increase the chance for rarer things, and to increase the chance for traits to change or appear.
Is there a way to prevent traits from changing during rebirthing?
Sort of. If you attach a Hex seal to your spirit, nothing visual will change in rebirthing, however boosts still might. Added traits might also add things as occult or replace traits they themselves override.
    Questions about Events and Activities
Toggle Questions
I got my first character in the group, what do I do now?
After you get your first character or two, you get to design it and get it approved! If that's already done, join the Discord server, or look around at events going on or activities the group has to offer, and start getting some cool items by doing some art or literature!
What can I do in the Discord?
The discord is an amazing and fun place for all, whether you like Kijis, Tallies, Centaurians, or just want to hang. You can come and chat, share memes, rant, or just ask questions! You can also level up in the Discord to receive some really sweet prizes on site!
How do I message other players?
You can either comment on their profile or message them through their DA/Discord, or anything else that might be linked.
Are we allowed to post our art on other sites?
Of course! However you will not get rewards unless it is submitted onto this site via prompt submissions.
Are we allowed to post our imports on other sites?
You can if it's for ref, like on Toyhouse, however proper credit must be given to this site and the owner!
Can I commission art for activities/events?
Yes! You do not have to do entries yourself!
What is the minimum amount of work for an art/literature?
Most activities or events will state their requirements. Otherwise for general art, there is no minimum for art, and the minimum for literature is 200 words.
What is Discovery Cove?
Discovery Cove is a special activity members can participate in, in which you do art of your character exploring Discovery Cove. You can get many crafting materials and other cool items, as well as discover new locations and unlock backgrounds for your Kiji and Tally!
What are Dens?
Dens are basically like clans or guilds which you can level and outfit and make your own. They have their own activities and events accociated with them.
Can I own multiple dens?
Yes! Dens cost materials and PT to build and can be found in the crafting, however you can have multiple! You do need to own a character per den though.
How many dens can I be a part of?
You can be a part of any number, however your characters can only be in one max at a time.
Is there PVP in the game?
Yes! Gaia's World has multiple versions of PvP and PvE, including Boss battles, Den raids, dungeon raids, and PvP tournaments!
What's the difference between semis and full customs?
​The difference between Semis and Full Customs is that Semis vary on price depending on what you want, and do not allow you to choose whether a gene is dominant or recessive, the health status, or lets you choose traits that are no longer available, whereas full customs do and are unlimited at a set price.
How do I get a semi-custom character?
Please submit to the Semicustom purchase prompt.
What's the difference between an MYO and a custom?
MYOs are given for free in raffles or events and are limited based on trait rarity. Customs have price tags but aren't as limited.
How do I get MYOs?
MYOs are given by the administrative team in events and raffles only.
How do I claim my purchased Full Custom Slot?
Go to the item in your bank, select it, and use the slot. The slot will be created and available for you to submit to design approvals.
Can I buy customs for other people?
You can, however you have to contact the owner about it before purchase or trade the character to them after approval.
What happens if one of the people in a collab doesn't post their half to submissions?

In the case of collabs or commissions that include spirits owned by multiple people, they need to have a submission posted one per character/person in the collab before we can roll it, however if one or more members in the collab do not post their submission/part, we cannot roll the person who has.

If another party has not posted their part in 15 days since the other(s), another member of the collab can submit in their stead. In this way, the member that didn’t submit for themself forfeits their rewards to the other preson, but we are still able to roll the submission.

Do keep in mind if not all members submit, or another member doesn't submit for the one that hasn't after the 15 days, we cannot roll until they have.

If you have a question that hasn't been answered above, please ask!

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