Summoning & Rebirthing


Rebirthing is essentially evolving your spirit. This process inreases the multiplier on their stats and resets their level, making their stats easier to increase and also raising the cap.

Rebirthing also has a chance to effect the traits on the spirit, adding new ones, changing the ones it has, or even removing some. Boosts are also effected, sometimes adding themselves to the geno or increasing in tier.
To remove the chance of visual changes occuring, you can attach a hex seal, but that also decreases the chance of non-visual changes.

You are also allowed to redesign your spirit after it is rebirthed for free, whether things change or not. If you do not state you are going to be redesigning in the submission it will be assumed you are not. If you do, or if traits change, the character will be unable to be used till they are approved again with the changes in place.

For a spirit's first time rebirthing it costs 5000 PT, every time after that is 10000 PT. They will also get a special title! Don't forget to attach the PT or the submission will be rejected!
You can also attach a max of 9 Rebirthing Essence to increase your odds of things happening.

After rebirthing, your character will be put on cooldown based on their stamina, boosts, and items. Please note that you can only rebirth your spirit a max of 25 times!

When ready to submit a character for rebirthing, please submit an Admin Request!


Summoning is creating a new geno/character process similar to breeding, but not exactly! Please note the difference in the process! Summoning will create a semi-randomized geno for you that has a chance of pulling traits and markings from the summoners! This means the child could look NOTHING like the summoners.

You can use a max of 5 Subtalleons and/or Kijikaiaku in a summon. You may also attach a Kokoro's Scroll, which increases the Luck of the summon roll by 50, for a max of three Kokoro's Scrolls for +150 Luck.

In order to summon with a Kiji or Tally you need to have at least one art or lit piece done of them beforehand. This art can be general art or a prompt or activity, but you must have at least one done in order to use it in a summon. It cannot be a headshot and must be at least halfbody and have color, and can't be too rough a sketch (ie, guidelines showing).

When wanting to summon, you will need to attach the characters you want to use, the Core Soul/Twin Core Soul or Unhatched Egg (or mention you'll use Gaia's/Yile's Summoning), as well any Permission Slips, if necessary. If you're intending to splice one or both resulting genos, please mention this in the comment, and also attach the needed Spliced trait (or two) along with the Soul or Egg, and specify which geno you intend to have spliced (the first, the second, or both). If one or both ends up naturally spliced, we'll return the excess Splice trait(s). No other traits or markings should be attached; you can not preemptively add other things to genos!

If using a Core Soul or Twin Soul Core, at least two spirits, at least one of them a kiji, needs to be attached. If using an Unhatched Egg, at least two spirits, one of them a Subtalleon, must be attached.

A kiji with Gaia's Summoning Tier 3 (or a Tally with Yile's Summoning III) may summon solo, but there is a small chance of failure. You may not attach a Soul if using Gaia's Summoning to try and avoid the fail chance. For Subtalleons, Yile's Summoning works the same way, and you cannot attach an Unhatched Egg to get around the small failure chance.

To completely avoid the failure chance with Gaia's/Yile's Summoning, you need the Tainted Tier 3 boost. Your request will be rejected if missing any of the above needed items or boosts.

After summoning, your character will be put on cooldown. Centaurians have a 1 week breeding cooldown, where Subtalleons and Kijikaiaku's summoning cooldown is based on their stamina, boosts, and items. You can only summon with a Subtalleon or Kijikaiaku a max of 4 times a month, independant of their abilities.

When ready to submit for Summoning, please submit an Admin Request!

Summoning Permissions

To grant a summon permission to one of your spirits to another player, you need to make an admin request.

If wanting to give another player a summon permission, please give the user’s name, the character’s ID and link, and mention whether or not the permission expires or has any special rules (like, “can only summon with this one other character”). An admin will give the other player a Summon Permission Slip that notes the details. You may write permissions to as many characters to as many people as desired in one request, but be sure to be very clear so the admins aren’t confused. If your instructions are too unclear, there’s a chance your request may be declined or misinterpreted.

To summon with someone else's spirit, you must acquire their permission first and receive a permission slip. Once you have the item, make a summon request as normal, and in addition to attaching an Unatched Egg or Core Soul, be sure to attach the Summon Permission Slip too!