[Trade] [AaT] But... It's Sand?

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The sun had been up for only a few hours, it was roughly noon at this point. Bird could be heard chirping and seen fluttering around with each other, squirrels could be seen skittering about, collecting nuts and whatever else squirrels do. Even things such as skunks and rabbits were wandering about, foraging the land for their days meals. "Mangosteen, if we want to get to the beach when the sun is going to be facing the sand perfectly we need to get going." Methyl says excited, he wanted to see how the sand would fair on this day. It was going to be one of the hottest days this summer and Mangosteen had previously asked Methyl to teach him some science stuff, though he didn't exactly expect it to be about... sand. Mangosteen grumbles slightly under his breath about going to watch sand melt but shook his head and tried to steer it into excitement that he was at least going to learn something scientific as he grabbed his gear and made his way over to Methyl. "I'm ready. We can go watch the sand melt now." He says, a hint of disappointment to his tone but he was trying to optimistic. Methyl grabs all the equipment they would need, remembering back to the time Ricin got on his tail for forgetting and they headed on their merry way down to the beach.

Methyl sets the equipment he had brought onto the blanket he laid on the sand, Mangosteen follows suit and wipes away sweat that was already forming. "Now Mangosteen, I know you have sounded disappointed this whole time but I promise this is cool." Methyl says as he gets out his magnifying glass and fire proof fabric, so that of course he can put the crystallized sand onto it for observation. Mangosteen rolls his eyes but doesn't add any unnecessary comments until he sees what exactly Methyl wanted to show him. Methyl takes the two things her grabs and goes down to the sand and then looks back at Mangosteen and beckons for him to follow, which he does, getting down the Methyls level right up to the sand he watches closely. Methyl potions the magnifying glass so the sun has a super hot beam on the sand and they watch as it starts to melt and turn black. Mangosteen raises an eyebrow in confusion as he watches Methyl burns the poor sand. Methyl chuckles "grab the tongs, i can't touch this sand with my bare hooves, the tongs i have are specially made to touch super hot stuff... like burning sand!" He says enthusiastically. Mangosteen again rolls his eyes but goes and grabs the tongs like Methyl had asked.

Methyl grabs the tongs and scoops the burnt sand out of the normal sand and begins burning several more patches of sand for the experiment he was going to show Mangosteen. Once he has like 10 clumps of burnt sand he puts the magnifying glass away and turns his attention to the fabric holding all the burnt sand clumps. "Mangosteen showing you burning sand is pretty cool, but showing you the effects you can do to burning sand with various materials is even cooler." He says with a wide and excited grin. Methyl takes out a strange green liquid and grabs a clump of the sand. He puts the sand into a jar carefully and then pours just enough green liquid to coat the sand and what happens next bewilders Mangosteen. The glass was starting to turn into this weird red crystal in the shape of a heart, cute! "B-but Methyl how?" Mangosteen asks as he stares at the sand. All Methyl responds with is "Burnt sand isn't as boring as you thought huh?"

Mangosteen goes quiet as Methyl calls him out and nods his head looking at the crystal in embarrassment. "I didn't know sand could do something so cool." He  says honestly as he looks up at Methyl. Methyl nods "Yea, that's how most everyone is when I tell them my hobby is sand." He says with a little giggle. "Want to see some of the other things that this burnt sand can do?" Methyl asks putting the jar with the heart crystal to the side and grabbing a new jar. Mangosteen nods, he was actually starting to get excited to learn about sand. Yea that's right sand.

Methyl giggles excitedly as they put one of the clumps of burnt sand into a new jar and this time pulls out a red liquid. When the red liquid covers the sand completely it too starts to transform and take shape as something else, but this time it was turning into a green leaf. Mangosteen watches in disbelief as the sand takes shape before his very eyes. "How did you even figure these kinds of things out Methyl?" He asks curiously eyes glued to the crystal. "Lots of time sitting in sand if you would believe it." Methyl says with a chuckle as he looks down at the jar with the crystal in it and offers it to Mangosteen so he could have a closer look at the sand.

Mangosteen takes the jar and looks at the crystal from every angle that he can super fascinated by how quickly the sand turns into this pretty crystal. Methyl grabs another jar and puts another clump of the burnt sand into it, he reaches into his bag and searches around for the blue liquid he had in there and pulls it out with a smile. He starts filling the jar with the liquid and once the sand was covered it started changing into a pretty white crystal in the shape of a cloud. Mangosteen looks over at the jar to watch the sand take form and chuckles at how amazing it was. "You are totally going to have to tell me what these liquids are!" He says amused, maybe he outta start researching silly things like worms, who knows what you could do with them, especially considering what you can do with sand. 

[Trade] [AaT] But... It's Sand?
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In Quests ・ By QueenAlpha

Methyl teaches Mangosteen about the magic of SAND!

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