A special thank you to everyone who has made this site possible!

Front End

People who have helped make this community with its visuals and design and supported the front end of the game.

Species/NPC Concepts and Item Art by Wolvenhyde

Import Base Lines and Design by Samateus

Splash Art and Some Item Art by Sehanbrel

Centaurian Sketch and NPC Art by TeriArts

Some NPC Art by Sera

Favicon by BladeoftheStars

Back End

People who have helped make this community with its code and functions and supported the back end of the game.

Site Coding and Creation by Wolvenhyde

Immense Prior Backend Administrative Work by Rilameth

Coding/Spelling Assistance by Sehanbrel

Rubber Ducking and Administrative/Coding Work by Fluffynerd

Site Assistance by Fogcreature

Special Thanks

A special thanks to others who have contributed to making the game what it is today.

Additional Support by Rilameth

Immense Weebly Setup and Beta Admin by SunriseHill

Alpha Support by BladeoftheStars

Alpha Support Story/Lore Proofwriting by Samayl

Coding Assistance by Volunteer Lorekeeper Team

Original Kiji Species Concept by Chi

Core Extensions

These extensions were coded by the Lorekeeper community, and are now a part of core Lorekeeper.

Stacked Inventories by Draginraptor

Submission Addons by itinerare

Character Items by itinerare

Bootstrap Tables by Preimpression

Watermarking by itinerare with masterlist image automation by Speedy

Separate Prompts by itinerare

Comments by Preimpression & Ne-wt

Reports by Ne-wt

Masterlist Sublists by Junijwi

MYO Item Tag by Junijwi

User Transfer Reasons by Snupsplus

Extension Tracker by Preimpression (This page/the section below!)

Galleries by itinerare

Navbar News Notif by Junijwi (Enabled)

Species Trait Index by itinerare (Enabled)

Character Status Badges by Junijwi (Enabled)

Character TH Profile Link by Junijwi (Enabled)

Design Update Voting by itinerare (Disabled)

Item Entry Expansion by itinerare (Enabled/Enabled)

Group Traits by Category by Preimpression (Enabled)

Character Rewards by Preimpression (Enabled/Character Owner)

Installed Extensions

These extensions have been added to this site.