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Changelog May 2024

Posted 1 month and 3 weeks ago :: Last edited 1 month and 3 weeks ago by Wolvenhyde


  • New unique Tally traits: Drooped Top Wings, Thresher Tail, Shark Fin, Halo Fin, Caudal Fin, and Side Jets
  • New Avatar Borders: Fire, Lightning, Wind, Magic, Rainbow, Yin-Yang
  • Pocket Mirrors are now added to the game
  • The Draugr Boss for the Frozen Mountain Dungeon was changed back to the Wendigo and items associated with it renamed as needed.


  • Root's range was fixed to allow it on the Tally tail like it should have been
  • Crested now has color sliders for people to reference for ease of use
  • Slash can now allow circles and hearts in certain areas
  • Ares Mirrors can now be sold
  • Shapeshifting Splices using Legacy has been clarified on the custom import information guide
  • More custom trait information has been added to traits's descriptions
  • Cove no longer guarantees finding locations you haven’t discovered


  • Trait Edit, Chimera Scroll, and Debuffer have more clarification on their item descriptions of what they can do
  • Bi-Colored and Ombre got a clarification to their effects about coverage
  • Background Guide has been updated with better clarification
  • Boosts Guide is now up to date
  • Lore prompts have gotten clarification in their rules of repeatability and limits
  • Species Info Page has been updated
  • Battle events now roll enemies differently to help streamline rolling
  • Compiled Files are almost done being finished!

This changelog is quite a bit late, but it's full of lots of various information and updates! Make sure to read through it all, and as always if you have any questions of concerns feel free to ask in the comments below!

Upcoming Features, bugs, and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on that haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added (hopefully) soon!

  1. We're offering credits to people who assist with making marking examples on the new base, reach out to Wolvenhyde for more info!
  2. We are currently invitation code only because of past issues with bots. If you or a friend wants to join, join the Discord or message a mod and we can provide invite codes. If you have any issues with authorizing your account, please let Wolvenhyde know.
  3. We are aware that there is a bug with user shops. currently for some reason only admins can view user shops. We hope to fix it soon so players can create and access them too.
  4. Please report any bugs you might find. Even if you're not sure if it is or not, we appreciate the report!

New Items, traits, and borders

Pocket Mirrors are a new item that has been added to the game. This item is a simplified version of an Ares Mirror- while Ares Mirrors allow you to redesign the whole character, Pocket Mirrors allow you to fix a marking or trait. Do keep in mind you don't need a pocket mirror when using trait edits, reality essence, or white out, or even applicators. You will need one if you're changing a glam kitted trait to have different lines, or adjusting a single marking, or maybe changing the brush used for a charm or trail, but retaining the rest of the design.

A few new unique traits were added to the game. They are all tally only boss uniques. Only the Drooped Top Wings has been finished and added to the drive, the others, while available, don't have their lines finished. They should hopefully be finished soon!

There are also a bunch of new avatar borders available for players to unlock. All of them are elemental-based, and unlocked by doing the elemental weapon prompts. They cannot be unlocked by doing the singular prompt that unlocks all the recipes at once, though! You will have to do each individual prompt to unlock the borders. We hope to finish more soon!

If you have finished one of the elemental weapon recipe prompts before the border is done for it, it will be unlocked for you once the border is created.

Custom trait information

We are still going through all the traits and moving custom trait information over onto their descriptions. This information is not in the items, only the traits themselves. We do plan to add a link to the trait when you click a trait item in your inventory soon! Hopefully this will make things easier for players.

As of right now, all traits except horns have their custom trait info in their description. Some horns do as well, however we are still slowly working through them. It hopefully shouldn't take too long.

Update to Cove

Before, when a location was rolled in cove, the character would have found that location, unless they'd already found it, in which we would reroll the location. While this helped people find locations faster, it was disingenuous to the rarity of locations. If a character happened to find a location in 6 consecutive images, and that location could find 6 other locations, that character would find all 6, regardless of the percentages of the location being discovered. Thus, even if one of those locations had a 5% chance of being found, you could be guarenteed to find it on or before the 6th location you discover.

To solve this, we ended up updating cove, to make it so we no longer reroll a location if it's one you already discovered. If you've already discovered the location, it will change into an item now instead, so you won't have to worry about losing out on finding something. This change is not only to make the percentages actually mean something, but also to make certain items, boosts, and skills worth it to have in order to find the rarer locations.

Update to Battle Events

Battle Events have gotten a minor update to how we roll them. Before, we would roll the stats for the number of enemies depicted in the image/literature, and then roll as normal as a group battle. However, in larger images this takes quite a long time... Thus we now will roll only one enemy, regardless of the enemies shown in the image/lit, however the damage they take and give and the chances of boosts landing from either side will be multiplied by the number of enemies in the image/lit.

Thus, if you have three enemies in your submission, we will only do one, but if that one enemy recieves 30 damage, we'll multiply that by 3 and count as 90 damage. This will make rolling a lot faster without harming character's individual stats or boosts/skills.

New Import Progress

The new imports are pretty much done! All the common-legendary traits are finished, and the uniques are about 50% or more done for each build!

All of the traits we have done are in the Individual Traits link when you go to Import Downloads under resources, however since all common-legendary traits are finished we're also working on the Compiled files! These files are larger, but have all the traits in them so you don't have to put together individual stuff.

The Base file has all regular traits, such as manes, ears, cheeks, tails, and whiskers/ends or top/bottom wings. It does NOT have any mutations or uniques in it.
Each of the other files have their respective mutation types in it, except unique. For example, the Horns Compiled file has every horn trait in it, except uniques.
If you would like, you can pull the mutation files into your downloaded base file to make a master base, however we warn you it will be a very large file, which is the sole reason we seperated the mutations from the base in the first place.

Uniques will still have to be pulled in individually to your files.

Currently, compiled files are finished for all Kiji. Racer is only halfway finished, and Mini and Draft only have the base finished. We hope to have all compiled files finished here very soon!

Changelog March 2024

Posted 3 months and 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 3 months and 2 weeks ago by Wolvenhyde


  • New bases and backgrounds available for use!
  • All New Items now have Icons!
  • Kiji genos now have a new custom sillouette icon!
  • New traits added to game: Curly Back Fur, Curly Leg Fur, Curly Belly Fur, Veiled Underbelly
  • New collection: Maximum Security
  • New Lore Prompts!


  • Genie Lamp was changed from accessory to tool item.
  • Panther's effect has been clarified to count as a surprise attack.
  • Skill edit renamed to Debuffer due to the introduction of skills.
  • Kraken's effect has been clarified to not go over the stat cap.
  • Stat Indicator has been nerfed and now only reveals a portion of info.
  • Moderation has been nerfed, now only activates 50% of the time.
  • Vampires have been nerfed so they give blood only when familiars drop.
  • Shiny and Sparkly are now not allowed overtop energy, as well as any sheens.
  • Effect boosts that are on both sides of a splice no longer stack for rolls, instead it just rolls the higher tier.
  • Elemental Packs which you can purchase in Ares Cart have been lowered to prevent bloat of elemental uniques.
  • Ares Cart now isn’t guaranteed when exploring a location that has nowhere left to find. Additionally, you can now discover Ares even if there is more to discover.
  • Spirit Festival can now be discovered year round.


  • Inventory now has a new, easier to use tabbed layout and has adjusted the order of categories to have consumables first.
  • You can now sell Debuffers, Witch’s Potions, Jewelry Packs, Accessory Packs, and Scar Packs.
  • More things can now drop for Pandora’s Box that can now last up to a month instead of a week.
  • Custom Trait info is being moved onto the traits themselves.
  • Skill effects have been clarified on their pages with their evolved versions (If they have them).
  • Skinned/Bloodstained and Silver/Neon now allow slight rule breaking.
  • Characters and Genos owned by perma-banned or banned indefinitely people, as well as those with deactivated accounts, will now be listed as deceased and/or hidden from view.
  • Character Design Transfers are now openables that can generate slots when used.

Hey everyone, it's been a hot moment since the last changelog! While this isn't by far a very important one, there are a lot of small things that have been changed so I do highly encourage you to read up on things! As always, if you have any comments or thoughts on anything, feel free to comment below or reach out in the Discord, and let us know what you think of the recent changes.

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on that haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. We're offering credits to people who assist with making marking examples on the new base, reach out to Wolvenhyde for more info!
  2. We are currently invitation code only because of past issues with bots. If you or a friend wants to join, join the Discord or message a mod and we can provide invite codes. If you have any issues with authorizing your account, please let Wolvenhyde know.
  3. Please report any bugs you might find. Even if you're not sure if it is or not, we appreciate the report!

New bases and backgrounds

New bases are now available to use for both Kiji and Tallies! We are still getting unique traits finished and uploaded, and the Draft build still has some mutations we're getting finished, but everything else is available to use. We haven't finished making compiled files yet, however, so for now you will have to pull traits individually into your file when designing. If you need help designing or moving a character over to the new base, feel free to ask in our Discord, people will be happy to assist!

We would like to remind people again it is not required to move over to the new base, however it is heavily encouraged. The old base is still available for people to use through player resources. Making small edits to the new base to fix clipping or layering is perfectly ok, as well as adjusting the facial expression. You will not need a Glam Kit to fix or adjust small bits, however any larger custom edits will still require it.

If you notice any color bleed or mistakes PLEASE let an admin know so we can fix it. We greatly appreciate any help with that!

Backgrounds are also being redone to fit the new base! We're prioritizing ones that have been unlocked by people, but should hopefully have all done within a reasonable time. If you have any requests of ones to finish sooner please let us know! For now, the backgrounds we have finished are the free and rebirth ones for both Kiji and Tallies, the starter cove locations as well as some common branching ones off them, the Grand Reopening one, and most bosses we have battled in the past.

Do not use old backgrounds! If you transfer or update your character, you will have to adhere to any rule or trait changes, however we are willing to work with players to try and make things work with the updates. Additionally, if you remain on the old base, any future updates to the character will require the same changes or adjustments as people who use it for new characters.

Additionally, when moving over to the new base, we understand some traits are going to look different than before or may no longer require Glam Kits (Or might now need them). Additionally, some traits might no longer appear the same length or style as before, or the design might have some illegalities that will need to be fixed when moving over to the new base. Thus, we are going to be compensating people for these changes (For the most part). The following is a list of criteria we're following for transfers to the new base, be sure to look it over:

  • If a trait was previously Glam Kitted but no longer needs the Glam Kit, we will refund the Glam Kit to your account if you desire or you can use it for another trait.
  • If a trait needs a Glam Kit to make the trait look more like how it was on the old base, the Glam Kit will only be covered for free by the group if another trait that was previously Glam Kitted is no longer using one. Otherwise you will have to cover it yourself.
  • If we're changing a marking/trait to another due to legality (Because the rules or range was changed), the changed trait, if on the geno, will remain on the geno with the same rec/dom status, or we will provide a marking that can be added to the design to make it legal. The added marking will be on the geno as recessive.
  • If we're adding something to a character because it didn't exist in the past it'll be on geno, likely as recessive.
  • If we're adding something to a design because the design is illegal and was somehow previously approved, and the design was previously a character design transfer, it will be on geno as recessive. If it's not a character design transfer though, the added trait/marking will be listed as 'added'.
  • If a trait looks completely different due to the difference in the old and new bases, we will cover changing the trait within reason. (Changing to a lower rarity or from common to uncommon is generally fine for example, but uncommon to legendary is a no go even if the trait 'works better' for them. Best case, depending on the trait we will likely just add it as added instead of changing/adding it on the geno, but this entirely depends on the traits.) If it is somehow added to the geno in these cases, it will usually be recessive.
  • If a trait is being reverted to a previously had trait on a previous base version, regardless if it was originally a transfer or not or the rarity of the traits, it will be on geno with the same dom/rec status as the current trait. The only exception is if this was something that was changed due to a rebirth.

New lore prompts

With our changes to focus on world lore and character development, we have made a bunch of new lore prompts for people to do for their characters. Each give epic rewards, and there is no particular order in which you have to complete them! You can do them at your leisure, or not do them at all. The lore prompts are meant to help develop your character and build on their story.

We plan to have even more lore prompts in the future, however those will be focused on reputation and factions rather than skills like the current ones are. If you have any suggestions of Lore prompts we can add to the game, we'd love to hear them!

Changes to some Boosts

Stat Indicator has gotten a slight change to its effects. While before it showed all stats and boosts of all enemies, now it shows on average 25% of stats and boosts of enemies, including the spawn rate in dungeons (Or 50% if effected by humility). This does not mean a guarenteed 25% of each enemy, it means around a quarter of the total information between all enemies. This means you could get a lot of info on one, but hardly anything on another.

Moderation also got a change. It now only has a 50% chance of effecting a roll. This is for game balancing and allowing other boosts to still take effect instead of Moderation overshadowing them. While this nerf does bring down the impact Moderation makes, it also helps to make things more balanced.

The last thing changed for boosts was Effect Boosts, including Resists and Weaks, no longer stack when on both sides of splices. For example, if a splice had Burning II on one side of the splice, and Burning III on the other side, it would treat it as if it were maxed out when rolling. Now, instead it takes the chance when rolling from the higher side (Unless it's a shapeshifting splice).

New and changed traits

A few new regular traits were made. These are curly versions of the back, belly, and legs. This is mostly for consistancy with cloudy and curly traits since regular traits don't allow editing to be curly. Additionally, Tallies have gotten a Veiled Underbelly since they don't get the Curly Belly Fur.

We have changed how base modifiers work. This includes Silver and Neon, and Skinned and Bloodstained. While before when you had the modifier it had to effect all markings used (Unless the marking rules allowed otherwise), now you are allowed to have one or maybe two markings that break the restrictions put in place by the modifiers as long as they don't dominate the design. For example, if a design is Skinned Silver Crimson, it would be predominately a light pink. However this new modification to the rules would allow a small marking, say Tips or even a minimal Boots, to be a darker red, as long as the rest of the design is all lighter pinks.

The last change was in regards to a couple traits and markings and their interraction with energy. Namely Shiny and Sparkly, and the sheen markings. While before they were allowed to layer overtop energy, they are no longer allowed to do so. This is partially because of how the traits and energy work, but mainly to help distinguish energy better.

Changes to Ares' Cart and Spirit Festival

One of the changes we have made to Ares' Cart is changes to the Elemental Packs. While they are the same price as before, originally there was no limit on how many could be purchased. That was changed to a max of 99 per player per month, however to prevent bloat of unique traits from elemental packs we have limited it even further to a max of 20 on site per month. This however is only for Ares' Cart shop stock, and not including packs found via activities or in Tatsu's Auction House.

We understand this is a huge jump, but it is to prevent bloat of elemental uniques as many are currently already bloated on this site. We hope this will prevent bloat in the future as well.

The other change made to Ares' Cart is his appearance in Cove. While before he would regularly appear in any location if there was nothing else left to find, his appearing rate has been changed. Now, a random cove location is selected every week, where Ares' Cart will be. He will only appear in that location, and can appear even if you have other locations you can discover. However, he no longer replaces locations found like before, and instead will be an additional 'drop' that can appear. Additionally, when you discover him, you will be able to include it at any time in any other submissions in that location for the rest of the week. You will also have to include a request from now on in the comments for the coupon, or else the coupon will not be given.

Spirit Festival has gotten a similar treatment to Ares' Cart. It used to only be around for a short time once a year, but now it's around all year. Like Ares' it swaps locations each week, so you'll have to explore to discover it. Once a character has discovered it for the first time, they will get the background, and like Ares', they will be able to explore the location for the week until it's changed spots.

Custom trait information is being moved

Previously we had all traits listed on a spreadsheet with what you can and can't do listed next to them. However, this was never an ideal situation, and recently it was decided that to make things easier for players and staff, to move the custom trait information onto the traits themselves on site.

Custom Trait Infomation is a description of what is and isn't allowed in regards to making a custom version of a trait. Except for Unique traits, most regular traits and mutations require a Glam Kit when making a custom trait.

While not all traits have their custom information yet, we are working to make sure every trait has a better description as well as what isn't and is allowed when making edits. Having this information now listed in the description of a trait instead of off-site, will hopefully make things easier for players in the future when making said edits, and for staff when approving designs.

Changelog February 2024

Posted 5 months and 3 days ago :: Last edited 5 months and 3 days ago by Wolvenhyde


  • New Default Borders: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter
  • New Unlockable Borders: Discord, Slime, Corrupted, Purified, Glitched
  • New Collections: Astronomical Scopes, Elemental Familiars, Pawsome Markings, Your Epidermis Is Showing
  • New Collection Category: Progression
  • New Unique Traits: Oni Horn and Beetle Horn
  • New Unique Familiar, Theologically Accurate Angel
  • New Unique non trait drops from bosses
  • New Equipment: Bone Armor
  • New Small Encounters Activity on Discord
  • Skills are now added to the site


  • Added the ability to donate many things that were unable to be before
  • Characters boosts that have tiers now all show _/_ for the tier
  • Bag of Coins credits chance increased again, this time to a 10% chance
  • Fixed loot tables for drops from treasure chests/loot bags to make familiars less common.
  • Referrals are not working properly and will be done manually for the most part for now.


  • New icons for Marking Applicators
  • Icons have been removed from Marking Traits
  • Unique Equipment and Traits can now drop from Tatsu
  • Unique Traits now say which bosses drop them
  • Changes to Lore prompts, as well as many new prompts and rewards

Hello everyone! It's been a bit but here's another changelog for you all! There's been quite a lot of recent additions and a handful of important changes (especially regarding Lore) so make sure to read through this changelog thoroughly. As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to comment below or post in our Discord.

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on and that haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. We're offering credits to people who assist with making marking examples on the new base, reach out to Wolvenhyde for more info!
  2. Volus and Lien Base are available to use, Drakus and Racer pretty much done as well. Message a moderator or post on the Discord to get the link to the new base as it hasn't yet been linked on the import page.
  3. There are still many upcoming updates coming with the overhaul over the next few months, so be on the lookout! Make sure to read all future changelogs and feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns!
  4. We are aware of the visual issue with crafting and collections. It will be fixed soon.
  5. We are currently invitation code only because of issues with bots. If you or a friend wants to join, join the Discord or message a mod and we can provide invite codes. If you have any issues with authorizing your account, please let Wolvenhyde know.
  6. Please report any bugs you might find. Even if you're not sure if it is or not, we appreciate the report!

Reputation and Factions

While Reputation (REP) has already been added to the game, you are now able to start gaining (or losing!) reputation points by using the newly added Lore Prompts (talked about in the next section). While there is no way to interact with the factions at this time, future activities will involve them. If you need a refresher about Factions from the last changelog, you can see the guide here

Reputation will impact future prompt availability for your character and interactions they have with specific NPCs. Additionally, the Reputation of everyone on the site is averaged, and will influence future World Events. So for example, if Gaia is unhappy with the kijikaiaku as a whole, she may punish them. Sometimes, you can also get a neutral result, where your character’s actions result in no gain or loss of your REP. However, just because there was no change in REP, that doesn’t mean your actions had no effect; you also still get rewards from the pertinent submission.

It is up to the admin rolling your Lore Submission to determine whether your actions in the prompt are favorable or unfavorable, unless you have a Skill that allows you to impact that result. Admins will be following a guide for deciding whether a submission is favorable or unfavorable to any given faction, so you don’t have to worry about an admin being biased. That being said, if you ever feel like your result was inaccurate or unfair, you can submit a request for a second opinion or ask for clarification.

Lore update and skills

There has been a large change to Lore! Lore prompts have been refreshed and overhauled as part of the site’s big update. First, we’re bringing lore front and center, with the intent of the game’s primary focus being on storytelling. Due to this, lore prompts no longer require Complex backgrounds, but have the lesser requirement of at least Intermediate backgrounds. Please see the Guide Hub under Resources and look for the Backgrounds guide to see the illustrated differences.

As you might have expected because of this update, Lore Prompts have all been expanded and new ones have also been added, and more are planned to be implemented. Each prompt provides multiple options and suggestions, as well as a choice of rewards. Unlike before, where you could complete a lore prompt multiple times for a character to build on their story, now you only get a prompt’s specified rewards once, unless otherwise stated. This is because they now offer a new game feature, called Skills, and most Skills can’t be stacked.

Repeating a lore prompt for a single character will now be rolled as generic lore, and will be given typical item, EXP, PT, and REP rewards, but no further Skill options, unless the prompt explicitly states you can repeat it for more Skills. For example, if you’ve completed the Summon Lore prompt for a character, but want to do it again to give more backstory (or say, make it a multi-part story), only the first roll will let you pick a Skill. 

Skills work similarly to boosts in the sense that they provide bonuses to the character for rolls or specific activities. There are multiple options of Skills that you can choose between when completing lore prompts, thus unlike boosts, which you can theoretically acquire every one of, you can not acquire every existing Skill for one character. Unlike boosts, which generally have drawbacks, most skills do not have any drawbacks, besides the effort required to obtain them in the first place. Additionally, most skills can evolve to provide a greater benefit once your character reaches Maxed Out status - provided you complete a special prompt to evolve each skill. However, the evolution prompt is not currently implemented. Please look forward to future updates!

Skills cannot be obtained outside of lore, and skills cannot be removed by any means except for using an Amnesia Tonic. However, the Amnesia Tonic will wipe all skills and lore history, thus you should be careful when choosing the skills desired for your character. Tonics are primarily intended to give a character a fresh start, especially in the case of a character being transferred between players. Tonics can be acquired from Vault’s Haven for 30 SC.

Updating lore in this fashion will hopefully help people expand upon their characters more, and help with character and world building. It will also allow for players to learn more about the characters that they own, beyond just having a design for the sake of having a design. Players are not required to participate in lore or complete said lore prompts, however, since there are unique rewards for completing the prompts, it is recommended if you wish to explore every available feature of the game.

Adjustments to markings and traits

There has been a small adjustment with markings and most traits. Most applicator and trait icons have been replaced, while marking trait icons have been removed altogether.

When it comes to traits, we have traded out most for icons on the new base. These icons are now smaller (500x500 for traits and 100x100 for applicators) which should help not only with loading speeds but also with making things look more organized. They should no longer stagger in people's inventory, and should also no longer squish in the visual trait index (Though depending on your screen size they still may). Unfortunately, we have only done most Kiji trait icons so far, so there are a bunch that are still missing, and Tally only traits still have the old icons. We will be doing icons for them as soon as the Tally bases are near completion.

Marking applicators now have simple paw print icons, and while it's harder to see what kind of range the markings have from a glance, we figure this won't cause as much an issue and will be great for loading speeds for shops and inventories. As for the marking traits, as stated above, we removed the icons altogether, as that allows more room for the marking information to show in the compendium. Information should be easier to view as well when viewing markings in the compendium.

New Borders and collections

While we added holiday borders to the site for anyone to use (And plan to add pride ones too), we also made a handful that need to be unlocked:
Discord - Unlocked by joining the Discord server.
Slime - Can be bought in Gaia's Giveaways.
Corrupted - Gotten the first time you corrupt an item when enchanting.
Purified - Gotten from using Angel's Tears on an item.
Glitched - Gotten from making us aware of a game-breaking bug or issue with the game

We plan to add more borders soon. We also made a few more collections, including a new category called Progression. Progression Collections are activity themed collections that tell a story, as well as have you do certain other game things to complete the next collection in each line. If you have any suggestions of collections we can add to the game, let us know!

New traits and items

There are a couple new unique traits added to the game, as well as some unique equipment, den items, a unique familiar, and a new craftable equipment.

The two new unique traits are both horns, the Oni Horn and the Beetle Horn. Both drop from dungeon bosses, and are single forhead horns.

The new Special Den Items are the Pile of Dragon Gold and the Cobwebs, which both provide useful effects to dens. Currently the Pile of Dragon Gold is still awaiting an icon.

The new Unique Equipments are the Reaper's Scythe, the Soul Orb, the Eye Caps (Which has a cosmetic effect), Fenrir's Chains, Genie's Lamp, the Crown of the Slime King, Minotaur's Axe, Cyclops's Club, Cerberus's Collar, Skull Helm, Pendants, and the Magatama. Only the Reaper's Scythe, Soul Orb, Eye Caps, Cyclops's Club, and the Magatama has had icons done for them, but the others should be done soon.

The last two new things is the new Unique Familiar, the Theologically Accurate Angel, which is a boss drop only from the Archangel, and a new regular equipment, the Bone Armor, which can be crafted in Krawt's Crafting.

New Discord activity

Small Encounters is a fun little minigame available to people who are on both the Discord and the site. The game takes place on the Discord server itself, but rewards are given on site.

Players can comment on the channel on Discord once a day with a single character of theirs linked. An admin will create a thread where you can have your character respond to a situation given by the admin at random and get something interesting as a reward for your participation!

Please note that the responses to these given situations do not have to be very detailed and do not have to be in the character's POV, but must be on the thread, not on the site or the channel. Responses must also be within a reasonable time. Threads will expire after a day.

Changelog December 2023

Posted 6 months and 3 weeks ago :: Last edited 6 months and 3 weeks ago by Wolvenhyde


  • You can now get Adoption Papers once a month in Gaia's Giveaways!
  • There is a new item called the Amnesia Tonic now available in Vault's Haven!
  • New markings have been added to the game, Arcane, Barbaric, and Cloudy!
  • Full Customs have been removed from the shop and replaced with tiered Semicustoms


  • Vampires have been nerfed
  • Glam kits and legacy are cheaper
  • Changes to marking ranges


  • Because of all the new traits and markings added recently to the game, we added a second free trait bundle to Gaia's Giveaways!
  • Crimped Wings renamed to Origami Wings
  • Adjustment to user shops and how they work
  • New/updated item categories

Merryhallowthanksmas everyone! It's almost Christmastime, and we've been hard at work behind the scenes with the overhaul! We're a little behind schedule but should hopefully have all the big stuff done around new years. We're always grateful for help and willing to pay people in credits for assistance! While this changelog is going to be shorter than others, it does have some important update info in it so be sure to read through!

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on and haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. New avatar borders have been slow as we work through other overhaul things. We should continue working on them and have more available early January!
  2. We're offering credits to people who assist with marking examples on the new base, reach out to Wolvenhyde for more info!
  3. There are still many upcoming changes coming with the overhaul in the next few months, so be on the lookout! Make sure to read all future changelogs and feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns!
  4. Additionally a note for the future. While we are making a new base, you aren't required to switch over to the new one if you don't want to once it's available. If you do, and if you had any previous glam kit changes, you are allowed to retain them when transferring for free if you want.

New Items and Markings

There are a few new items and markings in the game!

The first is the Adoption papers, which you can get one a month from Gaia's Giveaways for free. You can exchange these papers for genos from the adoption center, as long as you don't have any previously claimed or summoned undesigned genos still (Doesn't count for Centaurians, MYOs, transfers, or customs).

The other new item is the Amnesia Tonic. With the overhaul, we're going to be focusing a lot more on character and world lore. The amnesia tonic will allow people to reset the lore for the character, in the case that they don't like the setup or lore used for the character, have sold or bought the character and want to refresh, or simply want to start from scratch. This will impact future lore-based systems we're still working on, such as skills and faction rep, and will be the only possibly way to remove hex seals.

Secondarily, there's three new markings added to the game, Arcane, Barbaric, and Cloudy. Arcane and Barbaric are unique marking modifiers, changing the look of the marking rather than the colors similar to the modifier Flicker, while Cloudy is a new rare marking that adds soft cloud-like trails along the coat.

Changes to Customs

You likely may not have noticed, but we changed how customs work. Full Customs are no longer available, and the prompt for Semis has been removed. Instead, we have added tierd Semi-customs to the Credits shop, which you can spend a certain amount on to get a custom that allows a specified number and rarities of traits. The higher the tier of semicustom, the more expensive it is, but the more you can do with it. The most expensive one is only $80, or 80 credits, and allows pretty much what a full custom (formally 500 credits) used to, with slight limitations on total number of markings and boosts. You can also get add-on vouchers for any tier custom.

With the recent changes to boosts, and the future planned changes for the overhaul and focuses on character development and lore, we figured this was a better direction to go in, and allowed for cheaper options and more flexibility. Additionally, we feel the few changes between the A-tier custom and a full custom will not take anything away from people's desired outcome.

You can read more about customs here.

Changes to Items

There are a few small changes to some items. The first is the Vampire familiar, which has simply been nerfed. instead of giving 3-5 blood per item, it's now 1-3 blood.

The second change is the price of Glam Kits and Legacy, which have been halved from 5 credits to 2 credits for Glam Kits, and from 100 credits to 50 credits for Legacy. This is because these items are solely cosmetic and do not need to be that expensive.

The last change is to item categories, which I'm sure many have already noticed in their inventory or the shops. The Unique Items category has been renamed to ‘Specialty Items’ to help with some confusion with Unique rarity traits. Additionally, two new categories were made: Consumables - Characters and Consumables - Submissions.  Many Specialty Items have been moved in them, to help people differentiate between items better and know which items are to be used by characters vs impacting submissions. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions feel free to respond below!

Changes to Markings

With the upcoming new base, we are starting to get the marking ranges and examples updated. We are offering credits to people who assist with making marking examples! Message an admin to learn more!

While getting marking ranges moved over, there's been some adjustments to the ranges. While many are adjusted minorly because of the change of import itself, the following markings are one that got notable changes to their ranges:
- Pigeon, Masked, Siamese, Veins, and Tips have gotten extended max allowed ranges in general
- Overlay, Highlight, Shadow, Shaded, Snowed, and Dipped have gotten extended max allowed tail range
- Leopard's required range has been lowered
- Panda's required range has been lowered AND has gotten extended max allowed ranges in general
- Faded's required range has been lowered on the tail, however it has increased on the face range

Additionally, we have removed the icons from the marking traits (but not the items). This is for better viewability for marking information.

Please note that once we release the new base, we will be swapping out trait icon images, as well as making them smaller and more uniform. This should help with loading times in shops and inventory and look nicer overall. We're also planning on having custom icons, or at least something different than the range, for marking item icons.

User Shop Update

A small change to the user shops funtionality. While creating and editing your shop remains the same, moving items to and from it has changed. Before you could go to your public inventory and move things one by one directly to the shop, now instead you go to your condensed inventory, and click 'quickstock' at the top right. This will allow you to select your shop and transfer as many items at once to save you clicking around. Additionally, removing and editing items from your shop has become easier and more intuitive.

Unfortunately this also means if you try to move something you can't, such as account bound items or equipment, it will cancel the entire transfer and you'll have to redo it all. We suggest holding down the control button when clicking submit so it opens it in a new tab, so if it does error, you can remove those items without having to redo the whole order.

The only other change to shops has been that the shops show up in a random order on the shop page now, instead of alphabetically.

Changelog November 2023

Posted 8 months and 1 week ago :: Last edited 8 months and 1 week ago by Sehanbrel


  • New Avatar Border: Base Elements, inspired by Centaurians
  • New Markings: Marbled, Traced, Canvas, Paint Dump, Smokey, Ornate, Slash, Swipe, Inverted, and Dunked


  • Highlight, Shadow, Shaded, and Snowed Markings can now be blended edged
  • MANY changes to boost effects and tiers
  • Changed relationship between effect, resist, and weak boosts
  • Adjustment to boosts gotten during summoning
  • Enchanted Scrolls now have their own effects instead of boosts
  • Unique Enchanted Scrolls attach to equipment instead of characters now
  • Anniversary Traits got an update to their effects
  • Slime Familiar has gotten an updated effect
  • Magic Coal got an effect change and can now be gotten in dungeons
  • Tomes have more things you can get from them now
  • Some colored candies have gotten a slight change to their effects


  • We have a new resource guide hub for players!
  • Our FAQ is now a searchable FAQ

The past week has been quite a handful! As you can see from the above summary and notifications some of you might have recieved, there's a lot of changes that have occured. Be sure to read through this changelog carefully, as we go in depth talking about the recent changes. and be sure to comment if you have any questions or concerns!

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on and haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. There are still many upcoming changes coming with the overhaul in the next few months, so be on the lookout! Make sure to read all future changelogs and feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns!
  2. We have plans on adding a friending and blocking system, as well as a captcha when registering new accounts, however are having some difficulties. Hopefully we will have those added to the site in the upcoming months!
  3. More new borders, both default and unlockable, coming soon!
  4. New titles and changes to current titles to adjust for boost and activity changes hopefully in the coming month.
  5. Frozen Mountain dungeon should be fully added to the site within the month! However not every spirit can access it...

New/Changed Markings

There is a large handful of new markings added to the game: Marbled, Traced, Canvas, Paint Dump, Smokey, Ornate, Slash, Swipe, Inverted, and Dunked.

While their information (Except the summary) is still blank for now as we work on bits of the overhaul at a time, you are still able to get them through regular gameplay and design with them. Their pages will be filled out and clarified, as well as added clarification on other markings, soon. Ranges and examples will not be done until the new base is finished, but if you have any questions about range or whether the marking is legal or not feel free to ask in our Discord!

We also extended the edging allowance for Shaded, Snowed, Highlight, and Shadow to have blended edges. This should allow for more faded interactions that were illegal before.

New Resource Guides and FAQ

As you may or may not have noticed, the Resources dropdown in the navbar has had the guide section changed. No longer does it have links to all the various guides, but instead only has two, the Newbie Guide and the Resource Guide Hub.

The Resource Guide Hub, which we recommend bookmarking, has links to all our guides that assist with designs, activities, and various aspects of gameplay and site usage. While several are still WIP and might not have all their information, we are slowly going through and making sure all the information is there to make things easier for players to find the information they are looking for. Please let us know if any information is missing, confusing, or hard to find!

Additionally, we have an update to our FAQ! It is now a searchable FAQ, so you're able to search for certain terms and it'll bring up questions and answers involving those terms! We'll continue adding to the FAQ as questions are asked, and update as needed, but if you notice anything strange or have a question you think should be added, please reach out and let us know so we can add it in!

Changes to Boosts

This section is going to be long, so brace yourselves. There has been a LOT of changes to boosts the past week, and thus to characters as well.

Just a disclaimer that some of these changes we're still working on finishing up, if you notice a character that hasn't yet been updated with the changes please let us know!! Additionally, because of the changes, there is 8 FREE SKILL EDITS in Gaia's Giveaways, available for each player!

The first change we're going to get into is those that have gotten less tiers. Runner is the first one, which has lost the tier 2 effect. Instead Tier 3 became tier 2, and tier 4 became 3. Warrior got a similar treatment, losing the tier two effect and moving the others down into a total of 3 tiers. Fisherman's second and third tier were practically the same, so we merged them into one to make Fisherman only two tiers. You Shall Not Pass simply got knocked down to a max of 5 tiers, with tier 5 taking tier 10's effect- but we lowered the percentage of it removing each passible trait as well.

Leading into effect boosts, we also changed Counter Control and Enhanced Bleeding, which the former now has a 20% chance each tier instead of 25%, while the later got a tier removed. This makes both at max tier (4 tiers) only an 80% chance. This removes the guarantee of pulling them off.

Additionally, all effect boosts have gotten a major change. Regular Effects, such as Burning, Freezing, Blinding, etc have had a tier removed, so they're now only 4 tiers not 5, with a max of 80% chance of landing. This was not only to balance things better, but to give other boosts more of an impact, as well as scrolls because of the change listed below. Additionally, it allows for Anniversary Traits and Elemental Weapons to be even more special.

Resist Boosts and Weak Boosts have gotten a slightly different change. Resists, while they're still 4 tiers, have changed from a 25% chance to a 20% chance, to make them at max tier 80%, while Weaks still have 3 tiers but each tier has been lowered from 33% to 25% chance. Additionally, Resists now have a downside, which will be talked about a bit further down, and Weaks now have an upside to making it beneficial to applying them to your character!

The next change we're going to get into is effect adjustments. Starting off there were a few boosts we simply adjusted. Sun-Kissed and Moon-Kissed were the first of these, which got the additional item luck on tier 2-3 removed from them, however the increased luck in general was increased for tier 2. Abyss-Blessed, Core-Blessed, and Star-Blessed have all had the increased EXP rates removed as they weren't working originally. Catty Tier 3-4 had the bonus for stealth tactics removed, while Tainted simply got a clarification on which rates were halved.

Upgrade got both a tier removed and an effect adjustment. Tier 3 was removed, and Tier 4 (formally Tier 5) now gives a little extra experience.

The last change to boosts themselves to talk about is a major one, as it has affected most of the boosts in the game. One of the big problems with boosts is that boosts were never meant to be a 'collect them all' game. Characters were meant to only have a small handful of boosts and specialize in certain aspects of gameplay. Instead, with the way boosts were up till now set up, there was a large handful of boosts that when paired together, turned a single character into a powerhouse, an all rounder that mastered every aspect. While having all rounders is fine, they should never be masters of all aspects of gameplay, such as the phrase 'jack of all trades, master of none'.

Thus, to help curb this and make it so you can still master certain aspects of gameplay (just not all at once), we have added downsides to many of the boosts in the game that were lacking them. The only exception is weak boosts, which as stated above got an upside. The following is a list of all the boosts that have gotten these downsides added to them, as well as boosts that have changed wholesale or simply gotten buffs/nerfs:
- Abyss-Blessed/Core-Blessed: Now do not work if the character is drawn/written with a member of the opposing species.
- Battery Pack: Increased from 50% to 60% chance, now decreases 10% each time it's activated.
- Catty: Now has a low chance to bring back ONLY feathers from a roll. The chance increase with tier.
- Charity: Has been nerfed so it only shares a max of 8 random boosts, instead of all on the geno. Additionally has a low chance of affecting enemies as well.
- Diligence: Now negates Sloth! Additionally no longer affects boosts that lower by a percentage, only direct stat reductions.
- Farmer: Now lowers Charisma for contests.
- Fisherman: Now lowers speed.
- Gaia's Summoning/Yile's Summoning: Fail chance has been increased.
- Golden: Now has a small-average chance of taking a hit for an ally.
- Headless: Now negated by having the Golden boost as well.
- Heart of the Core: Lowers Charisma in solo images/lit also now.
- Holy Water: No longer swaps resists to weaks, but instead lowers enemy's health by 20% at start of battle and prevents sin boosts from charity or envy.
- Humility: Lowered the stat hit to 25% instead of 50%
- Instant Death: Changed the effect so it no longer increases Crit chance and damage, now it gives a 5% chance to do damage equal to enemy's health for a chance of instantly killing them, and it removes familiars drops from rolls. This does not impact Dungeons or World Events.
- Instant Pest: Now adds an extra 33% chance of corrupting items when enchanting.
- Invisibility Spell: No longer has chance of enemy missing, now instead moves this character to always be first in each turn order. Prevents Charity affecting them or Envy pulling from them.
- Kindred: Now additionally lowers attack by 25%.
- Life's Blessing: Now additionally lowers character's stamina by 10%.
- Lucky: Now also changes Common boosts to Uncommon during enchanting.
- Moon-Kissed/Sun-Kissed: Now decreases luck for the opposite time of day by a small amount.
- Naughty or Nice: Still does coin flip, but instead of increasing/decreasing stats, now if Naughty, both the character and an enemy gain the berserk status. If Nice, all damage recieved and inflicted is negated.
- Planet Breaker: Now changes many items gained from drops to be 'broken' such as turning crafting materials, equipment, and den items to Relics of the Past, and familiars to Bones and Blood materials.
- Prestige: Effect has been mostly changed, now increases stats for contests but decreases defense. Still increases summon luck.
- Weak Effect Boosts: Now increases the chance of resist boosts activating as well.
- Resist Effect Boosts: Now increases the chance of weak boosts activating as well.
- Runner: Lowers the item drop luck.
- Star-Blessed: Now also adds an increased chance of changes occuring during rebirthing.
- Stoneskin: To make it similar to Magical Energy, it now lowers speed by half on top of the doubling defense.
- The Big Bang: Now just allows you to randomize the items once, instead of rerolling.
- Ultra-Violet: Has gotten a complete effect change. Now resists bleeding and confusion, where before it was everything but, but also applies a radiation effect to everyone in the image. Additionally resists radiation.
- Upgrade: Now also decreases Training stat gain by a point or two.
- Warrior: Now additionally doubles Trash mobs in dungeons.
- Wrath: Percentage has been lowered from 100% to 80%, and the stat reduction has changed from -10 to -10%

Please let us know if you have any comments, questions, or similar about any of the above changes. We are still going through characters and adjusting their tiers, stats, and information.

Changes to Summoning

Along with the boosts, summoning is getting a slight adjustment as well! While we're still adjusting these changes, they should be done very soon here.

The first change is that base summons now have a much higher chance of coming with boosts! This means it'll be much more likely to have boosts on your summons.

To help balance things more because of this, we also decreased the pass chance of common and uncommon boosts a smidge, but we increased the pass rate of legendary and unique boosts a little. Additionally, we are going to be going through all genos on site and adding a small handful of boosts to many that lack them to balance them for the many changes, however this also means we are going to be removing a handful of boosts from boost bomb genos. 

Rebirthing is getting a small change as well, for effect boosts. Since effect boosts are now a circle instead of pairs, the effects, weaks, and resists gotten will be different than before.

Changes to Scrolls

With the changes to boosts above, as we're sure some have took note of, enchanted scrolls have also been changed. They no longer can be applied to characters, and are consumeables which you apply to submissions instead. We know many people might be upset with this change, however after a long discussion it was decided this would be a positive direction to take for the future of the game.

Because of this change of application, we went ahead and removed the boosts entirely from the scrolls, and replaced them with a similar effect, or as similar as we were able to do. Since scrolls no longer have boosts on them and are consumeables, we also swapped the enchanting price for Scrolls and equipment. While equipment, which used to be 400 PT to enchant, is now 500 PT to enchant, Scrolls have been brought down from 500 PT to 400 PT.

We also removed Stat Scrolls from the game, since with the change their method of obtaining and reason for existing no longer existed. To the people who previously owned Stat Scrolls and noticed their removal from your account, to compensate you we added Charms to replace them (even the -stat scrolls too!). We know a temporary +8 to a stat is not equal to a permanent increase, but if you have any other ideas of compensation we'd be happy to hear your suggestions!

Be sure to look over the scrolls you own for their new effect, and see if there's any in the donation shop you might be interested in now snagging!

The last change to mention is that Unique scrolls did not get an effect change, but have gotten an application change! While similarly to other scrolls you no longer apply to a character, unique scrolls you do NOT apply to submissions and instead submit an admin request to add it onto an equipment piece! From there, it's treated as any other enchantment on equipment, but this way you can actually remove the boost unlike before and put it on someone else if needed.

If you have any questions about scrolls, unique enchantments, or anything else related PLEASE ask below!

Changes to Traits/Items

There are a handful of items that have gotten changes due to scrolls and boosts being changed.

Firstly, the Slime familiar. Since Scrolls no longer attach to characters, instead the slime now has a small chance of putting enchants from EQUIPMENT onto the charater for every art or literature submission with the character. This means you have multiple chances now to get a boost onto the geno, unlike the one chance per scroll before. Additionally, this effect is per boost, meaning that is you have 5 boosts from equipment, the slime will have a chance for each individually to get on for every art or literature submission including the character.

The second item to be changed is the Magic Coal. With the changes to unique scrolls, the effect of the Magic Coal became redundant. Thus we have changed its effect to be able to be attached to a character, and to give a random unique boost for every art or literature submission the character is in. Additionally, Magic Coal can now be gotten in the dungeons from bosses!

Anniversary Traits have also had an adjustment. Before they gave certain boosts if the effect was drawn, however with the changes to effect boosts we changed the traits to not give the boosts but to apply their own special effect. Additionally, we went through and made sure all anniversary traits gave two effects each, and changed Water Cannon and Biofrost to include the new Soaked and Winded effects.

Tomes have not gotten much of a change. Unlike scrolls, you can still apply them to characters, but slimes no longer affect them. Additionally, we have gone through and added many possible boosts you can get from them and adjusted tiers accordingly. Corrupted Scrolls and Tomes were left alone and are still applied to equipment.

Colored Candies are the last items that have gotten an update. Black Candies have gained the possibility of giving Blinding or Resist Blinding, Blue Candies got changed from Freezing and Resist Freeze to Soaked, Winded, Resist Soak, and Resist Winded, Red Candies lost Ultra-Violet, White Candies lost Blinding and Resist Blinding, Yellow Candies lost Stun Force and Resist Stun, and Green Candies were left alone.


Again, we're still working on fully implementing the changes above, mostly the ones on character pages, so not every character will reflect them yet! If you notice a character or item with an error or mistake, or even have questions or concerns, please let us know and we'll happily get back to you!

Changelog 2 October 2023

Posted 8 months and 3 weeks ago :: Last edited 8 months and 3 weeks ago by Wolvenhyde


  • Players now get rewarded when a new user joins and lists them as a referral.
  • New spotlight on homepage
  • Users shops now available
  • Special Cove shops now stock credit only items in addition to their normal stock!
  • Avatar borders added to site
  • Emotes added to game
  • New effect boosts: Soaked and Winded, plus their resists and weaks
  • NEW Unique Reflect Boost!
  • New faction system in progress
  • New item: Paint Kit
  • Melanistic and Dun added to Centaurians


  • Slime Expedition Recipes recipe now changed to needing Mysterious Goop instead of the Slime Familiar
  • Chance to get credits when opening bags of coins increased by 1%
  • Swimsuit and Sunglasses have become unique gear
  • Headless and Vetoed Scrolls are actually in the game now
  • Many familiars have gotten an effect change
  • Some Boosts have gotten slight effect changes


  • Some alpha named traits got their names changed
  • Players can change their usernames now
  • Player and Character inventories now have 6 items in each row instead of 4.
  • Tabs are now on character profiles for alternate images
  • Some simple color updates and slight layout changes
  • Crafting recipes now have their descriptions in the crafting area!
  • Lists with multiple pages now have a page selector
  • Characters and genos are having more info added to their descriptions to help with tracking and rolling.

It's been a long month! We've been hard at work this month to get things prepared and started for the overhaul, so you'll see quite a lot of new things! The next few changelogs will also be pretty extensive like this one, so keep a lookout for those as well! And as always, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments let us know in the comments below.

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on and haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. We're still looking for a coder or someone knowledgable with code to help with the overhaul for the site! This includes cusom coding a few things for activities, CSS, and possibly merging in extensions. THIS IS A PAID JOB!!
  2. There are still plenty of upcoming changes coming in the next few months, so be on the lookout! Make sure to read all future changelogs and feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns!
  3. We have plans on adding a friending and blocking system, as well as a searchable FAQ to make things easier for players to find answers, however have run into some difficulties. Hopefully we will have those added to the site in the upcoming month!
  4. We are currently working at making a Resource Hub, a main page that links to all our other guides and information pages. We are hoping this (which will be linked on the nav bar and homepage) will make things easier for players to find information.
  5. There are a lot of new markings planned to be added to the site! We're expecting to have them added by the new year with the rest of the overhaul. Secondarily, the marking guides themselves will be updated with more/clearer information and with examples on the new base.
  6. As announced on our Discord, we're going to be doing a huge overhaul to boosts at the end of this month. This includes changing or adjusting some boosts effects, merging or removing tiers, and even changing the rates for summons having boosts. We will have more extensive information in the next changelog.
  7. With the overhaul, we're planning on being more lore focused in the future. This means more lore-geared prompts, more character and world building, and responsive, evolving events that respond to the players actions. Do look forward to these changes coming within the next few months!

Player ReferRals

Player referrals have been added as an option to the site. This is an option available for players to choose when they create their account, but cannot be added or changed after by them or other admins. If you did select the wrong person or forgot to select a person when creating your account, or are a member from before this change occured, Wolvenhyde will be able to change it for you however it may take a bit.

Player referrals will give you x1 Gift Box for every two people you refer after they have registered with the site and linked their account to either Deviantart or Toyhouse. We hope to be able to add more alias options in the future. Once they're registered, the gift box will be automatically given to you. Make sure to tell people to select you as a referer when they make an account!

Homepage Spotlight

As some of you may have noticed, there is a new sidebar section on the homepage when logged in! This section will show a random Kiji, Tally, Centaurian, Humanoid NPC, and Den from those who have gift art and/or gift literature toggled ON. If you have gift art/lit both toggled OFF for your character, they will not appear in the spotlight area. While the Kiji section shows by default, the others are minimized for your conveinience. The selection will change upon every load or refresh of the page.

User Shops

One of the big additions we are very excited to bring to you all is the User Shops! These can be found under both the Home dropdown and the Community dropdown under 'My Shops' and 'User Shops' respectively. These shops are run by you, the playerbase, meaning you can add items from your inventory to them to sell to others at a price and currency you specify. If you add something you didn't mean to to your shop, you can simply delete it from the shop and it will return to your inventory. You can also set a description or bio on your shop, as well as an image, and name it!

Names, descriptions, and images need to be appropriate. If they are not, an admin will remove or edit it to be more appropriate. Players can only have one shop as of current, but that can be changed in the future if the playerbase needs it. PEASE NOTE that because the player shop wipes the notes of an item, we do not allow people to add equipment into their player shops. If you would like to sell equipment, you must do it outside the shops via the user exchange or trade hub instead. This also means you have to be careful with other unique items you have! If you have any unique items or traits that have special notes added to them, you WILL LOSE those special notes if you transfer it to the shop. We hope to fix this in the future. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

Borders, Player Settings, and Emotes

We have added borders to the site! As of right now, only two borders are available by default, the Fire Spirit border and the Water Spirit border, inspired by Kijis and Tallies. We have many more borders, both default and unlockable, planned for the future! Make sure to keep an eye out for them!

You can select a border from the user settings page under your username dropdown on the top right. You can also leave your avatar borderless if you desire. The border shows up on your profile page and in comments! If you have any borders you'd like to suggest, please do so!

Another change with player settings, players can now change their usernames! You're able to change your username once a month freely, as long as it remains appropriate. This change is logged in the user history.

Lastly we now have emotes! As we slowly start to add our own custom emotes (which will be able to be found in the compendium) currently the only emotes possible to use are items. You are able to use any item on the site as an emote. The emote code is listed on the item's page, the item search, and in your inventory!

New and Changed Boosts and Traits

While the major update to boosts will be happening the beginning of November, we have already started editing a few boosts for the purpose of finishing rollers and making things a little smoother. These boosts are Elemental and Explorer, which have gotten effect changes solely for making them easier to code into our updated rollers. Instead of simply increasing chances, they now have a chance of replacing items rolled. This way, they can now work in tandem with Moderation, instead of being cancelled by it!

Mercury as well got a slight update. It is now only two tiered, and was adjusted early as we needed it fixed for finishing a roller. We also updated Headless to be more clear on its effect.

We also added a handful of new boosts to the game! First is a new unique boost, Reflect, which has a 25% chance to reflect status effects, such as burning, stun, or even waning! This boost can drop from bosses in dungeons! Secondarily, we have two new effect boosts, Soaked and Winded, as well as their respective resists and weaks. Soaked is a status that decreases your resists by a tier or two, while Winded is a status that makes you flinch a turn or two.

Centaurians have gotten a couple minor additions as well, a new mutation, Melanistic, which darkens the coat, and Dun, a new marking similar to the dun marking on horses.

Lastly, we did a poll on our Discord Server asking people if we should rename old traits that were created back in alpha/pre-beta. While most people didn't seem to care either way, there was a large handful that agreed we should, thus we have gone through the site and renamed the following traits:
- Christmas Demon Horns have been renamed to Archdemon Horns
- Feathered Wings renamed to Bird Wings
- Leather Wings to Dragon Wings
- Feathered Fan Wings to Fable Wings
- Feathered Wyvern Wings to Quetzal Wings
- Feathered Leather Wings to Chimeric Wings
- Regular Cheeks to Wolf Cheeks
- Regular Ears to Origin Ears
- Regular Tail Fin to Tang Tail Fin
- Elongated Top Wings to Sharp Top Wings
- Snowflakes to Snowfall
- Bubbles to Bubbler


We're currently in the process of adding factions to the game, as we're sure you have noticed. All current characters have gained four new currencies in their banks which are used to track their reputation with each faction. The four factions are Gaia, Yile, Sophonts, and Rebels. You can change your reputation with each based on how your character responds to certain lore prompts and events, however this is still currently being worked on so only the starting reputation is available for each character. The race and age group of the character determines its starting rep for each faction.

Alternate Image Tabs ('Transformations')

We have added a feature to the site for users to have alternate images on their character's profiles. These are in the form of tabs that show above the main import. There are four types of alternate images you can have, and while some are optional, there are cases where they are required and the character will be disabled without it.

The first type is Other Side, which is for you to show the other side of the character. This is for cases of characters with noticable asymmetry. Another type is Secondary Form, which is solely for the case of shapeshift splices. Additional Ref is very expansive, being used for extra images you might need such as cropped closeup shots, color palettes, or versions without apparel, wings, or shines. Lastly is Familiar Ref, for in the case you want to have a reference of your character's familiar(s). This tab is required only in the case you have a Legendary Familiar Slot attached.

To add additional ref or other alternate tabs to your character, you simply have to submit a design update as if you were changing the import itself. Make sure to list in the comments any additional information you'd like us to know or note on the page, and to select in the traits under the 'transformation' dropdown which type of alternate ref it is.

Crafting/Shop/Item Changes and Additions

There are many changes we made to items on the site this month. Starting with crafting, we changed the Slime Expedition Recipes recipe to require x10 Mysterious Goop instead of the Slime Familiar. This will hopefully make it easier on new players. Crafting recipes also now have their descriptions in the crafting area!

We changed the Sunglasses and Swimsuit equipment to be unique equipment, and have updated every previous owner's banks to reflect that. Because of the change, the Swimsuit and Sunglasses were added to the Summer shop and Groundhogs booth, and the Swimsuit recipe has been removed from the crafting for Summer.

In other minor news, there is a new Paint Kit item similar to the Bag of Gems that when opened gives you 8 random dyes, and we have increased the chance of getting credits when opening Bags of Coins by a little over 1%. Lastly we finally added Headless and Vetoed Scrolls to the game!

Cove shops now have a chance to offer credit only items for PT on top of their usual stock as well!

The last update to items that has been made is an update to some familiars. Some familiars, like the Raptor Familiar, simply got a clarification on its effect, but many got their effect changed to be easier to roll. The changes to other familiars are as follows:
- Cardboard Box Familiar now increases chances of getting feline familiars
- Chameleon and Parakeet’s effects have gotten an adjustment and can now stack
- Naga den effect has gotten changed to be a guarantee instead of an increased chance
- Rudolph got an effect change to completely resist blinding and to add christmas packs to the drop pool
- Golem got a den effect update to find up to 6 random ore per image
- Dove has gotten a slight effect change to drop extra event items
- Roc has gotten an effect change to drop elephant familiars

Changes to Character Descriptions

There are a handful of changes we've made to character descriptions, both for player and admin use. These are mostly trackers for various activities.

For players, we added a small section for summons which tracks the number of summons the character has helped create, as well as the current cooldown length and if they're even able to summon in the first place. We also added a cooldown length tracker to rebirths. Additionally, we adjusted the familiar total to be like the equipment to show the current number of familiars. We also listed the dungeons the character is currently participating in and the floor they're currently on.

We also made an activity summary for our admins to make rolling easier, however this is not viewable to players as it's only a helper for rolling. This should hopefully make rolling faster.

Changes to Site Layout

Lastly, there have been some minor changes to the site layout. While the big changes are yet to come, we started small with changing the colors on buttons and toggles. Before they used to be a default blue color, however now they are oranges, reds, and golds to reflect the rest of the site.

Additionally, the sidebar text should be easier for people to see, as it's darker and bolder now. The nav bar should also be easier to follow, as we changed it so some links which had the orange background color are now the pale color of the other links so it's more obvious you can click on them.

Inventories now load a little faster as well as we've changed the rows to have 6 items instead of 4 in each. The item images load a lot faster too! However it still takes a bit to load an item's popup when clicked.

That said, the final change we made was updating index and search pages such as the item and trait searches and the character masterlist. The page navigation should be easier on the eyes with its colors as well as the page selector being more friendly looking. You can also click the three dots on the page selector now and choose any page to go to, whereas you couldn't before!


Again, if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to comment down below!

Changelog October 2023

Posted 9 months and 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 9 months and 2 weeks ago by Wolvenhyde


  • Mutton Chops added to Game
  • Technicolor Added to Game


  • Admin Trainees are now split into seniors and juniors
  • Vault's Haven Prices have changed (Mostly lowered) for better balance
  • Slime Expedition Recipes are now numbered for ease of crafting
  • Lynx Cheeks on Kiji have been lowered to uncommon rarity
  • A couple Tally Cheeks have gotten their rarities lowered to compensate for the above change
  • New Background type (Intermediate) has been added to the criteria
  • Headless got an effect clarification for dungeons


  • More Discord Level Rewards
  • Genie Braid is no longer an add-on trait
  • Metal Claws can now go on Tallies
  • Slime Expeditions are now automated

It's been a while since the last couple changelogs! Things are slowing down here as things start to get settled, but with the overhaul coming up here soon many things will be changing and the changelogs will be filled to the brim! Make sure to read through this one, cause it's juicy!

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on and haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. We're still looking for a coder or someone knowledgable with code to help with the overhaul for the site! This includes cusom coding a few things for activities, CSS, and possibly merging in extensions. THIS IS A PAID JOB!!
  2. Because of the overhaul, many things will be changing in the coming months. That means changes to some activities, changes to boosts or traits and how they work, and lots of changes to items!

New Unique Traits

There are a couple new unique traits added to the site; Mutton chops, a new unique boss drop, and the Technicolor base coat. We have plans to add many more unique traits, mostly stuff for Tallies, mostly stuff from bosses, however rolling them out will be slow. Metal Claws can now be put on Tallies as well!

Changes to Slime expeditions

Slime crafting is now organized by number in Krawft's crafting to help make it easier for players to evolve them! Secondly, and more importantly, we have started to move slimes to be automated, requiring players to do the expeditions now through crafting instead of through prompts. This takes the workload off admins, as well as allows for additional new features for players that wasn't previously possible!

Players now get 1 Gummies out of the daily Gift Box alongside its regular drop(s) from Gaia's Giveaways, an item people can get for free one a day. This currency is used for doing the slime expeditions and cannot be traded to other players. This means that as long as you are collecting your daily gifts, you can open them at any time and do slime expeditions at any time, and not only no longer need to wait on an admin but also can do the expeditions all at once! Because this currency stacks, as long as you are collecting your daily gifts you can save up and spend them all at one time.

Changes to shops and some items

Vault's Haven now has cheaper prices for a lot of items! While many are remaining the same, there are plenty that are now cheaper! The items that have gotten lower prices are: Angel’s Tears, Den Item, Reality Essence, White Out, Gaia’s Darkness, Empty Scroll, Ares Favor, Gaia’s Healing, and Yile’s Safeguard.

There are also a bunch of traits and items that have gotten changes! Lynx cheeks for Kijis is now an uncommon trait, instead of legendary. Because of this change, Tallies needed to get an update as well, so Fluffy cheeks was changed to uncommon and Long cheeks to rare. Genie Braid is no longer an add-on trait and is a mane in and of itself as well.

The boost Headless hasn't gotten a change, but has instead been further clarified for dungeons. Headless now prevents one-shots in dungeons!

New background type

The last recent change or update is that we have added a new background categorization to our criteria in regards to art. This background, called 'Intermediate' is listed on the Levels/EXP guide as well as the PT calculation for prompts, and also impacts EXP. It is a somewhat mid-point between simple and complex backgrounds, for people who have done backgrounds that don't deserve to be called simple, but that don't quite work or are just short of complex.


We're grateful to have you here, and please be on the lookout for more new and exciting changes coming in the next few months!
Merry Hallowthanksmas!

Changelog August 2023

Posted 11 months and 1 week ago :: Last edited 11 months and 1 week ago by Wolvenhyde


  • New Collections added to Kram's Collections


  • Duality has gotten an effect adjustment
  • Slime Expedition chances are fixed
  • Slime Expedition Slime prices lowered


  • Faster Site Speed
  • Our Discord has gotten a server rules update

Hey, it's been a while since our last changelog! Nothing much has been going on recently, but we hope to change that soon and get things active around here again! Even though there's not a whole lot to this changelog, we ask that you read through it for some important news regarding the site

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on and haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. We're currently looking for a coder to help update the layout for the site! We want to make our site look more personal and geared more towards our group, and to get away from the traditional Lorekeeper look and to be more original. Our admin team is currently limited on our knowledge of coding.
  2. Finding a coder could take a long while, but once found it will set into motion a site overhaul! That means a huge update to many activities and prompts to make things easier on the playerbase, as well as changes and improvements to many items and effects and even an updated import! These updates will make the game much easier and better and will hopefully help gear the site into what it was originally meant to be, a worldbuilding game. This will also help people who are unable to do art/literature!

New Collections

A while back we added some new collections to Kram's Collections, here are the new Collections added to site:
- Sticks and Stones can Break my Bones but Words…
- Happy Holidays
- Twists and Curls
- Only Mid Tier
- For the Longest Time
- Furnished
- Modern Era
- Popping in for a Week
- Popping in for a Month
- Friendly Assistance
- Charming

If you have any other collection ideas to add, please message any admin or mention it on the forum or discord!

Duality and Slime Expedition Changes

Duality has gotten an effect adjustment depending on how it’s being applied.

The effect remains the same (adds a randomly rolled geno based on spirit’s luck) if the spirit is an already rolled random geno or a summon, however if applied during the summoning/creation it’ll use the summoner’s highest luck.

If applied to a semi-custom, the geno that results will be random based on the rarity of traits chosen for the base (Ie if the geno you created for the semi had 3 common markings and 1 uncommon marking, the duality geno would be rolled for the same rarity and number of markings at random). Likewise, if the user wishes they are allowed to define the traits on the duality side but that’ll cost extra.

Full customs will allow you to choose all the traits on the duality side.

As for slime expedition slimes, the expedition chances have been fixed. Slimes are more likely to bring back things than they used to, and the chances for what it brings back has been adjusted as well. Their sell prices have also been lowered to a bit more reasonable amount.

Faster Site Speed and new Discord Rules

As you may have noticed, the site is loading faster! This is thanks to generous people who help donate their money to keep the site running! If you would like to help as well, visit the Support Us page, it's greatly appreciated! Every dollar donated we will give you equal credits in return as thanks. Every dollar goes towards running the site, and hopefully eventually towards staff too!

Lastly, the rules of conduct on our discord were updated, so be sure to check them out if you're a member on the server!

Changelog March 2023

Posted 1 year and 3 months ago :: Last edited 1 year and 3 months ago by Wolvenhyde


  • Several New Unique Traits added to game
  • NPC Images Finished
  • New Chainmail Equipment
  • New Knight Quest


  • Trait Descriptions fixed with better info/species specifics
  • Some traits missing info now have info in their descriptions


  • Better Den Guide Layout and Information
  • Levels/EXP Guide Layout organized better
  • Custom Trait Info is now public
  • All Uniques that Tallies can have are now listed

Sorry for the really late changelog posting! It's been a very busy month for me personally, so a lot of these features and changes have been around the whole month D: Things seem to be pretty slow around here so we might not have a changelog for April, but we'll see!

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on and haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. Because of the number of backgrounds we have, and because of burnout, we're currently looking for people with experience in backgrounds or photo-editing to help fix our backgrounds! We're willing to pay you in credits for your help! If you're interested, contact Wolvenhyde! <3 As it stands it's going to be a very long time till we can get them done, so help is greatly appreciated so we can continue working on them!
  2. A few more uniques are still planned for Tallies to be added to the game soon! Look forward to seeing them soon!
  3. Due to it being a slow month, we haven't gotten a lot done off out Trello list, but we're hoping to get a couple things knocked off soon!

New Items/Traits/prompt added to game

There's been quite a handful of things added to the game this month!

Firstly a new equipment was added! This body equipment is chainmail, and was added to the game not only because chainmail is friggen cool, but because of a new prompt! This prompt, added to make getting armor equipment easier for collections, is called A Knight's Duty and is pretty similar to our previous quest, A Shepherd's Hero.

Otherwise, we also added some new unique traits!

Firstly Saber Fangs, which are incredibly long fangs! This unique trait can be put on both Kiji and Tallies and drops from bosses.

Secondly, the Leviathan Tail Fin, which is a Tally only unique boss drop.

Thirdly the Dilo Frill, which is also a Tally only unique boss drop. Yes, we are aware Dilophosaurus didn't actually have the frill, but it looks cool anyways.

Lastly, the Rapunzel Mane, which is an exclusive trait for April Fools! Make sure to grab it before you miss out, as the few days it'll be in Gaia's Giveaways will be the only time you can get it!

NPC Profile and guide updates

While most people will likely skip over this section, we're doing a fun little thing for those who actually check these out! Just keep reading!

The remaining NPCs missing their profile images, Tivity, Riot, and Stark, now have their images finished and on their profiles. I'm personally very proud of the one for Riot, go check them out!

Other than that three guides have been fixed up: The Levels/EXP guide, the Den guide, and the Custom Trait Info guide. While only a little bit of new information has been added, it is mostly just formatting changes to help people find that info better and easier, as well as appearing nicer on the eyes.

If you've read this far, congrats, and thank you for reading through this! Comment on Wolvenhyde's profile or send her a message about your favorite type of pasta (Or even if you dislike pasta) and you will recieve a free epic secret gift ;)

Please let us know what you think of the guide updates in the comments, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Trait fixes and adjustments

Most uniques on site were listed as Kiji only, or finctioned for both Kiji and Tally. However not all traits are universal, and many if not all did not have a tally version people could easily use. Thus we spent a lot of time this month porting many unique traits over from Kiji to Tallies. While we still have a bunch left to do, the majority have been ported over and are now on the drive for people to use! As well as porting them over, we also went through the traits on site and restricted practically all to Kiji only (barring a few specific traits) and then created Tally versions of the traits restricted to Tallies. A big thanks to Rílaméth for making this happen!

This change should make it much easier to see which traits are restricted to certain species, as well as letting people see how the traits might look on the Tallies. Traits without images are not yet ported over, as they will require something custom, but the trait is still available.

With going through, many traits that were missing descriptions have gotten their descriptions added. As well as that, many uniques (Both traits and items) have gotten additional info on their description as to how to get the trait and whether they're restricted or not, to make it easier to see at a glance. Lastly, a few traits have gotten their descriptions clarified if their descriptions were lacking info.

If you are ever confused by a trait's description, PLEASE ask, and we'll gladly take some time to update it!

Changelog 2 February 2023

Posted 1 year and 4 months ago :: Last edited 1 year and 4 months ago by Wolvenhyde


  • 2 New Cove Locations
  • New Den Item and Traits
  • New Collections Activity
  • New NPC Images


  • Elemental/Universe Jewelry Effect Changes


  • Tooltips for PT Calculation Criteria
  • Import Fixes
  • Krawft's Crafting Page Update
  • Bday Gift Automization
  • DA Account Changes
  • Simple Code and Page Fixes and Additions

Despite the many changes and updates this month, it feels like it's been pretty slow! Either way we're happy to have gotten all we have done, and hopefully should finish up with things through this upcoming month! Please feel free to share any feedback below!

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on and haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. We're still working on the NPC profile images, there's only a couple left to do and they're all started. They shouldn't take too much longer to finish.
  2. The two new cove locations should have their backgrounds finished very soon, thinking the next backgrounds to work on are the rebirth ones.
  3. The custom trait outline has been pushed back a bit because of the new traits that were added. We will have that done by the end of March though.
  4. We don't have a timeframe on when the Den Guide will be updated, but we're hoping to work on it through March at some point.
  5. More new unique traits planned for Tallies! These traits should be slowly added to the game as the import art is finished for them through the next couple months!
  6. A couple new items and prompts planned to be added, including chainmail armor and an armory prompt!
  7. More information on birthday rewards will be added to the guides within the week.

PT Calculation Tooltips

For a while now I've wanted to add tooltips to the calculation tool to make it easier for people who fill them out, and now there is! When going to submit an art to a prompt and selecting a criteria, most sections now have little info bubbles on them that explain in more depth the options and how to fill them out. So if you're ever confused, hover over the info bubbles and they'll help guide you!

Please let us know if you face any issue with these tooltips or if there's any weird wording. Likewise if you feel something isn't explained enough, let us know and we can revisit it to fix the wording!

Item, Trait, and Import Changes and Additions

We've been hard at work with updating the game with new items and fixes!

The first item that's been added is a new den item: Punching Bag. This item is pretty good and gives Wrath to all spirits in the den.

Other items that have been adjusted is the elemental and universe jewelry! The jewelry was unbalenced and missing health, so we have gone through and added health to the jewelry, as well as adjusted the stats so they are more balanced now!

Secondly there's a new Legendary trait for Kiji and Tallies: Cattle Horns! These side horns are long and stick out to the sides like longhorn cattle.

Additionally there's a bunch of new unique traits including the Ouroborus Tail, which is for both Kiji and Tallies, the Plated Body Trait for Tallies, the Tuna Spikes mutation for Tallies, and the Cephlo Tail for Tallies that resembles octopus tentacles. We have a bunch of other unique traits planned, so look forward to them!

On that note we have been working to port a lot of unique traits over from Kiji to Tallies! The traits we have done are now in the drive and available for use. We plan on creating the traits on site soon to reflect what all is allowed to be used on Tallies or not.

Lastly thanks to Samateus and Wolvenhyde the Kiji ears have been fixed for the imports! They no longer have the fur at the base to be more accurately fit the species; this fix has been reflected in the individual traits and on the compiled imports, which now have the correct ears. They also have the new cattle horns in them, as well as in the tally imports. We recommend going and redownloading the imports when you get the chance.

Kram's Collections and Krawft's Crafting

We have a new activity on the site! Kram's Collections is an activity found under the Activities header which you can get rewards for completing certain sets of items! There are many nice rewards in there, so you might look it over before you sell or donate items from your inventory!

This activity does not consume the items like crafting does, and instead just rewards you for owning the items themselves! Keep in mind the items have to be in your hoard and not attached to a character, and you can only redeem each collection once! We hope to bring more collections to the page in the future, so please let us know if you have any suggestions in the future!

Krawft's Crafting has also recieved a minor update to the page! Now, the recipes are organized by category! This should greatly help viewability for people and finding the recipes you want or need, as well as make for a more pleasant experiance altogether!

New Cove Locations

Two new Cove locations have been added to the game! These are the Cliff and the Waterfall! Both are easy to find locations and have some nice loot you can find, good luck getting them!

Unfortunately even though they're added to the game, the backgrounds themselves are not yet finished. We're hoping to get those finished here soon for people who discover them!

Birthday Automization

People now get a free fancy crate automatically granted to them on their birthday! Before, admins had to manually grant birthday gifts, but now the site will automatically give you the chest if you have your birthday listed.

Do keep in mind that it only gives the chest though, if you want the 50% off coupon you still have to either message an admin or be apart of the discord and have your bday listed there.

New NPC Profile Images

Hopscotch and Display have their profile images finished! Their profiles should now be updated with the images, yay! The remaining three should have their images finished soon too!

Simple Code and Page Changes

There's been a couple edits to a few pages and in the code.

The first bigger change is that characters who have been rebirthed and are awaiting a redesign, or deceased characters, will now have a banner on the top of their page that says they are disabled, as well as no longer being able to be added to any submissions until the item or redesign is processed.

Secondly a simple but annoying bug has been fixed with searches, now when searchign for traits and items the category will now stick and won't disappear when loading the search!

Lastly two pages have been edited minorly: The Import Downloads page and the User List. The Import Downloads page now has links to the Tally uniques and elemental/universe traits, and the user list now says when users have been last online off to the side so people don't have to hover over the dot anymore! Unfortunately this update has wiped the last online information so everyone who hasn't logged in since the update is zeroed out. Once you log in the page will be fixed for you.

Updates to our DA Account

We have finally gotten around to updating our Admin DA account! A big thanks to Rílaméth for taking on this huge task!

The account has been renamed to Record of Lucitha to suit the group better, and all current imports and NPCs have been uploaded there. We're hoping to continue keeping it active with posting approved imports and event announcements.