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Changelog August 2023

Posted 1 month and 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 1 month and 2 weeks ago by Wolvenhyde


  • New Collections added to Kram's Collections


  • Duality has gotten an effect adjustment
  • Slime Expedition chances are fixed
  • Slime Expedition Slime prices lowered


  • Faster Site Speed
  • Our Discord has gotten a server rules update

Hey, it's been a while since our last changelog! Nothing much has been going on recently, but we hope to change that soon and get things active around here again! Even though there's not a whole lot to this changelog, we ask that you read through it for some important news regarding the site

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on and haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. We're currently looking for a coder to help update the layout for the site! We want to make our site look more personal and geared more towards our group, and to get away from the traditional Lorekeeper look and to be more original. Our admin team is currently limited on our knowledge of coding.
  2. Finding a coder could take a long while, but once found it will set into motion a site overhaul! That means a huge update to many activities and prompts to make things easier on the playerbase, as well as changes and improvements to many items and effects and even an updated import! These updates will make the game much easier and better and will hopefully help gear the site into what it was originally meant to be, a worldbuilding game. This will also help people who are unable to do art/literature!

New Collections

A while back we added some new collections to Kram's Collections, here are the new Collections added to site:
- Sticks and Stones can Break my Bones but Words…
- Happy Holidays
- Twists and Curls
- Only Mid Tier
- For the Longest Time
- Furnished
- Modern Era
- Popping in for a Week
- Popping in for a Month
- Friendly Assistance
- Charming

If you have any other collection ideas to add, please message any admin or mention it on the forum or discord!

Duality and Slime Expedition Changes

Duality has gotten an effect adjustment depending on how it’s being applied.

The effect remains the same (adds a randomly rolled geno based on spirit’s luck) if the spirit is an already rolled random geno or a summon, however if applied during the summoning/creation it’ll use the summoner’s highest luck.

If applied to a semi-custom, the geno that results will be random based on the rarity of traits chosen for the base (Ie if the geno you created for the semi had 3 common markings and 1 uncommon marking, the duality geno would be rolled for the same rarity and number of markings at random). Likewise, if the user wishes they are allowed to define the traits on the duality side but that’ll cost extra.

Full customs will allow you to choose all the traits on the duality side.

As for slime expedition slimes, the expedition chances have been fixed. Slimes are more likely to bring back things than they used to, and the chances for what it brings back has been adjusted as well. Their sell prices have also been lowered to a bit more reasonable amount.

Faster Site Speed and new Discord Rules

As you may have noticed, the site is loading faster! This is thanks to generous people who help donate their money to keep the site running! If you would like to help as well, visit the Support Us page, it's greatly appreciated! Every dollar donated we will give you equal credits in return as thanks. Every dollar goes towards running the site, and hopefully eventually towards staff too!

Lastly, the rules of conduct on our discord were updated, so be sure to check them out if you're a member on the server!

Changelog March 2023

Posted 5 months and 3 weeks ago :: Last edited 5 months and 3 weeks ago by Wolvenhyde


  • Several New Unique Traits added to game
  • NPC Images Finished
  • New Chainmail Equipment
  • New Knight Quest


  • Trait Descriptions fixed with better info/species specifics
  • Some traits missing info now have info in their descriptions


  • Better Den Guide Layout and Information
  • Levels/EXP Guide Layout organized better
  • Custom Trait Info is now public
  • All Uniques that Tallies can have are now listed

Sorry for the really late changelog posting! It's been a very busy month for me personally, so a lot of these features and changes have been around the whole month D: Things seem to be pretty slow around here so we might not have a changelog for April, but we'll see!

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on and haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. Because of the number of backgrounds we have, and because of burnout, we're currently looking for people with experience in backgrounds or photo-editing to help fix our backgrounds! We're willing to pay you in credits for your help! If you're interested, contact Wolvenhyde! <3 As it stands it's going to be a very long time till we can get them done, so help is greatly appreciated so we can continue working on them!
  2. A few more uniques are still planned for Tallies to be added to the game soon! Look forward to seeing them soon!
  3. Due to it being a slow month, we haven't gotten a lot done off out Trello list, but we're hoping to get a couple things knocked off soon!

New Items/Traits/prompt added to game

There's been quite a handful of things added to the game this month!

Firstly a new equipment was added! This body equipment is chainmail, and was added to the game not only because chainmail is friggen cool, but because of a new prompt! This prompt, added to make getting armor equipment easier for collections, is called A Knight's Duty and is pretty similar to our previous quest, A Shepherd's Hero.

Otherwise, we also added some new unique traits!

Firstly Saber Fangs, which are incredibly long fangs! This unique trait can be put on both Kiji and Tallies and drops from bosses.

Secondly, the Leviathan Tail Fin, which is a Tally only unique boss drop.

Thirdly the Dilo Frill, which is also a Tally only unique boss drop. Yes, we are aware Dilophosaurus didn't actually have the frill, but it looks cool anyways.

Lastly, the Rapunzel Mane, which is an exclusive trait for April Fools! Make sure to grab it before you miss out, as the few days it'll be in Gaia's Giveaways will be the only time you can get it!

NPC Profile and guide updates

While most people will likely skip over this section, we're doing a fun little thing for those who actually check these out! Just keep reading!

The remaining NPCs missing their profile images, Tivity, Riot, and Stark, now have their images finished and on their profiles. I'm personally very proud of the one for Riot, go check them out!

Other than that three guides have been fixed up: The Levels/EXP guide, the Den guide, and the Custom Trait Info guide. While only a little bit of new information has been added, it is mostly just formatting changes to help people find that info better and easier, as well as appearing nicer on the eyes.

If you've read this far, congrats, and thank you for reading through this! Comment on Wolvenhyde's profile or send her a message about your favorite type of pasta (Or even if you dislike pasta) and you will recieve a free epic secret gift ;)

Please let us know what you think of the guide updates in the comments, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Trait fixes and adjustments

Most uniques on site were listed as Kiji only, or finctioned for both Kiji and Tally. However not all traits are universal, and many if not all did not have a tally version people could easily use. Thus we spent a lot of time this month porting many unique traits over from Kiji to Tallies. While we still have a bunch left to do, the majority have been ported over and are now on the drive for people to use! As well as porting them over, we also went through the traits on site and restricted practically all to Kiji only (barring a few specific traits) and then created Tally versions of the traits restricted to Tallies. A big thanks to Rílaméth for making this happen!

This change should make it much easier to see which traits are restricted to certain species, as well as letting people see how the traits might look on the Tallies. Traits without images are not yet ported over, as they will require something custom, but the trait is still available.

With going through, many traits that were missing descriptions have gotten their descriptions added. As well as that, many uniques (Both traits and items) have gotten additional info on their description as to how to get the trait and whether they're restricted or not, to make it easier to see at a glance. Lastly, a few traits have gotten their descriptions clarified if their descriptions were lacking info.

If you are ever confused by a trait's description, PLEASE ask, and we'll gladly take some time to update it!

Changelog 2 February 2023

Posted 6 months and 4 weeks ago :: Last edited 6 months and 1 week ago by Wolvenhyde


  • 2 New Cove Locations
  • New Den Item and Traits
  • New Collections Activity
  • New NPC Images


  • Elemental/Universe Jewelry Effect Changes


  • Tooltips for PT Calculation Criteria
  • Import Fixes
  • Krawft's Crafting Page Update
  • Bday Gift Automization
  • DA Account Changes
  • Simple Code and Page Fixes and Additions

Despite the many changes and updates this month, it feels like it's been pretty slow! Either way we're happy to have gotten all we have done, and hopefully should finish up with things through this upcoming month! Please feel free to share any feedback below!

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on and haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. We're still working on the NPC profile images, there's only a couple left to do and they're all started. They shouldn't take too much longer to finish.
  2. The two new cove locations should have their backgrounds finished very soon, thinking the next backgrounds to work on are the rebirth ones.
  3. The custom trait outline has been pushed back a bit because of the new traits that were added. We will have that done by the end of March though.
  4. We don't have a timeframe on when the Den Guide will be updated, but we're hoping to work on it through March at some point.
  5. More new unique traits planned for Tallies! These traits should be slowly added to the game as the import art is finished for them through the next couple months!
  6. A couple new items and prompts planned to be added, including chainmail armor and an armory prompt!
  7. More information on birthday rewards will be added to the guides within the week.

PT Calculation Tooltips

For a while now I've wanted to add tooltips to the calculation tool to make it easier for people who fill them out, and now there is! When going to submit an art to a prompt and selecting a criteria, most sections now have little info bubbles on them that explain in more depth the options and how to fill them out. So if you're ever confused, hover over the info bubbles and they'll help guide you!

Please let us know if you face any issue with these tooltips or if there's any weird wording. Likewise if you feel something isn't explained enough, let us know and we can revisit it to fix the wording!

Item, Trait, and Import Changes and Additions

We've been hard at work with updating the game with new items and fixes!

The first item that's been added is a new den item: Punching Bag. This item is pretty good and gives Wrath to all spirits in the den.

Other items that have been adjusted is the elemental and universe jewelry! The jewelry was unbalenced and missing health, so we have gone through and added health to the jewelry, as well as adjusted the stats so they are more balanced now!

Secondly there's a new Legendary trait for Kiji and Tallies: Cattle Horns! These side horns are long and stick out to the sides like longhorn cattle.

Additionally there's a bunch of new unique traits including the Ouroborus Tail, which is for both Kiji and Tallies, the Plated Body Trait for Tallies, the Tuna Spikes mutation for Tallies, and the Cephlo Tail for Tallies that resembles octopus tentacles. We have a bunch of other unique traits planned, so look forward to them!

On that note we have been working to port a lot of unique traits over from Kiji to Tallies! The traits we have done are now in the drive and available for use. We plan on creating the traits on site soon to reflect what all is allowed to be used on Tallies or not.

Lastly thanks to Samateus and Wolvenhyde the Kiji ears have been fixed for the imports! They no longer have the fur at the base to be more accurately fit the species; this fix has been reflected in the individual traits and on the compiled imports, which now have the correct ears. They also have the new cattle horns in them, as well as in the tally imports. We recommend going and redownloading the imports when you get the chance.

Kram's Collections and Krawft's Crafting

We have a new activity on the site! Kram's Collections is an activity found under the Activities header which you can get rewards for completing certain sets of items! There are many nice rewards in there, so you might look it over before you sell or donate items from your inventory!

This activity does not consume the items like crafting does, and instead just rewards you for owning the items themselves! Keep in mind the items have to be in your hoard and not attached to a character, and you can only redeem each collection once! We hope to bring more collections to the page in the future, so please let us know if you have any suggestions in the future!

Krawft's Crafting has also recieved a minor update to the page! Now, the recipes are organized by category! This should greatly help viewability for people and finding the recipes you want or need, as well as make for a more pleasant experiance altogether!

New Cove Locations

Two new Cove locations have been added to the game! These are the Cliff and the Waterfall! Both are easy to find locations and have some nice loot you can find, good luck getting them!

Unfortunately even though they're added to the game, the backgrounds themselves are not yet finished. We're hoping to get those finished here soon for people who discover them!

Birthday Automization

People now get a free fancy crate automatically granted to them on their birthday! Before, admins had to manually grant birthday gifts, but now the site will automatically give you the chest if you have your birthday listed.

Do keep in mind that it only gives the chest though, if you want the 50% off coupon you still have to either message an admin or be apart of the discord and have your bday listed there.

New NPC Profile Images

Hopscotch and Display have their profile images finished! Their profiles should now be updated with the images, yay! The remaining three should have their images finished soon too!

Simple Code and Page Changes

There's been a couple edits to a few pages and in the code.

The first bigger change is that characters who have been rebirthed and are awaiting a redesign, or deceased characters, will now have a banner on the top of their page that says they are disabled, as well as no longer being able to be added to any submissions until the item or redesign is processed.

Secondly a simple but annoying bug has been fixed with searches, now when searchign for traits and items the category will now stick and won't disappear when loading the search!

Lastly two pages have been edited minorly: The Import Downloads page and the User List. The Import Downloads page now has links to the Tally uniques and elemental/universe traits, and the user list now says when users have been last online off to the side so people don't have to hover over the dot anymore! Unfortunately this update has wiped the last online information so everyone who hasn't logged in since the update is zeroed out. Once you log in the page will be fixed for you.

Updates to our DA Account

We have finally gotten around to updating our Admin DA account! A big thanks to Rílaméth for taking on this huge task!

The account has been renamed to Record of Lucitha to suit the group better, and all current imports and NPCs have been uploaded there. We're hoping to continue keeping it active with posting approved imports and event announcements.

Changelog February 2023

Posted 7 months and 3 weeks ago :: Last edited 7 months and 3 weeks ago by Wolvenhyde
  • Many Item and Activity/Shop Updates
  • Kijikaiaku Import Update
  • Custom Den Import Backgrounds Now Available
  • Removal of Submission Drafts
  • Toyhouse Authorization Now Available
  • Updates to Request and Summon Guides

Another busy month gone, and another busy month to go! This changelog has a bunch of really important things in it so be sure to carefully read through it. We weren't able to get hardly anything last month done we expected to, so we moved most stuff to this month and hope that we'll get through most things on our list!

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on and haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. The arrival of the new Cove locations ended up getting pushed back, they should be added here without issue in the coming weeks.
  2. We were unable to finish the tally profile pics due to much happening last month, so they have been pushed to this month. We have made a goal to have them done by the end of the month.
  3. The custom trait sheet is almost done, we're just working out the kinks and the last few traits that need descriptions.
  4. We're still slowly getting through the backgrounds, and do not have a solid date or timeframe on how fast we'll be getting them finished.
  5. A punching bag den item is planned to be added to the game.
  6. A Den guide update is planned to make the guide much more clear and easier to follow and find info on.
  7. We decided to clarify all sections in criteria with Tooltips, not just the docks, and will hopefully have that finished soon.

Shop Updates

There has been a small adjustment to Ares Shop. A monthly stock limit has been added to elemental packs to prevent saturation of elemenal uniques. This limit shouldn't pose any issue to active players or their ability to buy packs, and is only there to prevent those with much PT over buying any one pack.

Secondly the Auction House has gotten an update. Before we would randomly add more stock from a generator whenever we noticed the shop getting low on stock, however there are many flaws to this system, uncluding the time it takes to add it all and the limiting of admins being able to grab from the shop. Due to issues and concerns about sniping and players buying out the stock too fast or en mass, we changed up the process to prevent that from happening.

To access Tatsu's Auction House you now need a coupon, which you can get 3 for free a week in Gaia's Giveaways. Though the prices in the AH are very expensive, the coupons will knock a majority of the price off it so you pay normal price. This ensures that people cannot buy out the entire shop in one sitting and gives other people a chance to look, and also makes people choose what exactly they want to prioritize. If someone really wants more things than they have the coupons for, they can still buy them without the coupon, but at those prices, is it really worth it?

Also because of this new policy that means we can regularly add stock to Tatsu's AH, which we do the sunday night closest to the 1st of the month. Any coupons left in people's inventory when we update stock will be removed. Let us know of these shop updates below!

Activity and Item Updates

A small update to tomes when applying, we now append a loot table that determins whether you get your book back or not. Before it was a guarentee, however now there's a 33% chance the book will be destroyed after the tome is used. Lore-wise, think of this as the tome being too worn to be used to enchant again.

Another small update is that Keen eye finally got an update. Because collection events no longer happen, its effect needed reworking. Likewise on the topic of boosts, though Overlimit didn't get added as a boost, we added a new title instead called Limit Breaker. This title is gotten by defeating the final floor boss on all four dungeons and removes the cap on all stats for dungeon rolls.

Speaking of dungeons, rules regarding Wanya rewards have changed. Before no matter how many people were working on the image you'd only get one reward from Wanya per instance of him drawn, now we're giving out a summon perm per player involved in the piece. (ie if person 1 has 2 spirits in the art, they'll only get one perm, but if person 1 and person 2 each have a spirit they both get a summon perm each.) This rule change goes not only for collabs, but commissions and trades too. Gifts however do not share the summon perm unless the art only involves the spirit of the person it is a gift to.

Lastly Bigfoot got updated to give two fur traits instead of the one, and can also be affected by Farmer.

The last big thing with activities and prompts is that Drafts have been removed! Because of the many other edits and extensions we have added to the game (ie exp, criteria, etc), the drafts extension was posing too much problems in the backend and we decided it wasn't worth it for now. We may add it back again on a later date after the kinks have been worked out, but for now we cannot use it and hope you all understand. For now you will have to deal with rejections and resubmitting.

Kiji Import Update

The Kijikaiaku import has gotten a slight update. Previously there were some errors on the import due to a mistake not by the import artist but from the owner. As Kijis bodies themselves are not furred, the little fur bits made much confusion and was not brought up to the import artist until recently. She has since fixed the base lines to be furless. We would appreciate if people download the new versions, and would be thankful if you fix any imports already on site with the new lines. Future imports will be denied if they use the old lines. The ears have not yet been updated but we hope to get that done soon.

Likewise they have also gotten the new updated backgrounds added to the imports.

Custom Import Backgrounds

Players now have the ability to add custom backgrounds to their imports! Though this process is fairly strict and has certain rules to them, we hope people will be excited for this.

Custom backgrounds are only available to characters in dens. Dens now have three background slots, one available upon creation, another available when they hit Rank 3, and a third available at Rank 6. While the slots are unlocked automatically, the leader of the den still has to craft the applicator in Krawft's crafting each time. The recipe is unlocked only for those who own dens.

The den background made must be 3000x2500 in size and submitted in a request with the den and applicator attached by the leader of the den. It must be accurate to the den being submitted for, show the den (inside or outside) and pass a quality check. This background is allowed to be commissioned. 

After approval, the full size image is added to the drive in the den backgrounds folder, and is only available to be used by members of that den.

Toyhouse Authorization

Users can now link up their toyhouse in their profile settings! This gives users an option if they do not want their DA linked up or shown, as users (Old and new) can choose one or the other, or even both to be shown, and can even choose a primary (The one displayed on the user list)! This also means that if you have a toyhouse and don't have or can't access deviantart, you are able to authorize your account with Toyhouse instead!

Updates to guides

Much information has been added to the guides! Besides the upcoming den guide update, we added stat requirements to the rank up chart. Let us know if there's anything you'd like further clarified for the upcoming update!

The site guide has also been updated to remove mentions of drafts, while the request guide now also has information on Scrolls of Imprints and how to use them properly.

Lastly, the summon and rebirth guide has been updated to include information on preemptively adding splice traits to summons. If there's any other information you think we should clarify in any of the guides please let us know!

Changelog 2 January 2023

Posted 8 months and 1 week ago :: Last edited 8 months and 1 week ago by Wolvenhyde
  • New Layouts and Formatting for Many Things on Site
  • New Markings Available
  • Update to a Couple Boosts
  • Couple New Recipes
  • Backgrounds Update
  • Currency has Images Now
  • Submissions and Gallery Updates
  • New/Updated Guides and Pages on Site
  • Slight Cove Updates

Both December and January have been very busy months, but with the big changes we've done so far we've knocked quite a lot off our to-do list! Let us know below what you think about all the updates and changes, and if you have any questions!

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on and haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. We're still trying to get a chance to finish the tally NPC profile images. we're hoping those will be done by the end of this month.
  2. We are still working on clarifying traits in a custom trait information sheet. This sheet has a list of what is and is not allowed for traits when editing or adjusting them, or even making any custom.
  3. More upcoming background fixes.
  4. Two new cove locations to be added!
  5. Expanded dock information to art and tooltips on PT calculation that summarizes it better.
  6. Updating the frames on the homepage to be more personalized for each section.

New Layouts and formatting

As you may have noticed, much of the site's layout has changed recently. We've been very hard at work trying to make the site look nice, easier to access, and more pleasant to the eyes.

The first immediate change you'll notice we made was to the font. We are now using a nicer font! Yay!

The second immediate change you might notice is to the navigation bar. We changed the lists to be more cohesive and less like the traditional LK order. We also changed the colors on the dropdown lists and separated things into sections to make them easier to find what you're looking for. Additionally, we added more links to things users  needed to access often, or things users had trouble getting to. Hopefully this format makes it easier to access things! Let us know if there's anything you think should be added!

The third change you might notice is the homepage, which you can see right as you open the site or by clicking the name of the site in the top left. When logged out, you can now see a random image that has been submitted by users to be viewed there! We don't accept all images to be on the homepage, but if you would like your image posted there, reach out to us and we can add it to appear there! Images we accept must be colored and cannot have too messy of linework, and must be of a good quality. Images we really like we might even reach out to you for permission to add! The text under the image is also updated to be nicer and include lore.

Secondarily, when you are logged in, the homepage looks much cleaner! It lets you know when there's new events going on, a new changelog, and gives you an easy link and reminder about daily and weekly activities like your daily reward, Slime Expeditions, and Stark! Be sure to check the bulletin for current events, mentions about Pandora's Box, and more! There is also an area for the most recent submitted art, characters, and even a little tip area which has a random fact, tip, or quote whenever the page loads!

Another change to layouts is that our site guide has been formatted to be nicer on the eyes. The chart for item calculations for den rank-ups is also easier to follow. And the prompt pages now have a white background to be easier to see the text. But most importantly, the Compendium, previously the encyclopedia, has been reformatted to be easier to find information on traits and items, adding a few links to things that were harder to find previously, and changing a couple things that were unneeded.

New Markings and Recipes, Boost Updates

We added three new markings onto the site; Fizz, Ziggy, and Blush. Fizz is a rare seasonal marking, only available during spring and summer, while the other two are available year round. Ziggy is also rare while Blush is uncommon.

We also added some new unique holiday markings and a trait. Golemize is a summer seasonal unique trait, acting somewhat like Zombify but changing traits or parts of the body to be turned to mineral versions. Raptor Claws is a new boss unique bone trait that makes a claw larger. The three new unique Holiday markings are Pour, Patchwork, and Mummified. Pour is available in summer, Mummified in fall, and Patchwork in winter.

Two new recipes were added for Magic Coal, one allowing you to use it to craft a Naughty or Nice Scroll, and the other allowing you to craft unique equipment that has Naughty or Nice enchanted on it.

Lastly, two boosts have gotten effect updates. You Shall Not Pass now increases all passing trait chances by the tier the boost is at. It still has its old effect as well though, so while it might randomly block some traits, the ones it doesn't block have an increased chance of passing up to 10x! The other boost that got an effect change was Sloth, which now no longer lowers luck and also both can increase dungeon rewards and prevent a spirit from moving back a floor.However it still has the item restriction, this item restriction can't effect dungeon loot as it's rolled differently.

Backgrounds/Currency update

Thanks to Sehanbrel, backgrounds are getting a paintover to make them higher quality and more cohesive. We ask that you please swap out backgrounds as they are changed for the new ones on your designs, and will require use of the new backgrounds from now on. We will not force you to change your spirit's import to a new background unless you change their design, but it would be nice if you do.

Updated backgrounds so far are the three free backgrounds for both Tallies and Kiji, the Unicorn, Pegasus, Krampus, and Dullahan backgrounds, and the 4 Horsemen, Kelpie, Nightmare, Santa, and Rudolph. We are currently working on rebirth backgrounds.

Otherwise, we also added icons to the currency, so they look a little nicer in your bank and in the shops!

updates to pages, guides, and submissions

With all the changes and updates recently, we have added more guides, adjusted information, and updated how things worked for submissions.

Firstly, the FAQ has been updated so it had all the current information. Users are also now able to change the prompt and gallery when editing their gallery submission.

Secondly, a big one! Prompt submission are no longer allowed to use links to off-site images. This is because the character submission history is not showing everything, so it is hard for us to track images from off-site. From now on, all images must be posted to the site galleries before submitting to prompts. There is more information on this in the Site Guide. With this change we have removed the submission history link from the character's sidebar, however the page does still exist and can be found with a direct link.

Another big update is the ability to make submission drafts. When you go to submit a request or prompt submission, you can now save it as a draft to submit later. Likewise, admins now have the option to return a submission or request back to draft status if it is missing any items or information, instead of rejecting it outright and forcing the player to resubmit! Admins are also able to leave notes or comments on submissions they cancel! This will make it easier for many players and admins.

Lastly we wanted to mention that we added three new pages to the site. Firstly is a Request Guide which will help explain the things you can do in requests, and even some not as apparent options. Secondly is a Maxed Out Guide, which will help those with maxed out characters figure out what they can do from this point on with them. Lastly is a Support Us page, to make things easier for people who want to purchase credits or even just help support the site. Details are on the linked pages above.

Slight Cove update

We added a limited item cove shop to the Floating Islands, and thus moved Daythe, who was in the Fairy Forest, up there. Additionally, we moved Vayle who was in Unicorn Cove, to the Fairy Forest, and replaced him with Faet and Orville. We will be updating cove further when we add the two new planned locations, so look forward to that!

Changelog January 2023

Posted 8 months and 2 weeks ago :: Last edited 8 months and 2 weeks ago by Wolvenhyde
  • New items and recipes on the site
  • Tally twin chances increased
  • Den updates and Rank Up changes
  • Major Cosmetics and equipment update
  • Backgrounds update
  • New Pandora's Box minigame on our Discord

Happy new year everyone! I know it hasn't been long but we already have another changelog for you all! We've been hard at work getting as many things updated as we can to make a better game. Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comments, we'd love to hear from you!

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on and haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. We're still trying to get a chance to finish the tally NPC profile images. we're hoping those will be done sometime this month.
  2. We finally have a timeframe for the coding fix to make the nav bar look pretty, and should have it done by the end of the month. We're just trying to figure out layout at this point and what all is important to add. We're planning on adjusting the prompt list alongside this to make accessing prompts easier. If you have any suggestions please let us know below!
  3. We're still going through and clarifying prompts and traits. Please be patient as we attempt to clarify things. This will take a while. We always appreciate help with this!
  4. The featured image prompt is quick to create, however is not yet as we are working to figure out how to word things on the page and what would be best to automate the images on the front page. we're also planning on getting an image done before the change and formatting the homepage before making the prompt.
  5. Oberon and Titania bosses will be soon added to the site with their backgrounds, however they are yet to be available.
  6. More upcoming background fixes.

New items and recipes on site

There are a large handful of new items on site! These include many new den items and equipment to fill in slots that are lacking in items, suck at shoes and tail equipment, as well as traps and other fun den necessities. We also added a new familiar, the Firefly! With these new items come many new crafting recipes as well, as well as some new recipes added from items we already have in game.

Crown of Bones now needs to be unlocked and can also be crafted during fall. All previous equipment recipes now require apparel fragments as well.

Legacy has been added to the Credits Shop! It's a new item similar to a glam kit, however it lets you make a custom import! Do keep in mind custom imports are fairly strict on what's allowed, and must still follow the geno associated. Imports using Legacy just need Wolvenhyde's approval.

Familiars have gotten a huge update to their effects, many have gotten changes, many have gotten their effects increased or doubled. It is highly recommended to double check the familiars attached to your characters and those you have in your bank for such changes.

Prompts updates

Prompts have gotten a small update before we fix their information. Firstly the Free category has been renamed to Artless. Once we update the nav bar we plan to move artless prompts to the end of the prompt list so general prompts can be accessed better. Look forward to more prompt changes coming soon!

Another small change somewhat regarding prompts, the chances of unhatched eggs throwing twins has been increased a bit as the prior chances were very low. hopefully we'll see an increase in tally twins!

den changes

Dens now have their Rank and Status Points seperated from the regular stats in the trait descriptions. This is just to make it easier for people to view. Secondly the members and affiliates in dens are now linked for player convienience.

Lastly we have a big change to how ranking up works. though you can still add things to your den bank, you now can craft the rank ups in Krawft's Crafting. This means the owner of the den will have to have the items needed to upgrade in their inventory. This makes ranking up much easier as you can just craft the rank up whenever and hold onto it till your ready without worrying of accidently spending the items needed. It also means that users no longer have to track manually what is needed for ranking up, as the recipe will tell you what is needed and if you have the items or not, and that the Den PT Currency has been removed from the site.

After you have the rank up, you just have to attach it and the den you own to a request and an admin will look at your stats and reject/accept it.

Please note that ranking up does reset your den's level and makes it easier to get exp and level, just like rebirthing does, so it is not recommended to rank up real high off the bat without doing some art with your den in it. If you rank up high all at once/right off the bat, levelling your den to get needed stats later might be very difficult.

major cosmetics and equipment update

Cosmetics and Equipment have gotten a major update! Cosmetic slots have been fully removed from characters, and with their removal the milestones associated have been removed as well. This change, as well as others listed below, encouraged us to look at the equipment slots and increase them. This means most of the milestones have been changed to add more equipment slots, and the maximum slots are now greater to allow more equipment.

Equipment is allowed a little more freedom now as opposed to before when people drew them on their character. This means that they are a bit more generalized and able to be customized if you desire to have them show cosmetically. Equipment and passive familiar enchants also show in the trait information now to differentiate them from scrolls, titles, or other consumables. This is mostly because enchantments on equipment now get removed from the equipment when they get on the geno from rebirthing.

Silvery has gotten an effect change due to the removal of cosmetics, now only effecting equipment that shows visually. Accessory/Jewelry/Scar packs now take up equipment slots as well.

Characters that had apparel slots have had them removed and replaced with equipment or accessory/jewelry packs that are similar to what the apparel slots were showing. Apparel slots in people's banks were replaced by 3 fragments of equal rarity. With the removal of Apparel Slots from the game, Apparel Fragments are now used in crafting equipment.

backgrounds update

Backgrounds are getting a small update so they look a bit better and less... Janky. The import files have been updated with the new adjusted free backgrounds as well as the single files on the drive themselves. We hope to hit all the backgrounds, and are going to focus first on the ones people have unlocked/own first.

Please use the new updated backgrounds from now on and we’d love for you to update old imports with the changes if you can! It's not required to edit old imports but it'd be appreciative if you do.

new pandora's box minigame

We have a new minigame on our Discord where our members can vote whether to open Pandora's box or not. Though nothing happens if people choose not to open it, If they do open it there's a high possibility of a site-wide effect which could be fun, interesting, or helpful, or it could be annoying or bad. Anyone can vote, as long as they're on the discord.

Changelog December 2022

Posted 8 months and 3 weeks ago :: Last edited 8 months and 2 weeks ago by Wolvenhyde
  • New Profile, Inventory, and Changelog layouts
  • Feedback Form and Public Trello made
  • Markings have new colorblind friendly range images and examples
  • New/Edited Boosts
  • Greater Explanation on Prompts and Traits
  • New prompts to make submitting requests easier
  • Many Items getting effect adjustments/changes
  • Large changes to Equipment and Cosmetics
  • Milestones for Stats are being adjusted

Hello everyone! This has been a very good year, we've had many ups and downs but all and all things are going strong and I'm very excited to bring you this changelog and everything that has been adjusted! We've been very busy these past couple months to bring you all a better experiance to the game!

Upcoming Features and Progress

There are a bunch of things we are still working on and haven't yet been released. Look forward to the following things being fixed/added soon!

  1. Many new NPCs are still missing images on their profiles. We should hopefully finish those soon!
  2. We're hoping to get better formatting/layout soon for the navigation bar and other pages such as the home page and prompts soon, however we have limited coding knowledge so there's no timeframe on when this might happen.
  3. We still need to go through and change everyone's cosmetic/equipment slots and the guides to reflect the new changes coming soon for cosmetics and equipment. This will take a very large chunk of time but should be done sometime next month.
  4. We're still going through and clarifying prompts and traits. Please be patient as we attempt to clarify things. This will take a while. We always appreciate help with this!
  5. Reworking familiar effects so many familiars have better effects. Another time consuming thing that should be done next month.
  6. We're working on adding a featured image to the front page that people can submit to and get their art on the home page!
  7. We've been thinking about adding a daily reward to Gaia's Giveaways to help encourage people to come on every day to grab it. It would have useful but not too fancy things in it.
  8. More misc code changes to help make admin lives and player gameplay easier and quicker!

New Layouts

As you many have already noticed, Changelogs has a new format! This format should be easier on the eyes, nicer to read, and much more clear/informative than the previous version.
We have also changed the layout of user profiles too, to move away from the standard Lorekeeper look and make things look a little nicer and easier to navigate.
Lastly, if you go to your inventory from the home menu you should now be able to view it in a condensed mode. While the regular public inventory shows everything grouped up by type (Now collapsed by default for ease of navigation), the condensed mode allows you to search through the entire inventory and will help find enchantments easier using ctrl-F, among other things. It also loads faster! Unfortunately you cannot interract with things from this menu.
We hope we can change the layout of other pages too!

Let us know your thoughts on the new layouts, and give Wolvenhyde a big thank you for her work on the code!

Feedback and Public Lists

We created a public trello that anyone can view! This list has everything we are currently working on and plan to add/change in the future, as well as changes/additions mentioned by you, the playerbase, and whether they are pending us to look over, accepted, or rejected.

We also created a feedback form which you can fill out at any time and let us know what you think of the site and the features we have. It would greatly help us if you were to give us your feedback so we know what we're lacking on and what things we're doing good on. It might be a little long but it is thorough.

Editing Markings and Trait Descriptions

Marking range images have been changed to a more colorblind friendly shade of blue. This should not only be easier on the eyes normally but help people see the ranges better. Additionally, while we went through and changed the colors, many markings got range updates. None of the updates should impact any currently approved characters, as the changes made were all decreasing required range and increasing allowed range.

With the marking ranges being updated, we have also gone through and changed the example images. Some have gotten entirely new images, while most have simply turned to a more greyscale eye friendly color.

Give Sehanbrel a big thank you for the time he spent doing all these and helping get them all finished!!

We plan on going through sometime soon as well and editing trait descriptions to help those who do custom lines make sure they are following trait rules better.

New Boosts

We have added a few new boosts to the game, as well as changed a couple existing ones!
Due to prior suggestion, Core-Blessed has been restricted to Kijikaiaku only, and a new boost, Abyss-Blessed, has been added to the game. This new boost is a Subtalleon version of Core-Blessed and does the same exact thing. 

Explorer has also been edited. Gaining a third tier, it now has the ability to share locations found with other spirits in the image! This tier acts much like Treasure Maps, in the sense that the locations will replace an item found instead of adding it as an additional thing.

Lastly we added another new Unique boost to the game. Called Vetoed, this boost is mostly meant for beginner spirits and swaps your spirit's stats with your enemy's! This will be a very interesting and also scary boost to see people deal with in the future, and we're excited to see it come into play sometime!

Prompts and Requests Adjustments

We have added a few new prompts to the site, however these prompts are not art prompts and are similar to Stark and Silicone.
One of the new prompts is to make enchanting easier. This enchanting prompt is to replace submiting enchanting requests through requests. This should also help information regarding prices and what you can/cannot enchant be more straightforward. When you submit something to be enchanted using the enchanting prompt, don't forget to add the enchanting criteria under PT Calculations and the spirit you're using to enchant!

Likewise, a rebirthing prompt has also been added! This does not have a criteria to select, but has the information in the description and should make rebirthing easier. Otherwise, nothing else has changed with rebirthing.

Lastly a prompt for Semi-Custom creation has been made. This should make buying a semi-custom easier, as before you had to reach out to the owner to buy one. Now, all you have to do is submit to the prompt and follow the instructions. There is also a criteria there to fill out; despite saying PT Calculations, it does take credits!

Other than requests that have been turned into prompts, a new art prompt called Textiles and Woodworking has been added! This prompt should make it easier to get materials needed for Dens and crafting that are harder to come by or greatly sought after.

Lastly a simple change on the administrative end, we added the ability for admins to cancel prompts and requests. This causes it to say and send a notification that it was accepted, but won't actually take the things out of your bank which you attached or give rewards. This feature was added mainly for people that make a mistake for attaching equipment or materials to characters or dens.

Item Changes

There are quite a few changes to items this month, as well as upcoming changes.
Merging equipment is no longer able to be done. This feature was unknown to new players and even some older players, and time consuming for admins to do. This change is to help take workload off admins, as well as make certain gear worth more. We see this change as a way to stimulate equipment economy rather than a limit to players.

With the changes to equipment, enchants on gear that are added to characters now say in their trait information if it's from gear attached to them or not. This is not only to help us know whether an added boost is from a scroll or not, but also because enchants on gear now disappear from the gear's slots when it is added onto the geno from rebirthing! This is to help stop boosts on equipment from being reused over and over and to increase even further the value of certain equipment.

Lastly, Equipment slots are being increased and cosmetics are disappearing. This will be further explained in a later changelog.

Other than equipment, Hex Seals now impact the chances of things being messed with by rebirthing! If a hex seal is present on the spirit, it now decreases the chance of traits changing/being added.

Familiars will also soon be getting a change to their effects. Not all familiars will be impacted, we're just going to go through and give more variety and adjust those that need it.

Stat Changes

Once the change with cosmetics happen, there will be a change with the milestones for Stamina and Strength. But for now only milestones for Attack and Defense have been adjusted- Attack changed due to my realization of Magical Energy increasing the attack too easily on maxed out Kiji, and Defense getting a new milestone because of Stoneskin.

Changelog November 2022

Posted 9 months and 3 weeks ago :: Last edited 9 months and 3 weeks ago by Wolvenhyde

Here is the following list of recent impacting changes to the game:

There's not a lot of changes/additions this month but they are important, so please read through carefully!

- Character Relations are added to the site! You can see this by going to any character you own and viewing the sidebar. There are two new sections, a ‘links’ and a ‘request links’. The links page will show all links your character has with other characters and any info you add, as well as their relationship status. The request links section is only viewable by the owner of the character and is where you go to link up a character to another. You can use these relations to set for partners, friends, siblings, family, enemies, or more! Unlike Lineages which just shows characters that are related, Links allows you to specify the relationship type!

- Shops have gotten an update! This update changed how the shops are viewed by the player and allows more versatility to both admins and the game by allowing us to work the shops easier, and thus also make certain shops more accessible and having more items available for players! This has also fixed an issue we had with Stark and the Gaia's Giveaways! Likewise, we have added FREE items to Gaia's giveaways that are available to every player as a starter bonus! Even if you've been playing the game for a while, you can still grab them, they are just limited to one per person.

- Users can now fill out the criteria for their art when submitting for the site to calculate rewards! This only calculates PT, and any excess bonuses from boosts, familiars, or titles is calculated by the admins. Holiday currency is also calculated by the admins now, but EXP remains the old method. If a player does not select a criteria, the submission will be denied! Keep in mind if you are unsure what options to choose an admin can fill it out for you or fix it, just let us know in the comments and make sure to attach it! Unfortunately because of how PT is calculated now, sheets cannot be submitted as one anymore and must be one submission per instance of the character. We are sorry about this. If we can find a way to fix this we will in the future.

Changelog October 2022

Posted 10 months and 4 weeks ago :: Last edited 10 months and 4 weeks ago by Wolvenhyde

Here is the following list of recent impacting changes to the game:

- Vault’s Haven Prices have changed. While most things have increased in price, some have stayed the same or decreased. This change is mostly due to the crafting fix, and the new things you can now trade in for Silver Coins.

- Gaia’s Healing has gotten an effect change. In addition to canceling cooldowns when attached to battle images, if attached to a dungeon roll it will now remove all status effects on the spirit for the duration of the roll. This includes the status effects still on it from previous rounds and all incoming status effects, including but not limited to those from boosts, confusion, and waning.

- Yile’s Safeguard is a new item you can get from the dungeon shop and Vault’s Haven that removes 25% of all damage from the entire party when attached to a submission.

- There is a new Universal Trait Index available in the Encyclopedia! This trait index shows ALL traits that are not species specific! Hopefully this will make browsing easier for users!

- When searching the masterlist for characters with certain traits, the traits are now organized by their category! This means you don’t have to worry about clicking the wrong trait that has the same or similar name as another anymore!

- Prompts now have their own pages! Before when you tried to share a prompt with another user you could only link to a search result, however now you are able to link to a perma-link page for the prompt!

- User Design Terms of Service is now available for users to set in their settings. Users can set a url for external ToS or input a custom one for the site! These terms show up on each character that you have DESIGNED, not characters you own.

- Folders are now available for users to mess with in their characters under the home menu. You can now create folders in which your characters are organized!

- Sub Categories for items are now available to make organization easier! Now when you search for items, you can find active or passive familiars easier, as well as equipment for certain slots!

Changelog 2 September 2022

Posted 11 months and 4 weeks ago :: Last edited 11 months and 4 weeks ago by Wolvenhyde

Here is the following list of recent impacting changes to the game:

- The masterlist advanced search has been fixed so the traits are no longer smooshed when searching! This should help with selecting the right traits and seeing what you’re choosing better! Additionally, you can now search for subtypes for geno slots! Though this doesn’t mean much for Kiji and Tallies, it helps greatly for Centaurians!

- Adopting Centaurians from the Adoption Center has been changed from 1 Week cooldown to 2 weeks! Breeding cooldowns are remaining the same at 1 a week, but adoptions from the center have changed to be two a month. This is not a fixed cooldown, meaning you don't actually have to wait for 2 weeks to adopt another technically. For example, if you adopt on the 1st, you will have to wait 2 weeks to adopt on the 15/16th. However if you adopt on the 11th, you only have to wait 4-5 days to adopt again.

- Crafting has been fixed so you can now choose the ingredients! This means that some recipes that couldn’t be made before are now available, and some previous recipes have changed their ingredients to reflect this ability to choose! These include the pet rock, golem, and a couple vault’s haven trades among others!

- Alongside the above crafting fix, a few recipes have changed; these changes include but are not limited to requiring more or less items, expanding the range of items you can choose from, and changing an item to something else/a different category. Effected recipes include but are not limited to the Scarecrow, Snowman, Pet Rock, and a Vault’s Haven trade!


We are aware of the bug with crafting that adds the needed amount onto the inventory total for preselected items. Always double check your inventory, and simply be aware that preselected items will have incorrect totals.