Looking to start designing your Character?

Here's the import for people to design their Spirits or Centaurian!

-Do NOT trace the bases available! Please use the provided trait parts available! There are some traits which allow customization, those are Unique traits, Elemental/Universe traits, some body traits and most charms, however please make sure they reflect their description if customized!
-Do NOT upload your designs to your own off-site accounts until approved! Once approved, the imports will be on the pages of the characters, and you can upload off-site (With credit!) then.
-Do NOT claim as your own art. If you have done custom lines or edits, you may add credit for yourself.
-You MAY upload it as reference on other sites AS LONG AS credit is given to the creator of the Species, Isella Howler, the import artist(s), and this site.
-You MAY slightly edit the lines or adjust as needed to make parts fit together.
How to Download:
-Please click the download links below to download the desired imports. Once downloaded, feel free to use the parts to customize your Kijikaiaku and/or Subtalleon, then color it with the markings and energy designated on the geno info.
-Centaurians will need custom lines for their hair and tail, as well as any other additions you may add like clothes.
PLEASE NOTE: We are still in the process of making a new base. When using the new base, you might have to pull things in from the individual files as we have not yet finished all the compiled files. Also, not all traits for each base are done/uploaded! If you need a particular trait or background that's not on the drive, please reach out to an admin or on our Discord.

Import Links

All lead to Google Drive - You do not need a Google account to download!