Category: Artless

Want to enchant some scrolls or gear?


When enchanting, try to ensure you have enough PT for enchanting everything if you’re doing a massive order. If you don't have enough PT for the enchantments, the admin will reject your submission!

Enchanting scrolls is 400 PT
Books to Tomes are 800 PT.
Equipment enchants are 500 PT
Unenchanting equipment is 20 PT.
You cannot un-enchant corruption, but you may use an Angel’s Tears to purify it either here or in requests.

Aside from that, be sure to attach all the items you want to enchant, and mention whether you have any special requests (ie “please reroll a slot if it enchants into particular undesired boost” or “stop early if my PT drops to a certain range”)
We will adjust the number of enchants accordingly for special requests.


No rewards.