Adopt or Release a Geno

Category: Artless

Want to give a Spirit a new home?


If you're a first-time player and don't currently own a geno, you can adopt one kiji and one tally each from the Adoption Center. Be sure to choose carefully, and link your one-to-two choices when you submit this prompt. To see all the genos available for adoption, feel free to use this link. Likewise, please use this link to see the already designed imports up for adoption.
If you find you can't decide, or are overwhelmed by options, you can ask for a geno of each species to be randomly rolled for you.

If it turns out either geno you got are too difficult for you to design or aren't turning out to be what you hoped, you're allowed to return either or both genos within the first four weeks of ownership and swap them with new genos.

If at any point in the past, you've traded or given away your sole geno/import, and haven't owned any in a year or more, you may adopt a geno or import from the Adoption Center again.

If looking to adopt Centaurians, you may claim one from the Adoption Center once every two weeks.

If you've been playing a while, or you're still relatively new and looking to expand your character hoard, you can adopt a geno once a month from the Donation Center. Be sure to specify which you're adopting from and link the geno!

You may only adopt an import or geno from the Donation Center once a month.

For surrenduring a geno or import, please specify if it's going to the Adoption Center or Donation Center. You'll get a payout according to the geno's rarity. However, you'll only get the payout for releasing a geno to the Donation Center the first time the geno is donated to it. Subsequent donations, no matter who donates the specific geno, do not get a payout. This is to prevent exploitation for endless payouts.

People that drop off their unwanted spirits will be awarded PT (Player Tokens):
Common Genotype - 500 PT
Uncommon Genotype - 1,000 PT
Rare Genotype - 3,000 PT
Legendary Genotype - 5,000 PT
Unique Genotype - 8,000 PT

Common Genotype = Common traits/markings with up to 2 uncommon trait/marking.
Uncommon Genotype = Common/Uncommon traits/markings with up to 1 rare trait/marking.
Rare Genotype = Common/Uncommon/Rare traits/markings with up to 1 legendary trait/marking.
Legendary Genotype = Any geno containing at least 2 legendary trait/marking.
Unique Genotype = Any geno with at least 1 unique trait on the geno.


No rewards.