Newbie Guide

Welcome to the World of Gaia!

If you've found yourself a little lost, uncertain, or confused, read on for our handy guides! Included are instructions for joining the site, getting your first geno, and how to submit things to queues and design approvals, as well as how to contact an admin.

For Beginners

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⇓ Making an Account + Your First Spirit ⇓

First of all, you have to have a deviantArt or a Toyhouse account to make a Gaia's World account. This is simply how our website handles account validation.

Signing up to deviantArt is free. You must be 13 years or older to legally join.

If you don't have a Toyhouse account, you will first need to acquire an invite code. If you're having trouble getting one, one option is to make an account on Gaia's Forum and ask Sehanbrel for a free code in this thread. Once you have the invite code, you can make an account and link up to the main website.

Second of all, you'll want to acquire your first kijikaiaku or subtalleon!

Please visit the Adoption Center and take a look at all the available genos by clicking either 'characters' or 'geno slots' on the left menu. You can adopt one of each species to start with. You can also look through the Donation Center whether you own a geno already or not.

If it turns out the geno you chose is too complex for you to work with during the design stage, or it's not what you thought it would be, you have the option within the first four weeks of ownership of exchanging the geno for a new one from the Adoption Center.

Be aware, also, that you may request a brand new geno randomly rolled if none of what's in the AC appeal to you.

Additionally, you can only adopt if you do NOT already own a geno or import of that species. If someone gifted you a geno or import when you joined, and you haven't adopted already, then you may not adopt from the Adoption Center.

You can adopt one free Tally and one free Kiji. Centaurians can be adopted once every two weeks.

Once you have decided on either a geno from the AC or if you want it randomly rolled for you, submit to the Adopt or Release a Geno prompt with what you decided on. This link can be found under the Resources dropdown menu in the navbar at any time!

After that, say you'd like to adopt the spirit in question, and be sure to link the geno in the comment! Afterwards, click on Submit, and you're good to go. An admin will respond to you as soon as possible.

In the future, this same prompt can be used if you wish to surrender a geno for any reason in return for a specified amount of PT.

Designing Your New Spirit

Be sure to visit the Markings and Energy Guide for design rules!

⇓ How to Submit to Design Approvals ⇓

From your “My Geno Slots” page, you click on the relevant geno you’ve designed. In the sidebar where it says Settings, click on Submit Geno Design, and then at the new page, click on Create Request.

Follow the instructions given on each tab of the page.

Be sure, when submitting a Masterlist Image, that you crop close to your character’s face. Also be sure the main file is under 2 megabytes (mb) / 2,000 kilobytes (kb). Generally, it’s best to resize your import’s PNG file to 1000 pixels wide at the highest. This ensures import size consistency and that even the most detail-heavy imports can be uploaded without issue.

If you must have larger images for details, you’re welcome to later link an additional gallery in the character’s profile. You may also later upload closeup images of important features, or ask an admin to do so, as additional legal references for your character.

Please also be sure to include the age group, height class, and mass class in the traits when submitting to approvals! You get to choose whichever of the two classes, but the age group cannot be older than the summoners. If you submit a design for approval without all three of those, it will be cancelled and returned to draft status for you to add them.

Now What?

Once your character is approved and uploaded, be sure to visit their import, where you can name them at your convenience by clicking on Profile at the top left, and then "Edit" at the bottom right of the profile page. You may name your character anything you like, but please keep it PG-13 and non-offensive. Here, you may also adjust Gift Art and Writing settings.

After you're done with customization, it might be time to check out all the events and prompts you can participate in. If you check your Home page by clicking on the "World of Gaia" logo on the top left of the navbar, there's a bunch of things that you can do, as well as a bulletin board that regularly updates with current events. Here, you can also see the newest characters and gallery submissions, and perhaps get involved with the community, if that interests you.

⇓ Navigating Character Profiles ⇓

The easiest way to access all of your characters is from the Home > My Characters dropdown. From there,  you can select any of your characters.

On the lefthand panel you'll see many links. Please feel free to explore these! There are a few important ones to note...

The information tab has the import, as well as the traits off to the right side. If you scroll to the bottom there's a section with Description and Lineage. The Description tab has the character's geno (without added traits) as well as their stats and slots. The lineage tab has their parents/summoners if available.

Unlike the lineage tab at the bottom of the information page, the lineage on the side shows the character's children and grandchildren.

This shows official images or ref of the character, whether it's close-ups of certain traits or familiar designs or their equipment. It also shows unofficial import images of past designs.

Level Area
This is where you can find the current level your character is and how much exp they need to reach the next level.

Settings>Edit Profile
Clicking that will allow you to edit the profile page, There is also a button on the profile itself to do so. You can change the character's name (but not their ID) to whatever you want, as often as you want. Here, you can also set trade and gift status, attach a profile link (a Toyhouse is recommended), and even add a bunch of profile info!

We strongly encourage naming your imports as soon as possible, as names make it easier for admins to locate them and add them to any summoning lineages.

Please be mindful that we reserve the right to alter your character's information without warning if it contains inappopriate content. Keep things civil and PG-13.

⇓ Submitting to Galleries and Prompts ⇓

Always try to remember to submit to Galleries first! Once you submit to the correct Gallery and your submission is approved, you can use the link created by the site to then submit to the relevant Prompt.

The way to submit to Galleries is to first is go to the Communities dropdown, and choose All Galleries, and then click the blue "+" button on the relevant category. From there, follow the instructions. Although the site says there's a limit of 2mb, the site may allow larger images or give an error even when you're at 2mb, so keep this in mind when resizing your images for the site. If you get the error, just try a smaller image until it accepts it.

You may not submit art or literature others have done for you of your characters, unless they are off-site or refusing to post it themselves.
If dealing with the latter case, please let an admin know and get the admin's persmission, and then if you do, submit the art/lit as normal, and credit the creator in the description. Once submitted, an admin will take it from there.

For collaboration pieces, in order to give yourself credit for your work, you will need to add yourself to the collaboration members list. If you do not it will appear as a commissioned piece and not a collab!

Once your submission is cleared, and you want to submit it to Prompts (even General Art has a Prompt!), go to the Submit dropdown on the far right of the navigation bar, and then Submit Prompts. Follow the instructions, and be sure to attach your character. You will need to make a new submission for each character in the piece that you own.
If the prompt is a collaboration, each collaboration member must submit to the prompt individually.

PLEASE NOTE that because of how exp is given via prompts, you will have to submit a prompt entry per character in the art. If you only have one character it's fine, but if you have more characters in the art (Dens included!) you will have to submit them seperately.

Prompt submissions with multiple characters will not be rolled till each character has been submitted to the prompts. If it's a collaboration, please only submit your own Kiji/Tallies. If two weeks pass and you haven't submitted for your own rewards, whether they be from a gift, commission, or collaboration, the other person can submit in your stead and acquire the rewards themselves. This is to keep the queues from becoming clogged for long periods. If neither you or the other people in the collab submit for you within a month, an admin will submit in your stead and you forfeit all rewards, so make sure you submit!

Also please be sure to let your collab partner or commissioner know if you have submitted an art to a prompt, so they can submit their half!

If you receive gift art, you still must submit for your character to receive rewards and exp!

Additional rules about commissions and any off-site art:

If you've commissioned someone and they're not a member of the site and thus unable to submit the art/lit piece, you must submit the art/lit to the appropriate gallery and credit the creator in the submission's description. In a similar vein, art/lit you gained from a trade or even Art Fight needs to be uploaded and credited if the creator is not a site member.

Be sure to let the other party know about it! If the creator does not want you to upload it and/or contacts us asking us to remove a piece because you don't have posting permission, we will comply. If the creator doesn't allow you to upload, you can instead upload a placeholder image and link to the original art/lit in the description.

We do not roll any art/lit that is not uploaded to the site, unless the creator has said they do not want the piece on the site.

This is to prevent recycling off-site creations for the same character, since we're unable to track them reliably.

Now That You've Settled In...

Here, you'll find information about summoning new spirits (character genos), enchanting, and generally all the things you can do when you make admin requests.

⇓ Making Admin Requests - Enchanting, Voucher Redemption, Equipment Slot Reveal, And More ⇓

You’ll need to do one of these for attaching items, enchanted scrolls or tomes, and familiars to your characters. You’ll also need to do one of these for rebirthing a single character, or for having items enchanted, or for having Reward Vouchers from packs or gachas redeemed.
This is also how you would give another player permission to summon using one of your characters.

From the Activities dropdown, click on Admin Requests.

From the new page, click on New Request.

Generally, you won't have a URL or need to use one to request anything. You will need to fill out the comments area though, detailing what you'd like an admin to do for you.

-Please do not do bulk requests. Do not try to enchant 40 scrolls with one kiji and then rebirth that same kiji, and don't bundle it with applying things to other kiji, either. It may seem most expedient to do this sort of thing, but it's much easier on the admins if you simply make multiple smaller requests for each specific task you need done.
Attempting to do bulk requests will have your request rejected.

Once you have everything filled in correctly, click on Submit at the bottom of the page.


If you're looking to enchant equipment, but you don't see any "(+None)" slots and only see N/A for the notes, that means the slots on the equipment must first be revealed. Slots are randomly rolled by admins, and the equipment is then granted back to the player with the new slots. Please submit an admin request to have this done before trying to enchant equipment. Scrolls and Tomes do not have slots and can be enchanted right away.

When enchanting, try to ensure you have enough PT for enchanting everything if you're doing a massive order. Enchanting scrolls is 500 PT while books are 800 PT. Equipment enchants are only 400 PT, while unenchanting equipment is 20 PT. You cannot un-enchant corruption, but you may use an Angel's Tears to purify it.
Aside from that, be sure to attach all the items you want to enchant, and mention whether you have any special requests (ie "please reroll a slot if it enchants into particular undesired boost.")

You MUST use the Enchanting prompt, and count the total amount of slots or scrolls or books as close to accurate as you can using the built-in calculation tool. The tool will do the math for you. If you've asked for rerolls, understand that any excess PT cost will be manually removed from your bank.


When redeeming vouchers, separate by type. Gacha reward vouchers should not be a bundled request with Equipment vouchers.

If submitting Gacha vouchers that allow you to pick "your choice" of something, please specify in the Comments what your choice is.


For attaching items to characters, you need to separate each character into their own request. You may not attach familiars, equipment, scrolls, etc to one character, and then different familiars to a different character in the same request. Attempting this will get the request declined.

Summoning and Rebirthing

Information on creating new spirits and rebirthing them follows below.

⇓ Summoning ⇓

You will need to submit a summon request via Admin Requests. From the Activities dropdown, click on Admin Requests. From the new page, click on New Request.

Summoning is creating a new geno/character process similar to breeding, but not exactly! Please note the difference in the process! Summoning will create a semi-randomized geno for you that has a chance of pulling traits and markings from the summoners! This means the child could look NOTHING like the summoners.

For further reading, please see the Summoning and Rebirthing Guide.

Summoning Permissions

To grant a summon permission to one of your spirits to another player, you need to make an admin request.

If wanting to give another player a summon permission, please give the user’s name, the character’s ID and link, and mention whether or not the permission expires or has any special rules (like, “can only summon with this one other character”). An admin will give the other player a Summon Permission Slip that notes the details. You may write permissions to as many characters to as many people as desired in one request, but be sure to be very clear so the admins aren’t confused. If your instructions are too unclear, there’s a chance your request may be declined or misinterpreted.

To summon with someone else's spirit, you must acquire their permission first and receive a permission slip. Once you have the item, make a summon request as normal, and in addition to attaching an Unatched Egg or Core Soul, be sure to attach the Summon Permission Slip too!

⇓ What is Rebirthing, and How to Rebirth ⇓

You will need to submit an Admin Request to Rebirth.

Rebirthing is evolving your spirit. This process allows boosts to tier up, traits to change or appear, and added traits/boosts to appear on the geno. It also adds a multiplier to your stats to drastically increase them and increases the stat cap by double! It will ALSO reset your level to 1 to make it easier to level up. (This will not cause any harm to stats!)

When rebirthing, remember to attach any Rebirthing Essence. You can use up to 9 at one time. If you don't want your spirit's traits to change, ensure you've applied a Hex Seal already. Hex seals cannot be removed after attaching, so please make sure that's what you want before attaching it.

Rebirthing costs 5k PT for your character's first rebirth, but 10k PT every time after.
If the PT is not attached to your request, it will be rejected!

After rebirthing, your character will be put on cooldown based on their stamina, boosts, and items. Please note that you can only rebirth your spirit a max of 25 times!

For further information, please see the Summoning and Rebirthing Guide.

Shopping, Trading, and Selling Your Items

Shops can be accessed any time from the World dropdown menu on the navbar. In addition to unchanging shops, there's the Auction House, which updates regularly as people buy its items, the Donation shop, where users can donate freely from their personal inventory and you can pick up one item every 24 hours, and there's seasonal shops that last for 2 months out of each seasonal event. Be sure to also check out Gaia's Giveaways for useful first-timer items and your daily gift!

⇓ Selling Items ⇓

If you'd like to sell an item, there's no need to go to a shop page. Just head to your Public Inventory, click on any item, and if it can be sold, there'll be an option to do so.

Click the checkbox on the item you want to sell, select the quantity, click on Sell, and you're done! It's recommended to right-click on the Sell button and open in new tab, or ctrl-click on the Sell button to quickly open in a new tab, so that if you're selling more than one item, you can do so with relative quickness and won't need to constantly reload your inventory.

⇓ How to Gift to or Trade with other Players ⇓

To initiate a trade with another player, first work out the details of what each of you wants.

Then, from the Community dropdown menu in the navbar, go to User Exchange.

Click on the New Trade button.

Follow the instructions on the pages carefully.

This is done for user-to-user transactions, and both parties will need to confirm the trade twice for it to complete.


Optionally, if you want to just gift someone an item without waiting on confirming a trade, you can go to your Inventory. From there, select an item, check its box, choose the quantity, and then click on Transfer Item and choose the other player from the dropdown. Once you've double checked and are ready, click the blue "Transfer" button. Note this is for gifting items, not for trading, and will not confirm with either party. It will transfer the item automatically to the other person.

⇓ Using the Trade Hub ⇓

This is different from the User Exchange. Essentially, this is a public listing of seeking and offering goods and/or services.

You may use it like an advertisement system that needs refreshing every 30 days, if refreshing is desired.

To access, go to Activities dropdown, then click on Trade Hub.

Follow the instructions listed, and be sure to fill out the relevant information. When done, simply click on Create Listing.

Crafting Your Own Items, and Den Creation

This section covers how to craft, and information about Dens.

⇓ Crafting ⇓

Crafting offers a lot of useful things. In order to craft, simply go to the Activities menu in the navbar, and click on Krawft's Crafting. You'll see a bunch of recipes by default. So long as you have the items required, you can make any of the items you see here. All items in a given recipe are consumed upon crafting, and you also won't be permitted to craft if you lack any of the asked-for items.

You might have noticed as well before reading this guide, that there's additional recipes you can unlock, and there's also limited-time event recipes where you're able to exchange one type of currency for another. To unlock extra recipes, there's associated prompts, so be sure to read through all the available prompts if you're seeking something specific. If you want to create Twin Core Souls or restore Relics of the Past, for example, you need to do their prompts.

Also, if you've acquired a Vault's Contract from the Vault's Haven shop, you can "craft" (read: exchange) certain items in return for Silver Coins, which are needed to buy anything from the associated shop.

⇓ Making a Den ⇓

Dens are akin to guilds. Once you create one, you'll need to set one of your spirits as the leader. After that, you can either add more of your own spirits to the members list, or invite your friends to add their spirits.

To make a den, you'll need all the materials on hand first, and then you'll want to head to Krawft's Crafting (detailed in the next section) to craft the slot that lets you make a new den. After that, it's treated similarly to a normal character slot. Once you've got everything set up, submit the den 'character' to approvals as you normally would.

For further, in-depth information on dens, please see this page.

After You've Gotten Really Comfortable...

Once you've been around for a bit and decided you want to commit, you might consider getting a custom character or playing with affiliated species.

Custom Characters

You might have considered wanting to get a custom spirit. If you have a beloved character from an existing setting, you can even transfer them in with their pre-existing design for much cheaper, but you'll have to work with Wolvenhyde to make sure all traits and markings on the new geno are legal! Mind that these cost real money, or if you have acquired some, Credits, which are 1=1 for USD. You can visit the Credits Shop to see the pricing and acquire the relevant items.

For details about acquiring Customs, please see the Custom Characters Guide.

Character Transfers

⇓ How to Transfer in an Existing Character Design ⇓

Please contact Wolvenhyde to work out the details of any transfer.

A Character Design Transfer is an item in the Credits Shop for transferring a design of a pre-existing character or concept to a Kiji, Subtalleon, or Centaurian. Traits, boosts, and the like are chosen by site owner.

Pre-existing characters can include OCs you own (Humanoid, animal, or otherwise) or canon characters from shows who you have a fan-version of. Please note that you are not transferring the character themselves but more transferring the design itself to make a character based off the pre-existing design. Personalities do not need to transfer over, though you are allowed to have it retain the personality. Please also note that not all designs can transfer over cleanly due to constraints with traits and markings. The owner will try and provide you a geno as close to the original design as possible.

About Centaurians and Other Open Species

Centuarians are an open species created and owned by Wolvenhyde, and are an extra addition on the site. These and other species of Wolven's listed on the About Page, as well as other affiliates, can offer bonuses if drawn with your spirit characters. On their own, they have nothing to do with Gaia's World, so you can draw them in any setting of your choosing. Just be sure to respect the creators' rules for each species!

⇓ How to Acquire a Centuarian, and What You Can Do With One ⇓

You can adopt a Centaurian geno the same way you can a spirit. However, unlike spirits, you can adopt a new Centaurian from the Adoption Center once each month. Be sure to also check the Donation Center!

If desired, you can also buy a Full Custom Centaurian slot from the Credits Shop.

Centaurians are also a mammallian species and do not summon, but rather breed as normal. To breed centaurians and get a new geno, submit an Admin Request as normal, and attach one male and one female centaurian, or 1-2 hermaphrodite centuarians, depending on the biological sex of the other partner. No extra items are needed.

Not being a full ARPG species, Centaurians are unable to offer much besides EXP or PT bonuses to spirits they're drawn with, and they're unable to rebirth or participate in most game mechanics. They do, however, have their own general art prompt, which can net you PT but no EXP. Centaurians also do not level up, nor can they equip items or familiars.

Other than the above, Centuarians do not have a canon lore, and you're welcome to play them however and wherever you wish!