Terms of Service


Artwork commissioned or created specifically for the use of the group belongs to the group. This includes artwork such as items, banners, buttons, coding, and import bases. This artwork is NOT free to use. Re-uploading this artwork on other sites without permission is against the group rules and will NOT be taken lightly.

As a member or visitor of the site, there are a few rules you must adhere to. These are not to be overly strict or anything, it's to keep members and their characters safe, as well as making the group run smoother and more fun for everyone. By joining and participating in the group, you are accepting and agreeing to all of the terms and conditions listed below.

     When you create a character on our import base you own the DESIGN and not the species. Kijikaiaku, Subtalleons, and Centaurians are owned by WolvenLair/Wolvenhyde and you do not have permission to make your own for free or otherwise abuse the import lines which are offered to players. You can get one for free through the Adoption Center or through Rando Roller, or by participating in the occasional MYO or DTA contests.

     Users may NOT block any of the group's admins. This is simply so we can continue to communicate with you. We understand that when you do not get along with someone it is natural to block them, however if you wish to participate in the game, we need to be able to communicate with you to do our jobs. Failure to comply to this rule will result in a suspension or even a ban from the group.​ If you need to block an admin for a valid reason, please message us about it!

     The DA or TH account associated with you must be an active 2 week or more old account in order to get a character. You can be a member at any point, but in order to get a character from the Adoption Center or Rando Roller you can't be new. This is simply to avoid fraudulent multi-accounts owning multiple characters. If your active account is off DA, please provide that account to an admin for validity.

     Keep personal arguments out of the group. If you have any argument with another member, please keep it between yourselves and out of the group. If it turns threatening or malicious, or if the other person becomes hostile in any way, please note us then so we can handle it from there.

     We take harassment VERY seriously. Valid proof of harassment, such as malicious behavior toward a member or members, name-calling, abuse, or threats, will be looked over by admins and the harasser will be punished accordingly. Valid proof can be links, screenshots, or the like. We can't accept he-said she-said, but will note of it. The severity of each situation will determine the type of punishment, which could range from a week-long suspension to permanent removal from the group.

     Your Kijikaiaku's name and must be kept mature. We allow many different names for them, and there are plenty to choose from. However we retain the right to deny a Kijikaiaku for having an inappropriate name.​

     Art and Literature submitted to group folders MUST pertain to the site. We will not accept ANY gallery submission that does not pertain to the World of Gaia in some way.

     Imports must be uploaded on the Site to be considered official. You may upload the picture onto Toyhouse, FA, or like sites with proper credit for ref, and you can link the url on your character's profile.

     Kiji and Tally designs must be submitted using the Import. Designs submitted with one's own art without using a Legacy will be rejected. You can have someone else design your Kiji for you, as long as credit it given.

     You CAN trade or sell your characters. Keep in mind you only get one free one from the Adoption Center or Rando Roller, so you cannot sell it or give it away then get a new one. This also means you cannot give yours back to the Adoption Center to trade out.

     You may only sell a character that belongs to you. Under no circumstances can you sell a character that belongs to someone else, even if they have given you permission to sell it on their behalf. If someone else wishes for you to sell their character, they must first transfer it to you formally through the group's transfer system.

     Do NOT pressure other members to sell things that are not publicly listed for sale. This is considered harassment and will be treated as such. It's always fine to ask, just don't continue to berate them. No means no.

     Co-owning of characters is NOT permitted. Characters belong each to one person, unless traded or sold. We do allow people to draw their characters with other people's and to share loot, however keep in mind the original owner is still the owner and can do what they like with it.

     We are not responsible for any losses due to other players' personal transactions. However we WILL help solve issues that involve players being scammed out of in-game goods.

     Tracing or any form of art theft WILL NOT be tolerated. Stock photos and bases may be used so long as proper credits are given and the stock or base suppliers' rules are respected. Please only use artwork if you have explicit permission to do so and give credit where credit is due.

     Activities may feature characters from other ARPGs and other OCs. This is only as long as they fit the requirements for both groups and are lore-friendly.

     Roleplaying and mature art is accepted... But PLEASE censor things as needed, and keep mature themes between players in notes.

     Literature must be written from scratch. We take plagiarism very seriously and those caught doing so will be penalized. Each story must have a clear beginning/end and must be focused on the task at hand.
     Be respectful of all admins. They donate a lot of their time to the group and its members, and are here to help.

​     Please do not Bully or Threaten anyone in the group, or you will be Blacklisted. This is for the protection of our members and their characters. Please be respectful when commenting on journals or deviations within the group. Cursing, disrespectful behavior, and harassment will not be tolerated and will result in a warning and eventually a ban. Note us if you are having an issue with one of our members.

     Try not to escalate matters, this includes Whiteknighting! We understand how hard it is to keep calm when someone is harassing you, but please leave the matter to us. We will do our best to handle things quickly and effectively. Additionally, Whiteknighting is when you, who is not an admin, go around taking matters into your own hands, jumping in other's business and effectively escalating it. Please just leave things in our hands! 

     ​Be nice to other parties when processing a sale. Members who back out of deals frequently or do not honor deals made will be punished. We discourage tentative sales and ask you to only sell things you genuinely want to sell. If you are unsure, sleep on it before listing your sale.

The internet is a crazy place, and it's very easy for people to put up a mask to hide behind or to become different people online than they are IRL. When you are online and using this site, interacting with other members, and in general being someone who makes up the World of Gaia community, we ask you be polite and respectful to others. We want people to look at this community with a sense of trust, acknowledgement, and respect. We want our members to respect each other, and for people to be free to be themselves.

If someone asks you to stop, then stop. If someone is being polite, be polite back. If someone is harassing you, let the mods deal with it. Please don't gang up on others, or turn people away because of your attitude. Sometimes it's just best to walk away. We don't want people seeing a single troublemaker as the face of the group.