[Beach] First Meeting

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[Beach] First Meeting
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In Discovery Cove ・ By IceDragonQueen22, Rílaméth

A dawn meeting between the species, neithers really sure what to make of this new creature.
Monet's wary, these creatues have been attacking other kiji's lately, haven't they? Cirein's been told that these Kiji are the enemy, and they must be dealt with.

But when face to face, what to do isn't always so clear, when neither side wants to make the first move. In wary cicles they move, trying to size up the other.

Now, if only Cirein was paying more attnetion to where he was putting his hooves...

Submitted By IceDragonQueen22 for Discovery Cove: BeachView Favorites
Submitted: 1 month and 3 weeks agoLast Updated: 1 month and 3 weeks ago

IceDragonQueen22: lines, colors, shading
Rílaméth: Background, composition
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