Crafting and Collections Guide

Unleash Your Inner Artisan and Collector with Crafting and Collections!

Welcome, players! This guide explains a bit about Crafting and Collections, two artless activities available to everyone. Get ready to unleash your inner artisan and collector, creating special items and claiming valuable rewards!

Krawft's Crafting:

Step into Krawft's Crafting, where raw materials transform into marvelous creations. Choose a recipe, gather the required ingredients, and let the magic begin! Keep an eye out for seasonal recipes that only appear during special times like holidays or events. Some recipes are hidden behind specific item ownership, too, such as Vault's Haven recipes. Additionally, many recipes are locked and can be unlocked by completing quests, which you can find a list of them here.

Don't forget about the Slime Expeditions either, which are found in crafting as well! Gummies gotten from Daily Gifts are used to go on these journeys, which may or may not bring you back something. You can evolve your slimes to have greater chances of bringing back better loot too!

Tip: A friendly reminder that a small bug exists where preselected crafting items sometimes inflate the quantity owned counter visually. But fear not, the actual cost remains correct, and it won't craft more than you're able to!

Kram's Collections:

Kram's Collections offers a treasure trove of rewards for assembling specific sets of items. Think dye bundles, gem collections, or themed packs bursting with elemental wonders. The best part? Completing a collection doesn't consume your items! Show off your complete sets with pride, knowing your precious treasures remain safe and sound in your inventory. Feeling stuck? Don't hesitate to share the joy with your friends! Collections can be completed collaboratively, so swap items, help each other out, and reap the rewards together.

Please let us know if you have any ideas for collections we can add to the game in future updates! We welcome any suggestions!

Heads Up: A small bug affects collections requiring multiple items of the same type. A single item owned might trigger a checkmark, but you won't be able to complete it till you have all needed. Additionally it won't display the number remaining you still need. Don't worry though, just keep collecting until you have the full set!