Custom Traits and Import Guide

Welcome, artists and creators! This guide will walk you through customizing your ARPG characters with Glam Kits and Legacy, adding unique flair and personality to your beloved creations.

Know Your Tools:
  • Glam Kit: This handy kit lets you modify individual traits. Need to tweak the shape of the horns or adjust the angle of the wings? Grab a Glam Kit for just 2 Credits ($2) and make it happen!
  • Legacy Import: The import's pose doesn't work for your character? Craft your character from scratch, wielding the power to perform a full-body custom import. At 50 Credits ($50), it's an investment for the ultimate creative design.

Quality & Accuracy:

We cherish the artistic spirit, but with great power comes responsibility! To ensure a cohesive and high-quality world, both Legacy and Glam Kit creations undergo meticulous quality checks. We prioritize:

  • Solid anatomy: Your character should move and function naturally. Solid bone structure and realistic proportions are key.
  • Pose with Purpose: While Legacy grants full-body freedom, the character's pose shouldn't be a magic trick. Avoid hiding anatomy behind wings or having them be sitting or laying down. Let their true form shine!
  • Species & Trait Accuracy: Modifications should stay true to lore and established traits. Can't turn Stone Armor into sparkling diamonds, sorry!

Please Keep in Mind:

  • One Glam Kit per trait you want to customize.
  • Unique Traits: Skip the Glam Kits! These beauties can be freely customized within their concept.
  • Spliced Spirits, some Body Mutations like Scaled and Sparkly, Trails, and Charms do not need Glam Kits to customize!


Feeling attached to a Glam Kit edit? By paying extra Credits (15 Credits, or $15), you can perma-glam a specific trait that's been approved. This allows you to use the trait as many times as you want in the future without spending future glam kits. This allowance extends to all players, allowing anyone to use the trait without spending Glam Kits, and will put the kit in the Player Resources. (Legacy doesn't offer this as of currently!) Please note you can't retroactively perma-glam an edit.

You can ask to remove a perma-glam'd trait from Player Resources, however this will remove the ability to use it without spending Glam Kits.

Sharing is Caring:

Did your artistic genius craft a trait worthy of legend? We'd love to share it! With your permission, we can add your approved creations to the Player Resources, allowing others to bring your vision to life in their own characters. You can even request the removal of any trait you've added, giving you complete control over your artistic legacy.

Please note that you are not allowed to restrict specific players from using your edits if they are in the player resources, as once they're there anyone can use them.

Centaurians, Familiars, and Equipment:

Centaurians don't need Glam Kits or Legacy for custom features or imports, since they are not actually part of the ARPG. Unleash your creativity!

Additionally, when adding familiars and/or equipment onto the import, Glam Kits are not needed! However, we do do quality checks on them. They don't have to be perfect, but we will make sure they are of a decent quality.