Den Guide

What are dens?

​Dens are this group's version of, essentially, guilds or clubs. They provide a place where people can group up to grow and help each other, share items, gain bonuses, and make more friends. Being apart of a Den is more beneficial than not, as it provides many chances of extra stuff, and there are even battles between dens! All in all, dens are very fun, and anyone who owns a spirit not already in a den can create one!

Details about Dens

Each Den has information about it listed in the description that is set by the admins. This information is left blank when it's in geno form, but will be filled out when submitted and approved. While the Member listing will only have the leader until more members join, the bonuses, pets, and items are left blank until things are added and only referenced by the admins when rolling.

The following bits of information are about each other section in a den, which doesn't change, and that users fill out:

⇓ Quote ⇓

The quote section can be an actual famous quote, or something the den leader came up with themself. Think of it as a motto or creed of the den, or something that references the overall feel or purpose of the den. It can have a hidden meaning or be complete nonsense.

⇓ Location ⇓

The location is a general type of biome in which the den is located. This is mostly for lore purposes, but also to shed light on the location for den images.

While not limited to the following locations, the following are examples of biomes one can use for their den:
Desert, Forest, Mountains, City, Plains, Icelands, Ocean, The Core, The Abyss...

Do keep in mind that depending on which biome you choose, some would restrict the members that can join due to lore reasons. Otherwise, there are no real effects that the location gives outside of lore.

⇓ Affiliation ⇓

Dens have three different affiliations they can have, and each of the three affiliations give different effects. Make sure to choose your affiliation carefully, as you cannot change it!

Friendly - Friendly dens will get double the EXP and PT when drawn or written with spirits of other allied dens. This bonus applies to the den only, and not the spirits within.

Neutral - Neutral dens will both get double the EXP and PT from den design contests and double the items from dungeon raids. The extra EXP and PT only applies to the den and not the spirits, as well as den raids are not effected by the double items, only dungeon raids.

Hostile - Hostile dens will get double items from raiding other dens. This does not extend to dungeon raids, however, only effecting raids on other dens.

⇓ Occupation ⇓

Much the same as the location, the occupation is mostly lore-focused and doesn't provide any in-game effects.

The occupation itself is the type of organization the den is for, whether it be a library, a temple, or a simple clubhouse. The chosen occupation can be almost anything, however it must be accurate to the lore and depending on what is chosen could possibly restrict access.

⇓ Den Information ⇓

The den information is a paragraph of information that explains in writing the appearance and feel of the den. Though this, much like the occupation and location, is only for lore and does not provide any in-game bonuses, there is some information that is required to be in here.

Firstly the temperature. Is the den warm and cozy, or chilly and dry? Is there a breeze through it? Is it humid?
Secondly the lighting. Is the den dark without any lights, does it have lots of windows and natural lighting but dark at night? Does it have natural lighting or artificial lighting at all?
Thirdly the materials. What is the interior and exterior made of? Clay? Wood? Rock? Are there support pillars? How big are the rooms?
Lastly the furniture. Is there lots of furniture around or are the rooms mostly empty? Is it filled with plantlife or man-made items?

This information must be followed when drawing or writing about the den. 

⇓ Affiliates ⇓

The affiliate section is filled in after approval. This section links other dens that are affiliated with the den in question, whether they are enemies or allies, or something else. Affiliates can only be added by the den leader or admins.

There are a bunch of relationships one can have with other dens:

⇓ Allies ⇓

Allies are only set by Den Leaders.

This affiliate status is given to two dens who are friendly to each other and often interact. It needs approval from both den leaders.

Spirits who are drawn with other spirits in an allied den get a little boost to their EXP and PT as a bonus.

⇓ Enemies ⇓

Enemies can be set by both Den Leaders and admins.

This affiliate status is given either to two dens who are hostile to each other and often attack each other, refusing to work together, or can be set by a Den Leader towards another den. This does not need approval from both den leaders, and can have only one den viewing the other as an enemy.

Dens which raid their enemy dens get a little boost to their item loot as a bonus.

⇓ Betrayed/Betrayer ⇓

Betrayed/Betrayer is only set by admins.

This affiliate status is given to dens which were once allies but have been in a raid with each other. Betrayed is given to the victim on the raider's page, whereas Betrayer is given to the raider on the victim's page.

There are no bonuses accociated with this affiliate status.

⇓ Rivals ⇓

Rivals are only set by admins, but can technically be set by Den Members too.

This affiliate status is given in many situations. If two dens listed as enemies are working together often, an admin will set them to rivals instead. Likewise if two dens are listed as allies but the members interact with those from the affiliate den in a negative or combative manner, an admin might also list them as rivals then. Lastly, it might also be given to two dens who perceive their relationship differently, such as one den is listed as an enemy but the members of the enemy den act favorably towards the other.

Dens which raid their rivals get a little boost to their EXP and PT as a bonus.

⇓ Aquaintences ⇓

Acquaintances are only set by admins.

This affiliate status is given to two dens who have interacted a few times before, but who aren't enemies or allies or anything else.

There are no bonuses accociated with this affiliate status.

Every den has stats which impact the result of many activities. While they all start at 0, they can be increased by ranking up, applying items, or levelling. The higher the stats, the better your den does in activities.

The 7 stats dens have are as follows: Security, Integrity, Range, Morale, Appeal, Comfort, and Functionality. While Dens also have Rank and Status, those are seperate from the regular den stats.

⇓ Detailed Information on Each Stat ⇓

Security is a big factor that helps both in defending and attacking in raids. The higher the number is, the more likely you are to successfully raid a den and stop people from raiding you.

Integrity is mainly your Den's internal safety. It doesn't help with raids, but it does add a small defensive bonus when being raided. Other than that, integrity increases rewards in other den activities like design contests.

Range is another important factor in raids. Range is considered the 'speed' for raids. The higher the range is, the quicker you will attack or defend in raids, and the greater your success rate is.

Morale is a stat that simply helps with other den activities, such as design contests. It can also increase your odds of winning in a close raid.

Appeal helps with most holiday den events and activities based around decoration, such as design contests. It improves the chances of winning those events.

Comfort also helps a lot with holiday den events and activities, such as design contests.

Functionality is the last stat, and it ties into all the other stats. The higher functionality is, the better everything else works. (Multiplies other's stats by [it times .1])

How to Make a Den

Every user is free to create a starter den whenever they want and without limit. Starter dens do cost materials to make, however, but are allowed to have a max of 3 spirits in the den and a total of 1 familiar and 4 den items. These items provide bonuses for the den and can increase its stats.

Crafting a Den

To craft a starter den, you need to head to the Activities in the navbar and click Krawft's Crafting under artless activities. Starter Dens are free to make under the Den Ranks tab.

⇓ How to Craft the Starter Den ⇓

There is no limit to the number of dens you can craft, however it does cost a lot of materials to make. Once you have gotten to the crafting page and clicked on the item to craft, it'll let you know if you have all the items or not. All the needed materials need to be in your hoard! You can click the inventory option to select specific items to use as well!

Once the item is crafted, you have to head to your public inventory. In the Openables tab there should be the starter den. Click on that, select the checkbox, and choose 'use slot'. This will create the starter den in your geno slots area, as dens are treated similarily to characters. It will be labeled and with the description template filled out, bit not the stats which will be added upon approval. You cannot sell or trade these slots! In order to make the den official, you will need to submit it to design approvals.

Submitting to Approvals

Submitting a den for approvals is the exact same process as submitting any character, however there is some info you need beforehand. To start an approval draft, simply head to the den's slot page, then on the left sidebar near the bottom select 'Submit Geno Design.' You'll want to then select the Create button, and that will generate a draft. You'll have to fill out all the info, then submit it for an admin to look over.

⇓ How to Fill Out Each Section ⇓

Most of the stuff is going to be in the comments section. There shouldn't be anything in the add-ons section, and while we appreciate you filling in the den stats in the traits section, it isn't required.

For the image tab, you're going to want to upload an image that is either made by you or that you have the right to use! Make sure to credit the artist in either the designer or artist tab, or both if you want. Free stock images are allowed, such as those from Unsplash, as long as you link to the original. AI art is also allowed as long as it's credited as such, unless it was AI art that you used as reference and redrew it yourself.
If you need, the group has some free to use den images HERE which you can use if you don't have any yourself. However we do recommend you to make your own.

Otherwise the only thing is the comments section, which has a lot of information you need to add in. Make sure to add each of the following points of information:

The Name of the Den. This can be a moniker, the name for the group, or the name of the location. Just something to put down for the leader and any other spirits in the den.
A Leader Spirit.
Upon creating a den, you must designate a spirit in it as leader. Do keep in mind that a spirit can only be in one den at a time, and the spirit must be one you own. If you don't own a spirit that is not in a den, you cannot get the den approved. Please also note that we label the leader as "Leader" by default, however you are able to designate a different title for it.
A Quote. This quote can be a famous quote or something you made up yourself. It has no effect outside of being a motto for the den.
A Location. The location is entirely up to you, however it is lore-related and will impact the art. It must also match the image used. The location must not be too specific, and can be very generalized.
An Affiliation. This can be either Friendly, Neutral, or Hostile. Each affiliation has their own effects.
An Occupation. Like the location, this is also entirely up to you. Please keep it short, but unlike the location feel free to be as specific as you want. This is meant to be what the den is used for, or what the members are supposed to do there.
Den Information. This should be a paragraph that explains the appearence and feel of the den. You don't have to make it too long as long as the following information is present: The atmosphere or temperature, the lighting, and the materials and objects around. This is the only thing that can be updated later on.

If you are planning on adding any other spirits or items right away, you can also list them there, but it is recommended to wait till after approval. Do keep in mind other spirits being added must be yours, as spirits belonging to others need the owner's approval so can't be done till after the den is made.

You are allowed to own multiple dens.

Dens cannot be deleted after creation, but they can be disbanded. Disbanding a den simply means all members including the leader have left. In this case the den will be marked as disabled and will no longer be able to be used. You cannot reverse this action!

If a leader wants to step down, however, a request simply has to be made.

⇓ Disabling Dens and Changing Leadership/Membership ⇓

Disabling Dens

Disabling a den is easy to do, but it cannot be reversed. Make sure this is really what you want to do before you do it!

Before you disable a den make sure you remove all the items you can if you want, as you won't be able to remove them after. Do note that anything that would lower the stats below what is required for its current rank if it were to be removed will not be able to be removed.

Secondly all members will have to leave the den. All members will have to be alerted to this decision before you can disband it. Though you don't need their approval, they need to at least be aware of the decision. Once they've all been alerted, an admin can remove them all from the den.

Lastly, the leader just needs to leave the den. You can submit a request for this as well, but again there is no going back. As soon as there are no spirits left in the den, it will be disabled and unable to be used again.

Changing Leadership

Changing leadership is a fairly easy process. To change the leadership, you simply need to submit a request saying that you are relinquishing the den to another. This process differs slightly depending on the method.

Relinquishing leadership to a den member and leaving the den. This is the most simple method. This method does not need approval from the new leader. Just submit a request linking the den, your spirit, and the spirit you are relinquishing leadership to. Do make sure to also state you are leaving the den too. An admin will remove your spirit from the den, change the leader, and transfer the den automatically to the owner of the new leader (if not yourself). Please note that rejoining after this is seen as an exploit and you will be warned.

Relinquishing leadership to a den member but staying in the den. This is the same process as above, however it DOES require approval from the soon to be new leader. Once approval is given, everything will be processed.

Relinquishing leadership to a non-den member and leaving the den. Like above, approval is needed from both parties. This process might take a little longer, and the new spirit set as leader cannot already be in another den.

Relinquishing leadership to a non-den member but staying in the den. This one is a bit easier than above, but again needs approval of both. It's recommended the new leader joins the den first before processing the ownership transfer.

Adding/Removing Members

Please keep in mind a spirit can only join a den if they aren't already in one, and must get the leader's approval. However, you do not need the leader's approval to leave the den.

To join a den, the member or leader must submit a request linking both the den and the spirit joining. Proof of approval must also be included (such as a link to a public discussion, for example in the discord server or the forums, or depending on the parties, a screenshot is acceptable), or likewise an admin request submission from both member and leader works too.

To leave, a den the member just has to submit a request with the den and spirit linked. Though the den leader does not need to be alerted, it is recommended to do so. Otherwise no permission or reason is needed.

People who have spirits who join and leave dens constantly to get the den bonuses to exploit this system will be warned, and suspended if it continues.

What to do with Dens

When you do an image or literature that has a den in it, you submit to the gallery prompt as you normally would with a regular character. This means you need to include the den in the characters attached to the gallery submission when uploading, as well as submit an extra prompt submission with them linked. You will also have to have the correct PT Calculation criteria selected. While filling the criteria out might be different compared to regular characters, the rest of the process is the same as any other spirit.

⇓ How to Fill Out the PT Calculation Criteria ⇓

While literature is fairly easy to fill out for dens, art can be challenging as it is geared more towards spirits. This small guide should help you to know what to fill out for them when submitting den art.

% of Character: This is the biggest one. The different options instead refer to the amount of space you see in the den. Headshots refer to only a few props or small area to see such as windows or a doorway, or just sitting at a table. Busts refer to portions of rooms, but not the entire room. Halfbody refers to smaller enclosed rooms or areas. Fullbody refers to large rooms where you can see a lot of the area around.

Lineart/Color: These are pretty self explanatory and work the same as always.

Background: This qualifies the same as regularly, however instead of depth we count detail. The more effort put into the background, the higher we'll put this.

Extra Bonuses (Events and NPCs/OCs): These should be ticked on if they apply to the spirits in the art, but not because they count for the den.

Extra Bonuses (Den Piece): This will always be turned on.

Extra Bonuses (Den Mates and Allies): These are only added when it's den mates, and NOT for allies!

Docks: Docks are not counted for dens unless they contradict the den description or location.

Other Character's Submissions: Admins fill this out like always.

Collabs/Other Submissions: This is handled the same as always.

Alongside activities, dens also offer a shared bank for members of the den where they can put their items! Members of the den, meaning players who have a spirit in the den, can take items out of the shared bank at any time via request! Please note that allies, meaning players who own a spirit in a den that's allied, cannot take items out of their ally's banks, but they are allowed to gift them items directly via requests. Allies placing items in their ally's den is considered gifts and cannot be taken back unless gifted back. 

However only Den Leaders can add items from the den bank or their inventory to a den description! If an ally or member attaches an item it'll just go in the den bank and not actually be fully attached.

General Art

General art is den art that doesn't count for any specific prompts. While you can include dens in most other prompts, they will not get a bonus unless it is a den related prompt or activity.

General art is simply rolled as normal. Even if the other spirits are being submitted for a certain prompt, you will have to submit the den to the general art prompt, unless it's a Den-specific prompt.


Raids are a mostly den-exclusive pvp event much like boss battles, where you can attack other dens or dungeons to loot items.

Raiding will not remove any items from the other den, and will simply put a mark on their spot in the leaderboard. There are also dungeon raids where people can group dens up to fight together in a battle-like event!
You can view a ranking leaderboard here for raids!

⇓ How to start or join in a Raid ⇓

Only leaders can start raid battles against other dens! If a leader wishes to do so, they must have the majority of their den members participating (over 50%). This doesn't mean the majority of players, but the majority of spirits.
If only a few participate (the minority), it will not be counted as a raid battle by the admins and will be rolled as general art. To avoid late art impacting this decision, it is recommended to hold off submitting the art until the group is all ready. If an art/lit is sent to corrections which impacts this, the others will still be rolled for raid rewards.

Leaders must message their members to talk about starting a raid. There must be a seperate submission for each spirit participating, even if they're owned by the same player.

Design Contests

Design contests are events that generally happen around holidays or specific seasons that encourage people to decorate their dens by attaching certain den items or crafting materials into the den banks and doing art with their den decked out for the holiday.

These contests are guaranteed at least twice a year, and require at least three dens to participate. While they don't usually last very long, and don't require much in the way of art, the more art done and the more festive you are, the more likely you are to win.

Certain den items also increase your chances of winning these contests, and while there's no leaderboard, there are a bunch of nice prizes you can get from them!

Ranking and levelling

In order to allow for more items to be attached, higher stats, and better results in activities, you will need to increase the rank of your den and level them up. This process is very similar to regular characters, but has a bit of unique information that differs.

Levelling info

To level up a den you need to get EXP. If a den is featured in an artwork, or participates in a den activity, the Den itself can get EXP to level up. The amount of EXP and level requirements, as well as the caps, are the same as when leveling spirits, however upon leveling up the Den will get an increase to their stats.

⇓ Level Up Information and Rewards ⇓

When a den levels up, regardless of the level, they get 5 points randomly distributed through the available stats. This does not include status points.

Each level needs more and more exp to level up. It uses the same values as spirits. You can reset their level by ranking up.

Rank up chart

In order to increase a den's rank, one must provide required materials and have enough stats. When the rank increases, the number of spirits allowed in the den increases, and the stats increase a bit. Familiar slots are added, and more den items can be added too. Each rank up requires higher stats and more materials to do so. The highest rank a den can have is rank 10. A ranking up chart can be found below.

In order to rank up your den, the materials required must be in the owner's personal inventory. Crafting ranks is done through Krawft's Crafting. Please do not try to send crafting materials to the Den Inventory. After crafting a rankup, you may choose to keep the rank item in your inventory until you're ready to submit an admin request to have them review your Den, and, if you meet the requirements, process the rankup for you.

⇓ Ranking up Stat Requirements ⇓

You will have to not only have the materials listed in the chart below, but will also need to have a certain amount of stats. If your den does not have the required stats, the rank up request will be rejected. If you try to remove an item or familiar that will bring the stats down below what is needed for its current rank, the removal request will be rejected.

For Rank 2 you will need: 1 of each stat
For Rank 3 you will need: 25 total stat points, 1 Status Point
For Rank 4 you will need: 100 total stat points, 1 Status Point
For Rank 5 you will need: 20 of each stat, 2 Status Points
For Rank 6 you will need: 200 total stats, 3 Status Points
For Rank 7 you will need: 250 total stats, 4 Status Points
For Rank 8 you will need: 300 total stats, 30 of each stat, 5 Status Points
For Rank 9 you will need: 400 total stats, 35 of each stat, 8 Status Points
For Rank 10 you will need: 500 total stats, 50 of each stat, 10 Status Points

Material Cost Per Rank Clay Cloth Dye Feather Fur Gems Glass Hide Leather Leaves Log Mysterious Goop Ores Paper Plastic Reeds Rope Stick Stone String PT Rank Gives:
Rank 1 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 20 5 5 100 3 Members, 1 Familiar, 4 Den Items, Custom Background
Rank 2 5 20 0 0 0 0 5 5 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 25 6 0 200 +2 Members, +1 Familiar, +3 Den Items, +2 all stats
Rank 3 20 25 0 5 5 0 10 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 30 8 0 500 +2 Members, +1 Familiar, +3 Den Items, +2 all stats, +1 Custom Background
Rank 4 15 22 0 5 5 0 10 0 10 5 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 30 0 0 1000 +2 Members, +1 Familiar, +2 Den Items, +3 all stats
Rank 5 25 20 0 10 10 0 15 0 15 5 1 0 5 2 0 2 1 35 0 0 2000 +2 Members, +1 Familiar, +2 Den Items, +5 all stats
Rank 6 25 15 5 20 20 0 15 0 15 0 2 0 10 5 2 0 0 35 0 0 5000 +2 Members, +1 Familiar, +2 Den Items, +5 all stats, +1 Custom Background
Rank 7 30 15 5 5 15 5 25 0 20 5 2 0 10 0 5 5 0 35 6 0 5150 +2 Members, +1 Familiar, +1 Den Items, +10% to all stats
Rank 8 0 20 10 0 20 5 30 0 25 10 5 1 10 10 10 5 1 30 6 0 8000 +2 Members, +1 Familiar, +1 Den Items, +10% to all stats
Rank 9 15 25 5 0 25 0 35 5 10 0 2 0 10 0 10 2 1 25 0 0 8150 +2 Members, +1 Familiar, +1 Den Items, +15% to all stats
Rank 10 15 30 0 10 30 5 35 0 25 5 5 5 20 10 10 0 2 30 6 0 10000 +1 Members, +1 Familiar, +1 Den Items, +20% to all stats
Total Mats Cost 150 192 25 55 130 15 180 10 135 30 17 6 65 27 37 16 9 275 32 5 40000 20 Members, 10 Familiars, 20 Den Items, 3 Backgrounds