Dungeon Guide

What Are Dungeons?

Dungeons are what it says on the tin. They're special locations in the world that are built to be battled in, comprised of 100 floors each, and a boss floor after every 10th floor. Each floor has what are commonly referred to as mooks, trash mobs, and similar, but they're themed monsters that must be defeated in order to proceed to the next floor. Every 10 floors will earn you a milestone title that will let you skip to previously conquered floors that are after a boss, or back to the deeper floors if you choose to backtrack at any point, or if you revisit the dungeon after conquering the 100th floor/final boss. However, if you wish to repeat a boss, you will have to do the first 10 floors leading up to it again (or 5 if you have completed the dungeon already).

You can also only directly repeat a boss if you failed its fight. If you win, however, every boss has chances of dropping unique items such as Unique Traits, Backgrounds, and other valuable loot. If you happened to miss a world boss event, you might get lucky and find the same boss in a dungeon!

Dungeon Gold (DG) is awarded for each cleared floor, which can be spent in the Dungeon Tradepost shop. Additionally, you may choose to remain on a floor you cleared if you wish to farm EXP, loot, and Dungeon Gold. However, if you fail and get knocked back a floor, you lose 1 DG.

Wanya can also appear as an extra 10% chance, and if drawn/written in the subsequent floor piece, he will reward a summon permission slip to a random NPC spirit.

Once you get to Floor 100 of any dungeon, you get a title that allows you to skip every other floor of every dungeon. Therefore, it's more prudent to focus on just one dungeon for your first one, and then attempt the remaining dungeons, rather than trying to hit all dungeons at the same time. After you've completed all four dungeons, there may be a secret waiting for you...

Any spirit character is allowed to participate in dungeons, but dungeons get harder the further you progress. Some dungeons may also be more difficult than others. There is no limit on how many spirits can be in a single dungeon submission; so long as everyone involved is on the same floor, you could technically have as many characters as you want in the same image or lit submission. However, loot is based on number of enemies, not number of spirits, so if it's loot you're after, it may be better to tackle each floor with fewer spirits at a time.

Cooldowns are also treated differently, and some boosts effects are altered, and several don't function at all. Consider these changes to be a magical aura effect of the dungeon, if you need a lore reason.

Also, if your participating spirit has 200 points or more in their Attack stat, there's a set chance of having all enemies (excluding bosses) on any floor flee from you, allowing you to pass without a fight. In contrast, the Warrior boost will double all enemies you face on every floor, excluding bosses.

Finally, there is a player resource guide on the forum, where some players who've gone ahead with a character with Stat Indicator have submitted information on the dungeon enemies. You can find the guides here.

Art must be at least a sketch with no guidelines showing and a simple background fitting the dungeon theme. Spirit must be fighting against appropriate mobs or traps.
Literature must be at least 200 words and follow the same general rules as art.