Enchanting Guide

Enchanting is a prompt, which you can find in the Activities dropdown at any time. You must select a character you wish to use, as the rolls will be based off that character's Luck stat.

In order to use a given character as an enchanter, they must have completed at least one available quest, which can also be found under Activities. Alternatively, you can seek permission from other players to borrow their character(s) for enchanting.

Once a character enchants for the first time, they earn a title that increases their perma-Luck, so it's beneficial to enchant with each character you own at least once.

When enchanting, please ensure you have enough PT for enchanting everything. If you don't have enough PT for the enchantments, the admin will reject your submission!

You will also have to fill out the PT Calculation [note for how to do and image here], then choose Enchanting; which means we'd like if you expended some effort accurately counting up your scrolls, tomes, and total equipment slots. If you fail to attach the PT Calculation, we'll have to reject your submission, since we can't attach it on our end. We can only modify it.

Aside from that, be sure to attach all the items you want to enchant, and mention whether you have any special requests (ie “please reroll a slot if it enchants into particular undesired boost” or “I don't want to spend more than x amount of PT”). 

We will adjust the number of enchants accordingly for special requests.

Enchanting scrolls is 400 PT
Equipment enchants are 500 PT
Books to Tomes are 800 PT.
Unenchanting equipment is 20 PT per slot.
You cannot un-enchant corruption, but you may use an Angel’s Tears to purify it either in the prompt or in requests. You cannot unenchant scrolls or tomes either.