Maxed Out Character Guide

So you’ve got your first maxed out spirit. Now what?

You can continue playing as always, except now, instead of getting more levels, you’ll get a rare item every 100 exp your character earns. This effect stacks, so if you have more than one maxed spirit in an image, and both of them gain over 100 exp in that image, then you’ll get two rare items, and so on. These rare items are on top of what would normally drop.

If they start with 0 exp, get 80 exp in one image, and 30 exp in the next, then you’ll get the rare item/s after the second image. The exp count in the characters’ Level Area will then be set to 10, and added to with each successive submission, and continues on like this forever.


If you haven’t already, you might consider outfitting them for any one of the dungeons. If you go this route, be sure to carefully consider familiars and boosts, and check out the dungeon floor records on the forum! Some people who have gone before with Stat Indicator on their characters have submitted data on mobs, which might prove invaluable to you.


Maxed out spirits, dependent on boosts, can assist other spirits in numerous and impactful ways; though primarily this will be in regards to loot drops (unless Sloth + Charity are present and on the geno, or a couple other limiting boosts), or leveling (mainly if Heart of the Core + Charity is present and on the geno), and they can also help greatly in most PvE battle content.

Having maxed out Luck, if they also have Explorer III, and the spirit hasn’t done Cove at all, or very little, then they can also help other spirits explore Cove, if backgrounds are what you seek.


The other thing you can attempt to do with your maxed spirit is getting more boosts onto the geno via rebirthing, but remember you have a total cap of 25 rebirths, so don’t do too many in one go. The more boosts and other traits you have on the geno, the more there is that can pass to summons, if that interests you.

Also, if you haven’t by now, try to get Farmer III and a Slime familiar on your character before attaching enchanted scrolls and tomes! This offers a 50% chance for certain consumable enchants to get on the geno at application.


Maxed out spirits can also make or break a bossfight event, depending on how you view it. If you want to give other players a chance to get loot, it’s best to use maxed out spirits towards the end of any phase instead of at the beginning. Depending on the bosses, it’s possible to massively overkill if more than 1-2 maxed out spirits are used, so please be considerate to other players and either wait, or use weaker characters to fight first.
Besides, the more characters of yours that you use, the more chances you get at loot!

Questions or comments, please leave below!

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