Shop Guide

Regular Shops

There are many shops available in World of Gaia, and they can be accessed at any time from the World > Shops dropdown in the navbar. The first of these is Ares' Cart, which offers packs, some unique items, a one-time-purchasable Jelly Orb, and Legendary Familiar Slots. This shop is open year-round, and you only require PT to use it.

The second shop is Tatsu's Auction House, which requires coupons from Gaia's Giveaways to enter. You can get three of these coupons for free every week, which resets on Monday, site time. The stock in the AH changes every month, on the Sunday closest to the first of the following month. While everything requires PT to purchase, the prices are intentionally extremely high to prevent a single player from wiping out the stock. You must use the coupons when purchasing items in order to bring them down to their actual price.

The third shop is the Credits Shop, where you can buy items for Credits, a special currency that is gained by donating real money to the site, Bags of Coins, or from a couple other specific means. You can get Full Customs, Design Transfers, and PT here, among other things. You can read more about Customs in the Semis and Full Custom Guide.

The fourth shop is Gacha Shops; although it's not really a shop, functionally. It's a gachapon system where you can 'gamble' PT in exchange for the possibility of receiving any of the items listed in each gacha. To use gachas, go into the Openables section of your inventory, and open them from there. You can buy up to 99 at a time, but it's not recommended to buy too many at once.

The fifth shop is Vault's Haven. To make use of this shop, you will first need to buy Vault's Contract, which is 100 PT. After that, you will need to go to Krawft's Crafting, where you can exchange several types of items in exchange for Silver Coins. SC is only useable in Vault's Haven. You can buy some special items in Vault's Haven that are inaccessible from other shops.

The sixth shop is the Dungeon Tradepost. Here, you can exchange any Dungeon Gold you've earned on any character that has been used in a Dungeon, which has passed at least one floor. Here, you can buy a small handful of common items, equipment, Jelly Orbs, or consumables that will help you on your dungeon progress.

The seventh shop is Gaia's Giveaways. The items in this shop will always be free to every player, but the stock is limited. There are items for first-timers, and there are items that may only appear for a day or two, such as the twice-a-year Fireworks Charm, or some other limited event items.

The eighth shop, Stark's Hoard, is only technically available to claim items from when Stark's Hoard prompt conditions are fulfilled for the week. Once they are fulfilled, the item specified in the prompt for the week will become available for all players to grab one unit of, for free.

The last year-round shop is the Donation Shop. Here, you can find items for free that other players have donated. You can take one item every 24 hours from this shop. If you lose track, there is a timer below the shop banner that counts down from when you last claimed an item.
If you have items you wish to donate to the Donation Shop, you'll first need to go to your public inventory. From there, choose the item you wish to donate, check its box, then choose the Donate Item option. There will be a yellow button that says Donate. Once you click it, the item will be removed from your inventory and added to the shop.

Finally, there are the seasonal/holiday shops. These only appear for two months out of each yearly season, and contain limited items themed around the current season, which are only available for limited event currency. These shops are as follows:

  • Summertime at the Beach
  • Springtime Splendor
  • Festival of Death
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Groundhog's Booth, which may or may not appear every year, but it includes everything from the other four shops.

Player Shops

Player shops are owned and run by the userbase. Every player is able to create one shop each. You can create a shop by going to the Home > My Shops dropdown in the navbar, and clicking Create on that page. You are able to add a shop image and a name, as well a shop description.

To add stock to your shop, you have to go to your Condensed Inventory, click the Quickstock button on the top right, select your shop, then check the boxes and quantities of all items you want to transfer. It is recommended to not select too many in case some items cannot be transferred! Once you're happy with the selection, click Submit.

You cannot add equipment or account-bound items to your shop. This is because, in the case of equipment, it often comes with notes, which will be wiped if they are added to a shop. To preserve the notes, we have disabled adding them to shops. However, you can still set up a User Exchange manually to trade items for currency.

Once you have added items to your shop, you can go to your shop's list via the Home > My Shops dropdown in the navbar. You can view your shop by clicking on it, or additionally if you click Edit,  you can view items that were added to the shop. Here you can set the price, as well as the visibility, of each item. Items are by default set to Hidden when first added to a shop. You can also change which currency you would like, between PT and any holiday currency.

In order to remove an item from your shop you no longer want to sell, select the number from the Removal Quantity, then click Submit.

The shop keeps track of who purchased what items, and when, via its own logs, which only the shop owner can view.

You can also view other peoples' shops on the same page from the lefhand menu, or by going to the Community > All User Shops dropdown from the navbar. Also, if you are looking for a specific item, there is an Item Search on the page that lets you search through all shops for that item. This button is also accessible in the Compendium when looking through items.