Submissions Guide

Before you can submit art or literature to a prompt, you need to first submit to a gallery on the site. The galleries and what each is for are as follows:

  • NPC: For images of just NPCs, and not for images of your characters that include NPCs.
  • General: For art/lit of your characters that is not for prompts, events, or other activities - this is purely for miscellaneous or non-canon art of your characters, as well as reference sheets. There's also a Centaurian sub-gallery exclusive to Centaurian characters.
  • Lore: For art/lit that is canon for your characters and the world.
  • Holiday Events: For specific events that have to do with the holidays. They can be for generic festivals (Summertime at the Beach, Festival of Death, etc) or if we have a related Monthly Quest.
  • Discovery Cove: Only for submissions pertaining to Discovery Cove.
  • Quests: For any quest submissions, including non-holiday monthly quests.
  • Dungeons: Strictly for dungeon submissions.
  • Battles: For non-dungeon battle related submissions. Boss events, PVP, tournament submissions all go here.
  • Training: Solely for training submissions.
  • Dens: Any art/lit related to dens. Must include the den, not just reference it.
File Size Limitations

While literature can be pasted in or written in directly in a submission's literature field, we highly recommend having a copy of the writing saved off-site, in case you hit the site's limit and your work fails to upload. Artwork can be submitted via the Upload button on any gallery, and should be below 2000kb/2MB, or it will fail to upload. If you need a bigger version, feel free to upload it elsewhere and post a link to it in the description. The description is optional otherwise, but it's nice if you put something there anyway - especially in the case of commissions or gift art or even trades. Animations and gifs will likely have to be posted off-site, and you will need to upload a single frame in the case of larger animations.


Other Participants & Crediting

There are two sections other than the title and description, which are Collaborators and Other Participants. With both, you can only select people that have an account on-site. If you need to add someone who is off-site, you will need to add them in the description. Also remember, when adding collaborators, you must add yourself to the list to be credited for the work done. Other Participants are if the submission is a gift, trade, or commissioned - but please know that in order to use the Commission tag, you must be the one who was commissioned. You cannot submit on behalf of someone else and mark them as the one you commissioned, because the way the site works is that it will still credit you as the creator.

You must upload an image or literature onto the site in order to be credited for it. If it is an image/lit done by someone who is off-site,  you are allowed to upload for them on your account, but you must link them in the description along with crediting them for their work. You must also make sure you get permission from the person in order to upload to this site. If the person does not give permission, then you may instead make a blank submission with a placeholder image or text that links to the off-site work. If the image/lit was done by someone who is on-site, but they are refusing to upload it themselves, then reach out to an admin through Admin Requests. Depending on the circumstances, we can work out an exception.


Multiple Prompts

Besides General Art, you're able to select a Prompt. However, you're only able to select for one Prompt, so if you're submitting for multiple activities, choose the most prominent one and then link the other prompts in the description that you're submitting for. If you don't link them in the description, or at least in the Comments when submitting for the prompt, we will not roll for the other prompts.


Content Warnings

Also be sure to use any Content Warnings if the piece needs it. Content Warnings should be used in cases that depict death, graphic violence, body horror, and most triggering topics as well as some controversial topics. If you're ever unsure whether your content needs the warning, feel free to ask (preferably without images unless we give the go-ahead) any admin in the Discord or through Admin Requests.


Attach All Characters!

Next, be sure to attach all characters involved in your submission, whether you own them or not. This also includes NPCs and Dens.



After you have submitted to a gallery, the admins will look over your submission, and either approve or reject it. If they have any questions, they will comment on your submission. If you do not respond to their comments in a timely manner, they will likely reject it and give their reasoning. If you need a second opinion or disagree with an admin's reason for rejection, you can always submit an Admin Request or comment in the Discord. Otherwise, you'll need to fix the image/lit and resubmit. Usually an admin will also suggest a few different things you can do; such as other galleries or prompts you could submit to without needing to change anything, or ways to fix the image/lit so that it will work for the intended prompt.


Prompt Submission

Once a gallery submission is approved, you can submit it to the prompt by either going to the prompt in the Activities area, or by clicking Submit > Submit Prompt in the top right of the navbar. If you go through the Activities page, the prompt will be pre-selected when you click Submit, but if you go through the navbar, you'll have to choose the prompt from the dropdown.

Rewards will not be rolled until you submit to the prompt. Additionally, you need to attach the PT Calculations [image placeholder] using the button below the comments area. The form proper won't appear until a prompt is selected. If you fail to attach this form, we will have to reject your submission. The PT Calculation form is required so that admins can roll your currency and rewards, and if you don't attach it, we're unable to add it ourselves. You're not required to fill it out, but it's helpful if you do.

Each collaborator needs to submit for the prompt as well, and also needs to add the PT Calculation. Rewards will not be rolled until everyone involved in the art/lit submit to the prompt. Additionally, you need to submit once per character you own, including Dens. NPCs do not need their own submissions.


Time Limits

If you have submitted for a prompt, and it is waiting on other people to submit, but they won't or simply haven't for two weeks or more, then you may submit for them and claim the rewards that otherwise would have gone to them. That said, we recommend communicating with the other party involved to try and avoid this scenario. If people do not submit within a month, then an admin will submit on their behalf, and everyone will forfeit that person's rewards. That said, if no one is submitting for a piece at all, then it just sits in the gallery and no one gets the rewards until it's finally submitted.


Delayed Submissions

If you submit an image to the galleries early for a seasonal event, but it's not within the season (say, submitting a Halloween-themed image in August), and then you try to submit for the season later on (same image but submitting to the prompt in October), then you will get the rewards you normally would have gotten outside of the season. In order to claim seasonal rewards, art/lit submissions should be current. That said, if you submit something to the gallery during say, December, but forget to submit the prompt until the following March, you will still get the rewards you would have gained in December. This is to avoid the potential for cheating or abusing the system. 
The only exception to this is the Monthly Quest. If you don't submit to the Monthly Quest during the relevant month you want, then your submission will be rolled as general art. This is because the Monthly Quest prompt gets recycled, and once it's updated, there's no way for us to reference past quests.


Attaching Items

If you're going to attach items to a submission, please note you can only attach consumables - such as scrolls or charms or Treasure Maps. You can do this by opening the Inventory dropdown and choosing from the list displayed. Be sure to check off each relevant box and select the number from the amount dropdown! There are some items that can stack, so be sure to double check item descriptions. If you forget to attach an item, an admin can manually remove it during the submission process, as long as you alert us before it is rolled. If it is a large number of items, we will usually ask you to resubmit. If we've already processed the submission, we can't go back and use the item(s).