Character Design Transfer Guide

If you've ever wanted to bring a beloved character concept into the game, Design Transfers are how you could accomplish that.

In order to do this, you must first buy a character transfer slot from the credits shop, then contact Wolvenhyde to begin the transfer process. The details must then be worked out with her. While you can give your opinion on certain choices she makes about the geno, Wolven has the final say. If you dislike one of her choices, such as a trait or marking, then you can design the character as specified initially, then after upload, you can use trait edits to change certain features you disagreed with.

Please do not abuse this to get cheap semicustoms. We will find out.

In order to qualify for a character transfer, the character has to have been around and owned by you for a fair amount of time, or have a lot of art done in a short amount of time. The one exception to this is if you purchased a design from an established adoptable artist, and you want to turn the design into a kiji or tally, that's usually fine. We usually ask for proof of the character, such as a toyhouse profile or record of the adopt being posted online somewhere.

Remember that ultimately, Wolvenhyde will decide whether a character qualifies for a transfer.

Generally, Wolven will try to make designs as close to the original concept as possible, but please understand that certain adjustments may need to be made to keep the geno legal. Wolven will then create the geno slot for you and delete the item from your inventory. Afterward, you will need to design the character and then submit them to Design Approvals as you would any other geno.

Lastly, remember, you are creating a "clone" of the original concept. You are basically duplicating the design onto a kiji or tally, not transforming your OC into the species or "disguising" them as one through creative shapeshifting. The final product is a kiji, or is a tally, and is not really an angel, demon, deity, or otherwise. It's fine if they believe they're such, but if referred to in lore, other characters may see them as delusional. The resultant character, if it has background lore of originally being a deity, cannot actually perform feats such as weather manipulation, time travel, or other extravagant magical effects.