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27 October 2021 (2 years ago)
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AFAB demiflux, biromantic greysexual. It/its, she/her, he/him (feel free to use my pronouns interchangeably, just please no they/them).

If you need help, feel free to ask.

6409 Player Tokens
2 Leaflets
71 Painted Eggs
29 Balls of Snow
7 Candies
Rebirthing Essence
Betta Cheeks
Ice Tome
Twin Core Soul
Eel Tail Fin
Twin Core Soul
Ice Banner
Completed Collections

Making the Best of Them

Ambassador of the Elements


Popping in for a Month

Popping in for a Week

Friendly Assistance

For the Longest Time

Sticks and Stones can Break my Bones but Words...

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Rílaméth avatar frame
Featured by Owner

If you wish to ask questions on my profile page, please use the reply function on this comment to do so (this just keeps things tidy).

2021-11-19 07:24:02 (Edited 2021-11-19 07:24:08)

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Not a question, but thanks for the stuff! It's much appreciated!

2024-05-21 08:27:23

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Sure thing, I hope it helps~

2024-05-21 08:41:44

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It certainly will!

2024-05-21 08:42:27

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