World of Gaia

Welcome to Gaia's World!

After a nigh-apocalyptic event called the Thinning, enacted by the goddess Gaia herself, the Earth began to heal from the damages wrought by humanity. Kijikaiaku, Gaia's created servants, obey her orders and do her bidding, keeping the world cleansed of foulness as best they can. Gaia, however, remains in the Core at the center of the Earth, bound to it and unable to leave.

Kijikaiaku are nature spirits, and while technically bound by Gaia's will, they have personalities and wills all their own. They come in myriad shapes, sizes, and colors, much like any other living being, and some are playful and mischievous while others are stoic and dutiful.

For a long time, they enjoyed relative peace, broken only by the occasional supernatural threat.

Then, without warning, they found they were no longer alone...

Yile, another celestial dryad like Gaia, a goddess in her own right, traveled the cosmos, and eventually stumbled across Earth. Finding the planet to be enticing, she seeks to claim it as her own. She created the subtalleons, based on several creatures of Earth she found beautiful, and set them against Gaia and the kijikaiaku. Her war is a slow, quiet one, however, and as she resides in the Abyss beneath the oceans, she plots and amasses the energy her servants bring her from the lands above.

Who knows when this war will reach a head? For Yile's aggression is not without resistance...

This site is built as a hub for both members of the group and guests who want to learn more and explore our species! While we are currently set as invite only due to recent issues with bots, you can reach out to an admin or join our Discord to get a code and to chat with awesome members and get help and advice! Feel free to join us here on the Discord for an awesome community to chat with!

Kijikaiaku and Subtalleons are a closed species which originally started on Deviantart. After a rough Alpha and pre-Beta phase, we are now in on our own site and are very excited to have you! You can RP with other members, do art or writing of your creations, get rewards, collect more designs, and level your characters to be more and more powerful all within this site!

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Affiliate Species:

These species are affiliated with the group and will recieve bonuses in art that include them. We encourage you check them out, not only for the bonus but because they're neat species you might enjoy!

Centaurians Semi-Open Species (On This Site)
by Wolvenhyde

Naea Closed Species (On Toyhouse)
by Wolvenhyde

Zekui Semi-Closed Species (On Toyhouse)
by Wolvenhyde




Ursalupe Open Species
by Wolvenhyde

Severequine Open Species (Includes MTX)
by Wolvenhyde

Elementalite Open Species (Unreleased)
by Wolvenhyde




Kitsari Semi-Closed ARPG (Alpha on Discord)
by Fluffynerd

Naedra Semi-Closed ARPG (Alpha on Discord)
by Fluffynerd

Vhérga Closed Species (on Toyhouse)
by Sehanbrel

Familiars of Zaetera Semi-Open RPG (Includes MTX; On Toyhouse)

Empherian Open Species (Unreleased)
By Wolvenhyde


By Wolvenhyde




Message Wolvenhyde if you'd like to become an affiliate!