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D-00002: Wrath of Lilies

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14 December 2021, 03:27:57 PST

"To help those in need is a Den indeed!"

Affiliation: Friendly
Occupation: Community Service Organization

Den Information: The den is located in a bumpy plains area covered in flowers. The inside is supported by wooden beams and the walls covered in stones to make it cozy. It feels homely, with a bar-like atmosphere and inhabitants coming to look for jobs and others needing help with a project. Lighting is decent and temperature fluctuates.

Member Listing 2/3:
#15 Aurorabeam/Leader
#10 Nain/Member

Den Bonuses:
- Can raid self
- Double rewards if reflection is present

Den Pets 0/1:

Den Items 2/4:
- Mirror
- Garden

Kestramore: Ally
Wrath of Roses: Ally

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