NPC-00011: Aegelmaere

Owned by GaiasKijikaiaku

​witch of high tides

     Aegelmaere is a monster, her mother was a harpy and her father was a kelpie. Her parents weren't present much of her childhood, and she grew fast, a monster among monsters, the blood of her parents under her skin.

     Despite all the feathers on her, the transparent appendages on her arms are actually feather-shaped fins which help her swim through water. She also has webbed hands and feet, and can glide through the air. Her feathers are watertight like a duck's, and her silvery blue eyes have bar pupals just like a horse's. Unfortunately, however, she can't shapeshift like her father, or fly like her mother, but has her own unique skills instead.


     Being a monster, Aegelmaere does not have a society she is apart of nor really keeps in contact with her family. Unfortunately, she doesn't have many friends either. She kills to survive, and doesn't trade or collect, buy or sell like many other sentiant species, however she is sentiant enought to differentiate herself from a common animal.
     When the Subtalleons started to pop up and appear around, Aegelmaere saw them as kindred spirits and sided with them, hating the world and her plights for survival. Though she knows most Kiji are too strong for her and avoids getting in their way whenever they are noticed, she does help Tallies and often communicates with them. It is unclear if this is because of her kelpie blood influencing her, or her own sentiant desires to side with the invadors, but wherever she is, there's a tally nearby.
    Aegelmaere is very haughty and through communicating with others has learned a considerable amount of communication skills. Despite being unwilling to work with Kiji, if a Tally comes seeking her assistance, she will happily trade magic for some fish, or even better, other land meats she doesn't often have access to. In return, she hopes to one day use magic to become a Tally herself.
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