Profile PK-00040: Fate

Owned by Wolvenhyde

Can be Drawn with Subtalleons: Maybe
Can be Written with Subtalleons: Maybe
Any Specific Tallies it has to be Drawn/Written With? None
Can be Drawn with Kijikaiaku: Yes
Can be Written with Kijikaiaku: Yes
Any Specific Kiji it has to be Drawn/Written With? None
Cove Submissions: OK
Meme Submissions: Not OK
Dungeon Submissions: Please Notify
Quest Submissions: OK
Can Summon with: Not Free to Summon with
Summon Notifications: Please Notify before using in a Summon
Best Activity for: Summons
Commission Status: Open for art commissions

Trade Status: Open for art trades
Gift Status: Open for art gifts
Comfortable with: 
Uncomfortable with: 
Please DO: 
Please do NOT: Forget their glaze

  • Gift art is allowed
  • Gift writing is allowed
  • Open for links