[Lore : Trope Lore] Calming Tempers

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Coincidential encounters are not always peaceful ones, and such a case of conflict occurred between two kijikaiaku - one a fiercely protective guardian of his domain, Radimir, the other a haunty wanderer for whom boundaries did not exist, Chord. Though most might say it was Chord who started the fight, by ignoring Radimir's territorial lines and all warnings, Chord himself would likely say it'd been Radimir at fault, who ill-liked it when any crossed his borders. It had been heading in the direction of violence over words when a third kjikaiaku happened upon the scene.

Ravyne was far from a stranger to conflicts of all sorts, and in his many years of existence he'd found only very few that couldn't be resolved with words or compassion instead of offense. So it was that he inserted himself into the argument, at a point wherein Radimir and Chord had fallen silent staring at each other in rage, and requested they let him mediate the dispute in the interest of resolving things without harm to the local environment.

Though both were unhappy, Chord was not one to cause wanton distruction (just wanton disrespect), and Radimir hardly had any interest in causing harm to his own territory, the land which he guarded so ardently. So it was that it became agreed that Ravyne would be their mediator for the dispute, and as Ravyne learned more of the source of their conflict, he understood where each side felt they had been wronged.

Many an hour it took, and voices got raised multiple times, but Ravyne did get both sides to see the other and settle down.

For Radimir, Ravyne was able to convince him of the occasional necessity of allowing others to tread through his territory, for as it lay deep within a flood plain forest, there was valid cause for spirits to need to pass through in order to help maintain the forest's health for the areas Radimir had not claimed for himself.

For Chord, Ravyne eventually got through to him that respect of others' boundaries was not a pesky irritation that existed solely to annoy Chord in particular, but that it was a right and just thing to do. That respecting others was an indicator of one's own strength of character, rather than an indicator of restrictions being placed upon him by others.

With the two now seeing eye-to-eye, Ravyne lingered until Chord moved on away from Radimir's territory (just in case Chord did something else to unintentionally anger Radimir), then asked if the drakus required his aid for anything. At a firm "no", Ravyne inclined his head, and took his leave - with Radimir being quite thankful for the solitude and quiet, his territory - for the time being at least - safe and unharmed.

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[Lore : Trope Lore] Calming Tempers
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In Lore ・ By Rílaméth, IceDragonQueen22

Ryla did the lit. part of this, I did the full drawing.

Geez, there's a reason I don't do super big bg's like this often, lol! Fun but exhausting, ya know?

Anyway, Radi's a grump, Chords arrogant, and I'm surprised Rayvne's not more sick of them by the end of it XD

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