Spliced Guide

Unleash the Inner Chimera

Spliced is a chimeric-like trait allows your spirit to embody not one, but two distinct genos, opening up a universe of creative possibilities. This guide further explains this complicated trait and delves into the three distinct ways these spliced spirits can manifest: Shapeshifting, Marbled, and Merged.

The Splice Variants
  1. Shapeshifting Splices: Imagine your spirit seamlessly changing between two majestic forms, one as fiery as the sun, the other as cool as the moonlit sea. Shapeshifting Splices possess two fully designed genos, one for each form. They can switch between these forms at will or based on your chosen rules (emotions, time, etc.). Design each geno separately, reveling in the contrast or mirroring them for a fascinating twist.

  2. Marbled Splices: Marbled splices showcase a harmonious blend of markings, not traits, usually, creating a blend of two genos through patches and markings. Design both genos as usual, but let one dominate visually while the other peeks through in specific areas. While they still follow marking rules, Marbled Splices allow for greater flexibility.

  3. Merged Splices: Merged Splices defy standard geno limitations. Blend both genos seamlessly into one design, ignoring specific marking rules and minimum ranges. Feel free to create custom traits that combine existing ones or minimize their effects. Imagine a geno with the sphynx trait with just a hint of fur, or a spirit with the dunked marking showing both on their head and tail. Just remember, the merged design should still resemble both original genos and avoid mimicking existing traits.

On Geno vs. Added Trait

Please note that there are some differences between Spliced when it's on a geno vs it added to the design.

- When Spliced is part of the geno, you can choose which side to remove if you choose to remove the trait later. This allows for greater control over the Splice's appearance.
- If Spliced is added (Even if it's added but on the design as occult), the second side will always be removed if you decide to remove the trait.
- Genos that get re-spliced may not come with the same traits and markings when re-spliced.
- Summoning Limitations: Remember, Spliced Spirits with the trait added cannot pass anything on the spliced side to their summons, unlike those with Spliced as part of their geno.
- Genos that have Spliced as occult will not have a second geno till it becomes recessive.