Stark's Hoard

Category: Artless

Stark and Trifle need things, if you have the items, they'll trade!


Stark Prompt

"I see this herb caught your eye. If you want it, I'll exchange it for some materials."
This is a community pool, you can donate part of what Stark wants or all of it, working together with fellow players. Once Stark gets the items he wants from any player, he will offer the item one per player on site for free! This resets every Sunday! (SHOP IS CLOSED!)

Needed: x1 Flame Tome
Giving: x1 Recovery Herb


Trifle Prompt

"Stark isn't paying attention and I need to clear out some of his hoard, but I can't gift it away. If you get me these things, I'll give you this scroll."
This is NOT a community pool, and is one per person. Trifle will give you the item below if you procure what is needed for him! This resets every Sunday!

Needed: x1 Moonstone, x1 Pocket Mirror, x10 Silver Ore
Giving: x3 Scroll of the Angler


No rewards.