Prompt Categories


General prompts are prompts that give rewards but aren't categorized as quests of specific activities.

Recipe Unlocks

Prompts that unlock recipes for you. Requirements heavily vary per prompt.

Note that gift art is not allowed to unlock these recipes for other users, unless you're unlocking for them using one of their spirits solo. Otherwise, any art/lit done for this prompt must either be collaborated, commissioned, or involve only your own spirits.


What is the Quest Board?
The Quest Board is an activity board where people can come to do quests for certain rewards, unlike Discovery Cove that yields a random pool, these quests have specific rewards and requirements!
Like most events and activities, at least 50% of the Kiji must show, and there must be at least a simple background! Rough, sketchy lineart is fine, but leaving guidelines or looking incomplete will deny you rewards.
All artwork must contain a minimum of 1 Kiji, and a max of 5! Any Kiji over the limit will be denied rewards and will instead be rolled as general art separately.
Literature must be at minimum 250 words! Except for the Monthly quest, which unless otherwise stated is 500 words minimum!
The artwork must have to do with the prompt! If the admin does not see it as following the prompt, explanation will need to be given, or edits will need to be made!

<a href=" Cove" class="display-category">Discovery Cove</a>

Discovery Cove

What is Discovery Cove?
Discovery Cove is a place where spirits can go to escape and explore, have fun and discover friends. You can explore around to find cool items! This is a permanent art activity everyone with a spirit can participate in. There are only a few rules one must follow...
You can only post up to one Discovery Cove art piece a day. This is because there are some artists who are faster than others, and we want to give everyone an equal chance at things. This can also inspire people to work on getting that one upload a day many aspire to do. You can however increase this limit to 2 with higher stamina.
You cannot submit art representing areas you have not discovered. Everyone starts out with the three basic starting areas, the bushes, the beach, and the shallows. From exploring those areas, you can discover more which you can draw, however art containing areas you have not discovered will be denied for rewards.
You cannot resubmit art, or make art that's too similar to others. This is also in compliance with the group rules, which includes tracing and stealing art. No double-posting, no art theft, no tracing, and all will be well!
Art must have to do with exploring! Though it is a given and stated throughout the journal, your spirit must be exploring in some way to receive rewards! This can be show through looking at things, staring off into the distance, walking around, playing with the wildlife, or finding things!
There is a max of three spirits per submission. Only one of these three must show more than 50% of the spirit, but the rest in the picture can show as little as 25%. Any spirit over this limit will not be rolled for Cove and instead be rolled simply as general art separately.
Submissions must include a background. This background must depict the location being explored. The season can also be changed and depicted in the image according to the standard season currently happening. (ie you can draw a snowy forest during the winter, but not during the summer, however the tundra can be snowy all year round)
Literature must be at least 500 words. It must describe the environment in great detail and the spirit's reaction to things. We are very picky with our literature submissions.

What do I get from exploring Discovery Cove?
Mostly crafting materials, though you do have a chance for other items as well! Items are sorted by rarity, and the rarer the item is, the less likely you will find it. However, there's still a chance! The luckier your spirit is, the better chance it'll have at finding rarer items. There's also a chance your spirit will discover a new area to explore, broadening up the art you can draw for Discovery Cove! You also unlock backgrounds for your spirit's  import for every new location you discover!

What can I explore in Discovery Cove?
There are many areas to explore in Discovery Cove! As a starting player, the only areas you can explore are the Beach, the Shallows, or the Bushes. Exploring any of these can yield cool items, or extended locations. Some locations only lead to one other, where others branch into multiple. However there are some dead end locations, locations that do not lead on to discover any more.

Battles and Dungeons PVE

Boss Battles are PvE events where people have their spirits battle against event creatures to win event items and unique boss gear, traits, and titles! The event is a timed event, lasting for only two weeks, however any art submitted adds to the counter. If no one participates during the first two weeks or in over a week since the last art has been submitted, the event will end prematurely. Otherwise, the event ends when the boss is defeated.

Boss Battles have two stages, the pre-fight and the boss battle itself. The pre-fight generally has minions themed around the event you can attack and get drops from, and have a total health that's generally around half the boss's. After they are defeated the boss will emerge, in which people can battle it as well. Only those who participate in the battle (one or both stages) are eligible to loot from the boss, their loot depending on how many spirits they used.

Art must be at least clean lined with no color, OR if clean sketch then it needs flat colors. Minimum simple background.
Literature must be at least 500 words.

Even if the boss is overkilled, an extra seven days will be added to allow last-minute submissions in.

Boosts cannot increase the loot you get from the boss!

Dungeons are similar to boss battles in how they are rolled, but boosts can affect the loot. Loot is per enemy, instead of per spirit in the piece. Cooldowns are treated differently, and some boost effects are altered.
There are 100 floors in each dungeon to battle through, with milestone tokens given every 10 floors that allow you to jump to previously conquered floors, or back to the deeper floors if you choose to backtrack at any point or revisit the dungeon after conquering the 100th floor/final boss.
Bosses can be repeated, and you're allowed to remain on a floor or go back floors at any point.

Dungeon Gold is awarded for each cleared floor, which can be spent in the Dungeon Tradepost shop.

Wanya can also appear as an extra 10% chance, and if drawn/written in the subsequent floor piece, he will reward a summon permission slip to a random NPC spirit.

Upon completing a dungeon in its entirety, your spirit will be awarded an item that lets you skip every other floor when doing a different, incomplete dungeon. This means the total floor requirements are halved.

Art must be at least a sketch with no guidelines showing and a simple background fitting the dungeon theme. Spirit must be fighting against appropriate mobs or traps.
Literature must be at least 200 words and follow the same general rules as art.



Need a Better Edge in Activities?

There are many ways to level your spirit to give them better stats. Stats are the way we judge the results of any activities or events we host and what part your spirit takes in it. The better they are, the better chance you will have in the events and activities, and the better your results will be.

There are many ways to increase your spirit's stats. One of them is training, which is a somewhat direct route towards raising stats.


1. You are only allowed to do a max of THREE total training pictures a day per spirit!
2. Training art must be a fullbody image, colored, with at least a simple background, and can be a really clean sketch at minimum (no messy/hairy lines, etc). Literature must be at minimum 500 words!
3. There is no limit to the number of spirits in a single image, however they cannot be obstructing each other too much. Same with literature, however all spirits must appear in the whole literature and must not overshadow each other.
4. Any more than one missing or added trait/marking in the art/lit and it will be sent to corrections.
5. Training art is very picky about other activities it is paired with. Prompts that give an extra reward for something added to the piece is generally accepted, however please note training art DOES NOT give PT and EXP, or anything that is based off those results.


Do you have a story to share about your spirit? Lucitha wants to hear about it! Complete any of the prompts listed for themed rewards.

All art/literature must have to do with the spirit(s) in question. There may be other spirits in the artwork, and while the other spirits may get general lore rewards, only the main character(s) can count for the lore prompt's special rewards and the focus must be on them..
The piece must be true to lore for all characters. You are allowed to have background characters, but they must be canonly in character as well. True to lore means not only keeping them in character, but keeping accurate to the world, species in the world, and the like.
You cannot resubmit art/lit, but you are allowed to submit artwith similar backgrounds as long as it's clear effort was put into each. This is also in compliance with the group rules, which includes tracing and stealing art. No double-posting, no art theft, no tracing, and all will be well!
Art/lit must have to do with lore! You may combine lore art with quests, events, or even Discovery Cove, as long as it follows the requirements for each.

What can I draw/write for Lore pieces?
Practically anything! As long as it has to do with your Kiji's lore, you can draw your Kiji anywhere, doing anything. Certain Prompts will get you more EXP and PT too!

What do I get from submitting a Lore piece?
All Lore pieces will toss you a random item depending on your spirit's luck, sometimes it is equipment, a familiar, or a rare item or chest/pack. The higher your luck, the more items you get too! You won't find crafting materials here.

Art submissions at minimum must be of complex background, with minimal shading, clean lines/sketch or lineless, with at least 25% of the spirit showing. It must also include a literature submission of at least 200 words which describe the scene and give context.
If the art happens to be a comic format, it still need to have at least 200 total words in any speech/thought/description bubbles.

Literature submissions must be at least 1000 woods, with enough detail that the reader isn't left guessing what's going on, and can easily picture the scenes.


Holiday events consist of three different kinds: Seasonal, Yearly, and Themed.

Yearly events occur once a year on specific days or weeks to celebrate the holiday. They are generally either themed around the event or are just a general event to celebrate the occasion.

Themed events are just events that are themed around the holiday, and don't always happen every year.

Seasonal events happen every year and include festivals! They last a few months and have a bunch of fun prompts or activities included in them, as well as a prize booth where you can get themed items and limited traits and familiars for holiday currency.


What are Raids?

Raids are fun events where groups of people come together to do battle. These are rolled differently than Battle events as with battle events they are rolled all individually, where raid battles are all rolled together as a batch. Essentially, they are a group vs a den, or in some cases a dungeon. Raid battles even have leaderboards where you can see which dens are doing the best and worst at raiding, who is best at attacking, and who is best at defending!

How do I participate in a Raid? What Kinds are There?
Raids are triggered either by the group admins or by a Den Leader.

Den Leaders can trigger raids against other dens, in which the majority of den members must participate. Allies can still raid each other, but the moment one raids their allies, their relationship will be updated on their Den profile as a betrayed status. Enemies get bonuses for raiding each other.

Dungeon raids are triggered by the admins.
There are two kinds of dungeon raids; Den Dungeons and Party Dungeons. Den Dungeons are den-exclusive, and only spirits in Dens can participate. Just remember the same majority rules apply per Den. Party Dungeons are rare, and are only for spirits that do not belong to a Den. This requires a group of 6 or more spirits who are not in dens to participate in the Dungeon Raid. In Den vs Den raids and Den Dungeon Raids the rewards are put in the den banks, whereas Party Dungeon Raids distributes loot randomly to each spirit participating.

Tournaments PVP

Want to Battle in a Tournament?

What are Tournaments?
Tournaments are fun PvP activities hosted by Hime and CeeCee where people can pit their spirits against each other. Depending on how many people enter, the tourneys can be anywhere from 4, 8, or even 16 total spirits! Tourneys pit the spirits skills and stats against each other, all to see who gets on top and wins!

What do I Get from Tournaments?
Upon participating in a tournament you can get multiple prizes. Losers will get extra EXP and PT for having participated, whereas winners will get a prize item! Prize items range anywhere from bundles of crafting materials, to enchanted equipment, and even unique items! The winner who comes out on top of the tournament will gain a huge prize specified when the tourney is posted.

How do I Join Tournaments?
Tournaments aren't always active. When they are, we will generally announce them on Discord and on the site News, but you can always come here and check what's currently going on! You can join a tourney by submitting to the prompt with the character you're using, the sign up usually lasts a week, before people are randomly paired up to fight each other! Those who participate in the fight have a week to draw their image, which must consist of your spirit and opponent battling and must have a background. At least 50% of the characters must show. If you submit more than one spirit and they battle each other, you must submit two total pieces. This continues until the winner wins.
If a user backs out after the brackets are drawn or don't submit a piece in the specified week, they will automatically lose and receive no rewards.

There are many different types of tourneys:
Free for All - Anyone can join these, no matter of their stats.
Beginner Tourney - All stats must be under 15 in order to join this one.
Advanced Tourney - All stats can't be higher than 50 to join this one.
Expert Tourney - All stats must be at least 50 and can't be higher than 100 to join this one.
Master Tourney - All stats must be higher than 100 but lower than 200 to join this one.
GoddessTourney- All stats must be maxed out to join this one.
Den Tourney - Den vs Den, each must choose either 2, 4, or 8 spirits each to represent, awards go to the Den's bank. Den tourneys can only be triggered by Den Leaders, and both leaders plus the members joining must agree to the tourney. Den Leaders can submit a Den Tourney request via admin requests.


Activities without an art or lit requirement.


Prompts that will lead you through the site and reward you for following along and learning!

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