Discovery Cove: Atlantis

Category: Discovery Cove

Draw your spirit exploring the Atlantis for some Atlantis loot and locations!


Rewards vary per number of spirits in the art and the level/boosts of the spirit. 

Discovered by Exploring: Depths
Affected by Seasons: No
Requires: Water and city or ruins
Optional: Air bubbles, glowing, magic, light or darkness
Not Allowed: Above water

There is a max of three spirits per submission. Only one of these three must show more than 50% of the spirit, but the rest in the picture can show as little as 25%. Any spirit over this limit will not be rolled for Cove and instead be rolled simply as general art separately.
Literature must be at least 500 words. It must describe the environment in great detail and the spirit's reaction to things. 


No rewards.