Easily Influenced

Category: Quests

Help your Spirit remember who they are!


Nature abounding, energies shifting, the problem with being an energy being is losing track of yourself and one day waking up not recognizing yourself in the mirror. Help your Spirit remember who they are!

Subject(s) must have their reflection showing in some way. Reflection must be clear enough to see details, akin to a mirror.
At least 50% of the spirit must show, with at least a simple background, color not required. Rough, sketchy lineart is fine, but leaving guidelines or looking incomplete will deny you rewards.
All artwork must contain a minimum of 1 spirit, and a max of 5. Any spirit over the limit will be denied rewards and will instead be rolled as general art separately.
Literature must be at minimum 250 words.

Reward: x1 Hex seal, with a 15% chance at a random trait.


Reward Amount
Hex Seal 1
15% Random Trait 1