The Red Labyrinth

Can you reach the 100th floor?


Spirits have noticed sentient species have been lingering around certain hotspots in the world. The dungeons, as the hotspots have been called by the humanoids and beast folk, seem to be large and filled with treasures. However along with the treasures is also dangers... Can any Spirits brave it to the 100th floor?

Rules: Requires at least a simple background, lines can be sketchy, no color or shading required. Characters must show at least 50% each. Literature must be 250 words minimum.
 Subject(s) must be shown doing any of the following activities in the dungeon: Fighting fiery or hellish mobs, interacting with traps, resting and on alert, exploring, discovering, helping or healing after a battle, interacting with the dungeon in some way. The dungeon must be very hot/fiery or showing the theme 'Red Labyrinth' in some way.


No rewards.