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Battles and Dungeons PVE

Boss Battles are PvE events where people have their spirits battle against event creatures to win event items and unique boss gear, traits, and titles! The event is a timed event, lasting for only two weeks, however any art submitted adds to the counter. If no one participates during the first two weeks or in over a week since the last art has been submitted, the event will end prematurely. Otherwise, the event ends when the boss is defeated.

Boss Battles have two stages, the pre-fight and the boss battle itself. The pre-fight generally has minions themed around the event you can attack and get drops from, and have a total health that's generally around half the boss's. After they are defeated the boss will emerge, in which people can battle it as well. Only those who participate in the battle (one or both stages) are eligible to loot from the boss, their loot depending on how many spirits they used.

Art must be at least clean lined with no color, OR if clean sketch then it needs flat colors. Minimum simple background.
Literature must be at least 500 words.

Even if the boss is overkilled, an extra seven days will be added to allow last-minute submissions in.

Boosts cannot increase the loot you get from the boss!

Dungeons are similar to boss battles in how they are rolled, but boosts can affect the loot. Loot is per enemy, instead of per spirit in the piece. Cooldowns are treated differently, and some boost effects are altered.
There are 100 floors in each dungeon to battle through, with milestone tokens given every 10 floors that allow you to jump to previously conquered floors, or back to the deeper floors if you choose to backtrack at any point or revisit the dungeon after conquering the 100th floor/final boss.
Bosses can be repeated, and you're allowed to remain on a floor or go back floors at any point.

Dungeon Gold is awarded for each cleared floor, which can be spent in the Dungeon Tradepost shop.

Wanya can also appear as an extra 10% chance, and if drawn/written in the subsequent floor piece, he will reward a summon permission slip to a random NPC spirit.

Upon completing a dungeon in its entirety, your spirit will be awarded an item that lets you skip every other floor when doing a different, incomplete dungeon. This means the total floor requirements are halved.

Art must be at least a sketch with no guidelines showing and a simple background fitting the dungeon theme. Spirit must be fighting against appropriate mobs or traps.
Literature must be at least 200 words and follow the same general rules as art.


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