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Discovery Cove

What is Discovery Cove?
Discovery Cove is a place where spirits can go to escape and explore, have fun and discover friends. You can explore around to find cool items! This is a permanent art activity everyone with a spirit can participate in. There are only a few rules one must follow...
You can only post up to one Discovery Cove art piece a day. This is because there are some artists who are faster than others, and we want to give everyone an equal chance at things. This can also inspire people to work on getting that one upload a day many aspire to do. You can however increase this limit to 2 with higher stamina.
You cannot submit art representing areas you have not discovered. Everyone starts out with the three basic starting areas, the bushes, the beach, and the shallows. From exploring those areas, you can discover more which you can draw, however art containing areas you have not discovered will be denied for rewards.
You cannot resubmit art, or make art that's too similar to others. This is also in compliance with the group rules, which includes tracing and stealing art. No double-posting, no art theft, no tracing, and all will be well!
Art must have to do with exploring! Though it is a given and stated throughout the journal, your spirit must be exploring in some way to receive rewards! This can be show through looking at things, staring off into the distance, walking around, playing with the wildlife, or finding things!
There is a max of three spirits per submission. Only one of these three must show more than 50% of the spirit, but the rest in the picture can show as little as 25%. Any spirit over this limit will not be rolled for Cove and instead be rolled simply as general art separately.
Submissions must include a background. This background must depict the location being explored. The season can also be changed and depicted in the image according to the standard season currently happening. (ie you can draw a snowy forest during the winter, but not during the summer, however the tundra can be snowy all year round)
Literature must be at least 500 words. It must describe the environment in great detail and the spirit's reaction to things. We are very picky with our literature submissions.

What do I get from exploring Discovery Cove?
Mostly crafting materials, though you do have a chance for other items as well! Items are sorted by rarity, and the rarer the item is, the less likely you will find it. However, there's still a chance! The luckier your spirit is, the better chance it'll have at finding rarer items. There's also a chance your spirit will discover a new area to explore, broadening up the art you can draw for Discovery Cove! You also unlock backgrounds for your spirit's  import for every new location you discover!

What can I explore in Discovery Cove?
There are many areas to explore in Discovery Cove! As a starting player, the only areas you can explore are the Beach, the Shallows, or the Bushes. Exploring any of these can yield cool items, or extended locations. Some locations only lead to one other, where others branch into multiple. However there are some dead end locations, locations that do not lead on to discover any more.

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