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ArtFight is Here!


This quest usually changes at the beginning of each month!

This month's prompt:
The artistic throwdown is back! Just like every July, we're teaming up with the creative energy of ArtFight for this month's quest. In the spirit of friendly competition and artistic exchange, we're putting an extra focus on gifts and trades throughout the month.

Requirements: There is no requirements on art submitted (Besides it having to do with a Kiji, Tally, or Centaurian), however literature has to be at least 200 words as that's the lowest we can roll. Do keep in mind images must be submitted to the site here to get rewards! If the artist is not someone on the site, you are allowed to submit the image on site yourself, but you MUST link to the original!

Reward: Rewards depend on a few factors:
- If the submission was done by you for another player on this site, and was a gift, you will be given the same amount of PT the player gets. If it was a trade, not a gift, instead the two players will both get double exp for their characters.
- If the submission was done by you for ARTFIGHT for another player on this site, you will get the same amount of PT they will recieve like above, but also a random common item. The player recieving the attack will also get a random common item. Remember to also post it, with the artfight link in the description, on this site!
- If the submission was done by someone on Artfight who is not a player on this site, you will recieve a random rare item, as well as double PT. Remember you must post it on this site to get the reward. If the person does not want that, you can submit a placeholder image or lit instead, but make sure a link to the artfight image is in the description!

BONUS! If you refer a person from Artfight to join this site this month, and they get a Kiji or Tally, you will get a Gift Box! If they add their new child to Artfight after designing it (Unless it's already designed), they too will get a Gift Box!


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