Gatcha Slots

Gatcha Slots

Feel like Trying your Luck?

Roll for your Chance at Epic Prizes!
Have some extra PT to spend? Look no further! This is a fun little activity for people to play which you can spend a small amount of PT in hopes to try to get something awesome! Each pool yields its own special results, which are rolled from, and depending on your result you get a prize!
You are not guarenteed winning ANY prizes, as chances are very low to win anything. You may have to purchase a large number to win anything listed!

Slot Pools and Prizes

Each cost 100 Player Tokens per roll. You can get more PT by participating in events, drawing artwork, selling items in the shop, or buying PT in the shop with credits. When you open the item, you have a chance of getting PT back or a voucher for one of the listed rewards. (Except the Collective Pool Gatcha, which will have three types of vouchers; "None", "2/3", or "Reward". You contact an admin to get your rewards.)
If you get any of the jackpots (last two items for most gatchas), it'll change to a new item to be gotten in future attempts after redeeming.