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30 September 2021 (2 years ago)
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10 Oct

This is the place to be to get your first ever Kiji or Tally! Don't care what you get? Message an admin and we'll let the dice of fate choose one for you!
   - Each member may adopt one Kijikaiaku and Subtalleon each if they have never owned a Kiji in the past. (Or have not owned one in more than a year)

   - You may not sell any genos obtained in the adoption center, you may however gift or trade it once it is designed, uploaded, and official.
   - We will not give or roll for any dodgy accounts or accounts that are less than 2 weeks old.
   ​- Creating accounts to dodge the once per account rule is against the group's rules.
   - People caught creating multiple accounts to abuse this feature, will be suspended/removed from Gaia's World.
   - People caught selling these Kiji in secret will be suspended/removed from Gaia's World.
​If you need help designing your new geno, you can also head on over to the Discord and ask other members for some help!
No longer want your Kijikaiaku or Subtalleon? You can donate any to the Adoption Center, however you may not get a new one after. In return for donating your design or Geno, you get a small reward!

People that drop off their unwanted Kijis will be awarded PT (Player Tokens):
Common Genotype - 500 PT
Uncommon Genotype - 1,000 PT
Rare Genotype - 3,000 PT
Legendary Genotype - 5,000 PT
Unique Genotype - 8,000 PT

Common Genotype = Common traits/markings with up to 2 uncommon trait/marking.
Uncommon Genotype = Common/Uncommon traits/markings with up to 1 rare trait/marking.
Rare Genotype = Common/Uncommon/Rare traits/markings with up to 1 legendary trait/marking.
Legendary Genotype = Any geno containing at least 2 legendary trait/marking.
Unique Genotype = Any geno with at least 1 unique trait on the geno.
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sorry just forget anything here- x0x

2023-01-18 13:35:36 (Edited 2023-01-18 14:28:29)

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