Request Guide

When making an admin request, either through the top right of the navbar where it says Submit, or through the Activities dropdown menu, there are many things you can ask staff to do. Most of them have requirements.

Also, a lot of the things you can request may not be intuitive. Please refer to this guide to see what all you can request, and how to do it.

Generally, you won't have a URL or need to use one to request anything. You will need to fill out the comments area though, detailing what you'd like an admin to do for you.

Please do not do a bulk request. Do not try to enchant 40 scrolls with one kiji and then rebirth that same kiji, and don't bundle it with applying things to other kiji, either. It may seem most expedient to do this sort of thing, but it's much easier on the admins if you simply make multiple smaller requests for each specific task you need done.

Please remember that attempting to do bulk requests in one will have your request rejected.

Please click each orange spoiler bar to expand their contents!

⇓ Attaching Items ⇓

One of the most frequent things you're likely to do is attach and shuffle items onto and off of your characters. 

Equipment and familiars must be mentioned in the comments, and clearly specified, because if you say to attach Purple Pants (One Enchant) to a character, and we have to guess which one to transfer out of your inventory, we'll reject the request. Please be sure to list the enchants from the notes alongside each piece of equipment! The notes can be quickly accessed from your Condensed Inventory and using the Ctrl + F function on your keyboard.

If you're using consumable items on a character, such as Witch's Potions, enchanted scrolls and tomes, Candies, or similar, please attach them using the form at the bottom of the request page to attach from your inventory. If you list them like you would equipment and familiars, we're going to reject the request.

If removing familiars from a character, please remember to attach an Energy Siphon for each familiar being removed, or again, we'll reject the request.

You may do all of these things in one request, for one character at a time.

⇓ Redeeming Vouchers ⇓

If you've opened Elemental Packs or played any Gatcha, you might have acquired a fair few Enchanted Equipment Vouchers or similar.

If you want to redeem anything from Gatchas, submit a request with the relevant Gatcha tickets attached, and if something in the rewards list from a particular Gatcha says "your choice" of something (familiars, common trait, etc) please make sure you mention in the comments what your choice is, or whether you'd prefer we randomly roll something for you.

If you want to redeem equipment vouchers, please make a separate request from Gatcha redemptions!

Attach any enchanted equipment vouchers, and we will roll both the slots and the first enchant on each piece of equipment, then grant it to you.

⇓ Revealing Gear Slots ⇓

To enchant gear that says N/A in the notes, that means it first needs its slots revealed! Enchantable slots are randomly rolled, and can range anywhere from 1-5 slots per piece of equipment, barring special event equipment which usually comes with a guaranteed amount of slots.

Make a request as normal, attach all the gear whose slots you want to reveal in the Inventory dropdown at the bottom of the request page, and make sure in the comments you ask us to reveal slots.

If you only want to keep gear with a certain number of slots, (say, only want to keep 4- and 5-slotted gear) you can ask us to pre-sell any gear of a certain slot number or lower for you. So if you don't want to hang onto gear that only has 1, 2, or even 3 slots (or 4, but...), you can ask us to sell everything in that range and give you the PT from it. That way, all we'd end up attaching as your 'reward' is the PT from selling, and we'll return the remaining gear to you with their newly rolled slots!

If you don't want to pre-sell anything, you don't need to mention anything about it, and we'll give you all your equipment back.

⇓ Using a Scroll of Imprints ⇓

If you've managed to acquire an elusive Scroll of Imprints, congratulations! You may use one to either apply traits from one character to another or craft a customized geno!

Before you can do either, you'll need to "Imprint" a base geno using an existing import (and if the import isn't yours, be sure to get its owner's permission), to acquire features. Please attach the scroll and the character you're imprinting onto the scroll in a request and list in the comments which traits you are putting onto it. Traits, Markings, and Boosts that say (Added) at the end cannot be imprinted. You can only copy traits from one geno! Scrolls of Imprints also do not retain the dominant-recessive-occult status of traits or the tier of boosts.

Once you have the Scroll of Imports returned back to you with the trait info, you are able to either apply it to another character or craft a geno with it.

If you are applying it to another character, treat it the same as any other trait in your inventory. Design the geno or character with them then submit the design. Make sure the Scroll of Imprints is attached. This doesn't need to be done if there is only boosts on the scroll however, or if the traits added won't change the design as a whole. Traits added via the Scroll of Imprints will say (Added) after them just like any other added traits or markings.

If you are crafting a geno instead, the Scroll of Imprints must at minimum have the base coat and energy type. You will also need all the regular base traits, either imprinted onto the scroll or added from your inventory. All other traits are entirely up to you. After that, you can add as many extra traits, markings, and boosts as you want, via traits, markings, and scrolls, but not equipment or items like tomes. Once you have everything collected, make an admin request describing what you'd like done, attach the scroll and any extra scrolls or traits, and we'll create the new geno slot for you with everything you used. Keep in mind all the traits will have a 50-50 chance of being dominant or recessive and will never be occult.

⇓ Summoning & Rebirthing ⇓
You can do summons and rebirths via requests. Here's the guide that explains more about the process: Summoning & Rebirthing Guide
⇓ Deleting Unwanted Genos ⇓

If you've summoned a new spirit, but you find for whatever reason, you don't want to keep them, and you don't want them going to someone else, you can ask us to delete the geno from your account.

Lore-wise, this is considered to be the energy of the spirit dispersing back into the land. It cannot be undone, and it can only be done with undesigned genos, never an import.
If you want to disable an existing import, attach the character in the submission as normal and ask for them to be set as Deceased. This will effectively take them out of play. If you ever wish to have this status reversed, you will need to submit another request with the character and a Revival Serum attached.

Deletion will only be done under the following conditions:

The geno was not adopted from the Adoption Center OR the Donation Center.
The geno was not transferred to you from someone else.
You personally had the geno summoned.

Please be 100% sure deletion is the way you want to go! Remember that unwanted genos can be sent to the adoption and donation centers, or given to other players. However, we understand that sometimes this is undesirable, and so this option exists.

If you're ready, make a request as usual, and link the geno in the URL bar of the submission, and be sure to say in the comments that you wish for the geno to be deleted. We don't need a detailed reason, but we will check the geno's history first. If all's clear, we'll delete for you.

As a note to people who have given Summon Permission Slips out, understand that unless you have preset terms and conditions that say the resulting geno can't be deleted, you surrender all say in the fate of any geno summoned by whoever makes use of the permission. This includes deletion.