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Need a Better Edge in Activities?

There are many ways to level your spirit to give them better stats. Stats are the way we judge the results of any activities or events we host and what part your spirit takes in it. The better they are, the better chance you will have in the events and activities, and the better your results will be.

There are many ways to increase your spirit's stats. One of them is training, which is a somewhat direct route towards raising stats.


1. You are only allowed to do a max of THREE total training pictures a day per spirit!
2. Training art must be a fullbody image, colored, with at least a simple background, and can be a really clean sketch at minimum (no messy/hairy lines, etc). Literature must be at minimum 500 words!
3. There is no limit to the number of spirits in a single image, however they cannot be obstructing each other too much. Same with literature, however all spirits must appear in the whole literature and must not overshadow each other.
4. Any more than one missing or added trait/marking in the art/lit and it will be sent to corrections.
5. Training art is very picky about other activities it is paired with. Prompts that give an extra reward for something added to the piece is generally accepted, however please note training art DOES NOT give PT and EXP, or anything that is based off those results.
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