Trait Edit

Trait Edit

Category: Specialty Items

Resale Value: 800 Player Tokens


Changes the genes of a Kiji.

Obtained: Ares' Shop

Effect: Allows you to change one physical trait or marking to another, as long as it is of the same or lower rarity. See the following rules for more info:
- Cannot affect Unique traits/markings.
- Cannot affect skills or boosts.
- Cannot affect the base coat.
- Cannot change to a trait/marking of higher rarity.
Can remove mutations/markings completely, but not regular traits. (Ears, Whiskers, Ends, Top Wings, Bottom Wings, Mane, Tail, Cheeks)
- Can affect the energy type.
- Can change a mutation to another category of physical mutation. (Beard to Belly, Leg to Wing, etc but not charms or energy mutations!)
- Can change an energy mutation to another energy mutation of same or lower rarity.
- Can change a charm or trail to another charm or trail of same or lower rarity.
- Can only change regular traits to the same category of regular trait. (Ears to Ears, Whiskers to Whiskers, Mane to Mane, etc)
- Can only affect one trait per item.

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