Earthborn (Centaurian Subtype)

Earthborn are a larger species of Centaurian, generally ranging to about 6.5 feet to 10 feet tall. They are a stockier breed of Centaurian, especially the males, who love feats of strength. The females are more craftswomen and enjoy making things with their hands.

They have thicker, denser fur on their body and their hair is thick and can tangle often if not taken care of. During the winter their fur gets longer. The length of their fur during the summer, however, varies. They can also be found often with long fur surrounding their hooves.

The males and females attitudes vary greatly. Most males are fun-loving and enjoy sparring and rough-housing, where females are quite calm and make good company. However both have tempers and are more muscle than brain. They are generally found in herds. They prefer to wear heavier clothing such as leather and wool.

Key Aspects (Must have): Longer fur on body
Key Aspects (Optional for Mutts): Stockier bodies, Thick and short pointed ears
Optional Aspects:
Leg fur feathering

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