Airborn (Centaurian Subtype)

Airborn are a lighter species of Centaurian, generally ranging to about 6.75 feet to 9 feet tall. They are incredibly light compared to the other breeds and have thin bones and large lungs. They are considered to be a peaceful species, but are skittish and cowardly, often fleeing and lacking the curiosity or dismissiveness most have.

Their hair is generally smooth, and doesn't tangle often despite their air time. They have a pair of wings that protrudes from both their backs, though the wings vary in size. They are generally feathered wings, though on some occasions can be leathery too.

They are a fearful species and would rather move locations at a moment’s notice than dismiss a small sound. They enjoy flying around and participating in airshows between trusted friends, and can usually be found alone. They prefer to wear little lighter clothing that won’t impact their flying but still covers them.

Key Aspects (Must have): Wings on horse back and human back
Key Aspects (Optional for Mutts): Feather shaped ears, Feathers on ankles
Optional Aspects:
Extra feathers/longer feathers on body

Fairy (Humanoid Subtype)

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