Pureborn (Centaurian Subtype)

Pureborn are a smaller species of Centaurian, generally ranging to about 5.5 feet to 7 feet tall. They also weigh less than the other breeds and struggle gaining muscle and fat. However they are very fast, and very smart, and both genders are thought to be very beautiful. Their skin, fur, and hair can also come in paler colors than other species, and they are often able to wield magic.

Their hair is always silky and smooth, and doesn't tangle often. They have a single horn that protrudes from their head, though the horn varies greatly in size and shape, sometimes splitting, curling, or twisting, or sometimes straight. They have a little long fur off their legs, which trails behind them. Their tail is long, and hair starts coming off it starting halfway down.

They are a proud species and focus more on their strengths than their weaknesses as a species. They enjoy sports and meditation, and can be found both alone or in herds. They prefer to wear lighter clothing such as silks and satin, letting it drape over them to catch the wind as they run. They also enjoy shiny objects and jewelry.

Key Aspects (Must have): Single forhead horn, long tail (Or long fur for mutts)
Key Aspects (Optional for Mutts): Cloven hooves, long ears, Floof (or feathers/fins for mutts) on legs
Optional Aspects:
Feminine, fur trailing up tail farther

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