Deathborn (Centaurian Subtype)

Deathborn are a thinner species of Centaurian, ranging to about 6 feet to 8 feet tall. They find it incredibly hard to gain any weight and often look half dead. They move slowly and usually sound depressed, however are a very happy species. They also oftentimes wield magic.

Their hair is thin and fine. Their eye whites are actually dark, and their eyes tend to glow. They also often have luminescent markings on their body that glow at night, and the males will often display colorful light shows for females or festivals. Females can also glow, though theirs aren’t as flashy all the time.

They are a calm and quiet species, enjoying peace, and can be found both alone or in herds. They prefer to wear tattered clothing usually made of bones or nature and are pacifists.

Key Aspects (Must have): Skinny/Lack of muscle, Bioluminescence
Key Aspects (Optional for Mutts): Deathly appearence, Dark sclera
Optional Aspects:
Stringy hair, Lack of hair, Boney limbs

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