Waterborn (Centaurian Subtype)

Waterborn are a unique species of Centaurian, generally ranging to about 5.5 feet to 8.5 feet tall. They have thick muscles and little fat. They are fast swimmers but slow on land.

Their hair is always wild and messy, and often has plants or creatures entangled. Instead of back legs, they have a long fish-like tail from their back end. They have gills and fins coming out from multiple areas on their body which vary per Centaurian.

They are a calm species and take each day as it comes, fighting or fleeing as needed. They don’t concern themselves much with others. They can be found alone. They prefer to wear very little clothing lest it tangles them up.

Key Aspects (Must have): Fish, Shark, or Whale-like tail, Gills
Key Aspects (Optional for Mutts): Finned ears
Optional Aspects:
Webbing, Scales, Extra fins

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