Iridescent Marking

Rarity: Rare
Category: Markings

Info:  Iridescent is a marking that puts a sheen on the coat of the spirit to make it look multicolored.

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Marking Rules/Overview

Tier: Tier 1 Sheen
Color: Any color
Tones: Must be multi-toned
Shape: Natural

Holes: Holes-No Tapering: Tapering-No Breaks: Breaks-No

Symmetry: Symmetry-YesAsymmetry-No Nuances: Nuances-Yes

Edges: Hard-Edge-NoSoft-Edges-Yes  Blended-Edges-Yes   Gradient-Edges-No Textured-Edges-No Mixed-Edges-Yes

Ranges and Coverage
Kiji Full Required
Tally Full Required

Wing Ranges

Full Required-Feathered
Full Required-Leathered

Horns: Iridescent must cover the horns.

Beard: Iridescent must cover the beard.

Back: Iridescent must cover the back.

Belly: Iridescent must cover the belly.

Leg Fur: Iridescent must cover leg fur.

Body Protrusions: Iridescent must cover certain protrusions.

Fins: Iridescent must cover the fins.

Examples and Common Mistakes
Good Examples
It is a sheen, so can show partially. It doesn't need to visually cover the entirety of the body.
Does not have to be rainbows and can be simply multicolored.

Common Mistakes
Iridescent is a sheen, not patches, and should have transparency.
Iridescent cannot mimic Easter Painting unless it's on a white base.
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