Rarity: Uncommon
Category: Markings

Info:  Ombre is an uncommon marking that adds a soft edge or gradient to your Kiji's markings to fade the color into another.

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Marking Rules/Overview

Tier: Tier 1 Modifier
Color: Any color of any base of equal or lower rarity to the base
Tones: Different colors on seperate markings allowed
Shape: Around 30-60% coverage of each affected marking

Holes: Holes-NoTapering: Tapering-NoBreaks: Breaks-No

Symmetry: Symmetry-Yes  Asymmetry-NoNuances: Nuances-No

Edges: Hard-Edge-No  Soft-Edges-No   Blended-Edges-Yes   Gradient-Edges-No  Textured-Edges-No  Mixed-Edges-No

Please note: Ombre has a unique optional interaction with Bi-Colored and Maned. Please see the Marking Interaction Guide for more info.

Ranges and Coverage
Full Allowed
Tally Full Allowed

Wing Ranges

Full Allowed-Feathered
Full Allowed-Leather

Horns: Ombre can touch the horns.

Beard: Ombre can touch the beard.

Back: Ombre can touch the back.

Belly: Ombre can touch the belly.

Leg Fur: Ombre can touch leg fur.

Body Protrusions: Ombre can touch certain protrusions.

Fins: Ombre can touch the fins.

Examples and Common Mistakes
Good Examples
Ombre can effect the base coat ONLY if there are no regular markings.
Must affect every instance of the marking it's affecting.

Common Mistakes
Can not be more than one extra color per marking used on.
Cannot appear on both sides of a marking it's affecting.
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