Veiled Underbelly

Veiled Underbelly

Rarity: Legendary
Category: Belly
Species: Subtalleon

A frilly, drapey thin fin trailing along the underside of the belly.

Custom Trait Information: Edge can be more tattered or frilly. Can be more wavy or more straight. Cannot appear like Underfin.


Rarity: Common
Category: Markings

Info:  Underbelly is a common mid marking that trails on the underside of the body.

Toggle Guide
Marking Rules/Overview

Tier: Tier 3
Color: Any color natural to the base
Tones: Single color
Shape: Natural

Holes: Holes-No Tapering: Tapering-No Breaks: Breaks-No

Symmetry: Symmetry-YesAsymmetry-No Nuances: Nuances-No

Edges: Hard-Edge-Yes Soft-Edges-Yes   Blended-Edges-No  Gradient-Edges-No Textured-Edges-YesMixed-Edges-No

Ranges and Coverage
Kiji Range
Tally Range

Wings: Underbelly cannot touch the wings.

Horns: Underbelly cannot touch the horns.

Beard: Underbelly cannot touch the beard.

Back: Underbelly cannot touch the back.

Belly: Underbelly must touch the belly.

Leg Fur: Underbelly cannot touch leg fur.

Body Protrusions: Underbelly cannot touch certain protrusions.

Fins: Underbelly can touch the fins if in area.

Examples and Common Mistakes
Good Examples
If Underbelly is on the sides (Like a V, Y, or X shape) it must have one end open ended and cannot have it connect in multiple spots.
Underbelly can have slight variences in width.

Common Mistakes
Underbelly may not have any drastic dips.
Underbelly cannot be too far down the inner legs, even with Flicker.
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